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Free credit card search makes choosing a credit card easy. Browse the most popular, best credit cards. For added security against fraud, get a virtual credit card number.


Credit troubles? Apply for a pre-approved credit card offer based upon your credit history. If you don't know what cards you qualify for, a credit card prequalification service may be best for you before you subject yourself to credit report reviews. Poor and bad credit people can apply for a credit card to rebuild credit or to establish credit. If you have very bad credit, consider bad credit card offers such as a secured credit card like a prepaid Visa, no credit check cards or other types of a guaranteed card. To take advantage of special card discounts, purchase a store gift card.


For very high risk people there are options other than a standard unsecured credit card, such as an online guaranteed platinum card for online store purchases, or possibly even qualify for a charge card or a discount card from retail stores like the WalMart card or the Sears card.


Prepay credit card offers: Apply for a debit card or a bank ATM card.


Rewards credit cards: In addition to perks such as a 0 intro balance transfer, major cards offer other benefits like a travel credit card that rewards free airline miles, a gas card, or family entertainment offers like the Disney credit card, apply for an unsecured platinum credit card.


Credit card interest rates: Some cards offer no interest and a 0 introductory period on purchases. There are also some with a special 0% balance transfer period so you can transfer balances from other cards to your new credit card.


Special credit card offers: Almost every credit card company will offer a spouse joint credit card account. Other special offers include no deposit credit card, business credit card, student credit card and shopping cards like a Christmas credit card. Read the fine print, compare the card benefits, rewards and ratings before you submit an online application.


Credit card company offers, including gold credit card and platinum credit card offers:

Visa credit card, such as the gold Visa card or the platinum Visa credit card.

MasterCard credit card, such as the gold MasterCard or the platinum MasterCard.

American Express card, such as the gold American Express card or the platinum American Express card.

Chase card, such as the platinum Chase card or a rewards Capital One card.

Discover card such as the gold Discover card or the platinum Discover card.


Before you apply, review all the credit card facts. Once you get the card right for you, read every credit card statement carefully and request credit card companies to stop credit card mail offers. Browse more credit card resources.



Guaranteed platinum credit card unsecured credit line - Some lines of credit are limited to catalog merchandise purchases. 0 interest credit card - Major credit card issuers, such as American Express, Chase, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, offer 0 intro credit cards for an introductory period. These types of cards are generally unsecured platinum credit cards with high credit limits, and only people with good to excellent credit can get approved. High credit limit platinum credit cards require above average credit because of the issuer's financial risks. Student Credit Card - Apply online and learn the benefits of a student credit card. Click below to read our article and to submit an online application Secured Credit Card - What is a secured credit card, and what benefits does a secured card offer? Benefits of Credit Cards - Enjoy credit card benefits and perks, ranging from free airline miles, rebates, to cash back credit card incentives and rewards. Types of Credit Cards - Different Types of Debit, ATM and Credit Cards Although you might think that credit cards, charge cards, ATM cards and debit cards are basically the same thing -- a way to make purchases or get cash -- they are quite different. ATM Card - What is an ATM card? Author: Credit Federal. An ATM card used in an automated teller machine (ATM) to access a credit or a debit account to complete banking inquiries and fund transfers between accounts. Debit Card - A debit card offers many conveniences. Read and Apply online for a debit credit card. Click Below!  Balance transfer credit card debt - How to balance transfer credit card debt... High credit limit unsecured credit cards require excellent credit because of the issuer's financial risks and acceptance of existing debt (balance transfer) from another credit card. READ THESE IMPORTANT TIPS IN THIS ARTICLE- Gas Credit Card - Offset gasoline costs with a gas credit card. Earn rewards or cash back on gas purchases from Shell, Exxon, BP and Hess. Cash Back Credit Card - A Cash Back Credit Card is like having a bank savings account, and you can accrue some fabulous interest by comparison. Apply for a Cash Back Credit Card Avoid credit card rate hikes - Understand the universal default interest rate and how it can hit your wallet. Credit card issuers are upping the interest rate you pay on your debt even if you pay your bills on time, according to a study from Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group. And this survey of 47 banks shows that anybody, not just people with financial problems, can face higher credit card interest rates due to a policy called universal default. Credit Cards with Rewards - Credit Cards With Rewards Are Worth a Look Credit card bill payments - Late credit card payments by consumers remain at a high level. In addition to this article, also reference Credit Federal's prediction titled "Flood, Forests and Fuel". Gasoline prices and rising interest rates appear to be placing the financial burden on consumers. Chase BP Credit Card - Chase, BP Renew Credit Card Agreement Chase Bank U.S.A., NA, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. [NYSE: JPM] and BP [NYSE: BP] today announced the renewal of their credit card marketing relationship. Under the terms of the new agreement, Chase will continue to issue the BP co-brand card and will assume responsibility for the BP proprietary card. MasterCard PayPass - Prom Catering to Accept MasterCard PayPass at PGA TOUR Events in 2006 PGA TOUR Spectators to Speed through Lines with the Convenience of 'Tap & Go' Contactless Payment Technology at Food and Beverage Stands Credit Card Fine Print - It's difficult, and boring, to read credit card fine print, but it is definitely a necessary evil that should not be taken lightly by consumers. Credit Card Approval - Looking for credit card approval? Read this article about getting approved and using your new credit card. Secured Credit Card Shopping - When shopping for a secured credit card, there are many important terms to review before applying. Small Business Credit Card Approval - The use and acceptance of small business credit cards increase over past year. Visa's second annual Small Business Cash Management survey also notes that cash management, financial planning and budgeting remain key concerns. According to the Visa survey, small business owners are increasingly adopting and are more satisfied with business payment cards as a tool for managing their business. American Express Red Card - In the battle to fight AIDS, American Express offers the Red Card to UK residents to help raise funds. AIDS charity DATA launched the initiative to raise money for the Global Fund humanitarian organization. The American Express Red Card features are:- RED money ? American Express willl transfer up to 1.25% to Global Fund-financed programs in Africa which positively impact the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. MasterCard Card Promotions - New MasterCard Programs. MasterCard announces two new promotional programs: "MasterCard Monthly Bonus Sweepstakes", and "Small Business Zero Liability" Visa Contactless Mini Card - Visa created a mini card to make paying faster and more convenient. American Express Membership Rewards - American Express Membership Rewards Program offers unique rewards to members, retail and travel partners. Discover Card Ranking - Keynote Systems ranks Discover Card number one for online customer experience in the credit card industry. Discover Card Fraud Protection - Discover Card was ranked Best-In-Class for online fraud protection service and information. MasterCard Small Business Survey - A survey of small businesses conducted by MasterCard reveals 84% of small business owners don't believe they will be victims of natural disasters, whereas 77% believe they are not fully prepared. Discover Card ATM Acceptance - Discover Card is now accepted at 58% more ATMs nationwide. Visa Promotes Small Purchases - According to Visa, the bulk of credit card transactions are for purchases of $25.00 or less. Diners Club Credit Card - Diners Club wins the best Affinity/Charge Credit Card Program 'Freddie' Award. Bank credit card rewards - To lure new customers and to get existing customers to use their cards more frequently, several banks are offering debit and credit card rewards. Here are some highlights: National City Bank is offering points for everyday tasks such as writing checks, paying bills online and using debit cards. Bonus points are offered for customers who open new accounts or get new loans. Free Credit Card Services - Credit Federal announces new, free credit card services for consumers. Credit Card Survey - A Credit Card survey shows that credit cards are being used more and more, even for small purchases. Major Banks and Credit Card Issuers - News article about major banks and credit card issuers. Major Banks: According to the American Bankers Association, banks play a key role in financial education. The ABA testified to Congress that banks help consumers by providing financial literacy. The president of OmniBank said that too many people fail to realize their dreams and lose their hard-earned money because they lack basic money management skills. Credit Card Fees - Are credit cards rewards worth it? What about the percent fee? You might not be earning enough value if you are charged transaction fees. Usually credit card rewards are worth 1 or 2 percent of the amount charged. Most businesses charge a 2 percent fee, and if they do not want to pay the fee that card issuers charge them they may pass this fee on to the cardholder. Pre Paid Visa Cards - Visa pre-paid card offers aimed to capture the debit card market. Visa Contactless prepaid cards are available to clients of Meta Payment Systems, MetaBank's prepaid card division. As with all Visa prepaid cards, the Visa Contactless prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Contactless debit cards offer consumers a secure and convenient alternative to cash and checks. Free Credit Card Tips - Free Credit Card Tips by Credit Federal. Avoid extra fees and high interest rates: Keep Interest Rates Down: Credit card issuers used a system called "Universal Default" or; more recently, a "Change of Terms" clause. This means, even if you pay your credit card bills on time, your interest rate can be increased if you are late paying another bill, such as your electrical bill. Credit Card Use - Credit card use for maximum score results, or as a one time use credit card purchase. Bill On Credit Card Bills - Proposed legislation would outlaw some credit card billing and interest rate practices that critics say confuse consumers and can push them deeper into debt. Top Credit Card FAQs - Review Top Credit Card FAQs, with basic tips for secured and unsecured credit cards. Debit Cards Lack Credit Card Power - No doubt, debit cards are convenient and popular, but they lack the power of regular credit cards. Even though they do not offer a line of credit and cardholders can only spend up to the amount they have deposited (pre-funded) into the debit card, their popularity is nonetheless rising. The lack of power doesn't end there, either. Debit cards don't offer the same liability protections as traditional credit cards. Compare Credit Cards - Browse and compare credit cards according to rewards, APR interest rates and consumer ratings. Prevent Debit Card Fraud - Because of their convenience and power, debit card holders are potential scam victims. Bad Credit Card Marketing - Bank settles bad credit card marketing allegation of a fee nearly the credit line amount. Where Have Bad Credit Cards Gone - Sub-Prime (Bad Credit) Credit Card Offers seem to be vanishing from the internet. Not Good Credit Cards - Five major credit card issuers come in second to credit union card offers. Credit Card Interest Rate Cut Impact - What impact does the recent federal interest rate cut have on credit cards? New Credit Card Offers - There are new credit card offers; green is now added to silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Credit Card Savings Accounts - Rewards cards offer automatic deposit savings accounts. Poor Credit Card Application - Poor Credit Score? Credit card applications to choose. Baddest and Best Credit Cards - J.D. Power and Associates' ratings of the baddest and best credit cards. Personal Gift Credit Cards - Personal gift credit cards can offer more wow than simply giving cash. Gift Credit Card Shopping - Tips for Choosing the Best Gift Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping. UK Credit Card Rate Increases - More than one UK credit card company is increasing rates and fees. Purchased and Free Gift Cards - Some credit cards offer the ability to earn free gift cards, or you can buy gift cards directly from retailers. Credit Cards and Credit Reports - Certainly credit report scores decide if you get approved for a credit card and the interest rate you will pay, but what about future rate changes? Bad Credit and Credit Cards - While bad credit people can get credit card approval but at higher rates, now even good credit people are seeing interest rate increases. Bad Credit Card Issuers or Bad Practices? - As the mortgage industry reels and tries to recover, attention is also being cast towards credit cards, the issuers and the cardholders. Will sub-prime, bad credit cards follow the same path of destruction as the sub-prime mortgages? Credit Card Fair Fee Act - Credit Card Fair Fee Act takes on Visa and MasterCard credit card companies to help business merchants negotiate transaction processing costs. Credit Card Phone Number Directory - Credit Card phone number directory. Directly call a credit card company, toll free. AAA Platinum Visa� Card (888) 215-3049 AARP Rewards Platinum Visa Card (888) 215-3049 AARP Travel Plus Visa� Signature Card (888) 868-8618 Academy of General Dentistry Platinum Visa� Card (888) 215-3049 AccountNow Vantage Prepaid MasterCard (866) 925-2036 Keep Credit Card Accounts - With high risk loans outstanding and the threat of federal legislation on the horizon, credit card companies are closing some customers' credit card accounts in an attempt to save money. New Credit Card Company Rules Regulations - The federal government is proposing new credit card company rules and regulations to ensure cardholder fair treatment, particularly bad credit cards. Unfortunately, this may create higher interest costs for good credit people and no credit card offers for poor credit people. Store Charge Cards And Gas Credit Cards - Some people don't want; or don't qualify for, regular unsecured credit cards, and choose store charge cards and gas credit cards instead. Here are free tips for using them. Tips for Using Store Charge Cards and Gas Credit Cards. Negotiate Credit Card Interest Rate - If you've been a good customer with your credit card company, you can negotiate a lower credit card interest rate .Lower Credit Card Interest Rate A $5,000 charge at 16% interest could be paid off in 1 year with monthly payments of $453.65. But, let's raise the interest rate. That same $5,000 charge with a higher 22% interest rate would cost you $467.98 per month. Gas Credit Card Rewards - With fuel prices high, everyone can use some financial assistance. Gas credit card rewards can offer some relief via cash back. Filling up the gas tank is expensive and the cost could get worse. Using a gas rewards credit card may offset some of the cost if you have a good rewards rate, but you'll need to tactfully manage your credit. Whether or not you use a gas credit card, your gas cost is going to be the same. Best Credit Card Benefits+Rewards - Credit cards get more than their fair share of bad press, but the truth is that most credit card problems are with the cardholder, not with the card itself. Just like the saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people", a similar statement of "there are no bad credit cards, only bad credit people" could be said regarding credit cards. Credit cards offer us all sorts of benefits and perks. Sadly, many of these go unused by cardholders. ATM Debit Card Fraud Tips - In support of ATM & Debit Card Safety Awareness month, PULSE; a Discover card product, offers tips on ATM and debit card use for privacy protection and to prevent fraud. Instantly Approved Pre Pay VS Platinum Rewards - With multitudes of card offers; ranging from instantly approved pre-pay cards to no deposit platinum rewards cards, how do you choose the best credit card? Before you compare perks and benefits, first weed out cards that may not help you. Subprime Credit Card Lawsuit - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) files a lawsuit against CompuCredit and Jefferson Capital for its marketing of a subprime credit card. Will this end bad credit cards altogether, leaving only platinum rewards cards that only the rich and affluent will qualify for? If so, how will poor credit consumers be able to obtain an unsecured credit card to rebuild credit? Avoid Over Limit Fees - In a previous article, we warned how some credit card companies were reducing maximum charge limits as they faced high risks of default in a trouble economy. Unfortunately, this jeopardizes many cardholders by making them closer towards exceeding their max charge limits. Here are ways to prevent going over-limit. Credit Card Secrets - Credit Card Secrets: Hidden facts you probably didn't know. Submit an online credit card application for any credit rating. Call To Activate: You've seen those little peel off warning labes that come stuck onto your new credit card, that tell you to call a toll-free number in order to activate your card. Some even proclaim it's for your personal protection. Credit Card FAQs - Common questions turned into credit card facts. Apply for a good or bad credit card. Choosing between the best credit card offers can be hard. Consider a no interest 0 intro balance balance transfer, a pre-pay ATM or a pre-paid debit secured credit card, or unsecured credit card benefits that offer travel, miles, discount and vacation rewards. Your Credit Card Rights - Recently the Federal Reserve proposed new credit card rules that would eliminate several unfair practices in the credit and banking industry. If passed, these new rules will become your credit card rights. Apply for rewards or 0 introductory balance transfer credit card offers. Need help repaying credit card debt? Request credit counseling assistance or unsecured debt consolidation today. Cancel Credit Card Account - Tired of credit card debt? Before you cancel credit card accounts, read this article. Also learn about credit card debt consolidation, counseling and chargeoffs and debt settlement. Close Credit Card Account - Close Credit Card Account. Free sample letter on how to close credit card accounts. Need a new card? Browse the best credit card offers and apply online. Sample Letter To Close Credit Card Account Credit Card Application - Browse for the secured or unsecured credit card that is best for you, with or without rewards. Submit your MasterCard or Visa credit card application online. Best Credit Card Rate - Learn which offers the best credit card rate, a variable rate or a fixed rate credit card? Variable Rate Versus Fixed Rate Credit Cards The interest rate for variable rate credit cards is a rate that is added onto the prime rate, which the Federal Reserve regulates. When the fed raises the rate, the Variable Rate charged to the cardholder also goes up. Extra Joint Spouse Credit Cards - In addition to having a joint spouse credit card, there are occasions when you may want to have extra credit cards for rewards or other perks. Submit your good or bad credit card application online. Credit Cards Vs Checks - According to a Visa survey, more companies plan to increase use of business credit cards instead of paper checks for making payments. Browse and apply for a consumer or a business credit card. Visa's global survey revealed 74% of respondents are satisfied with their commercial credit card payment programs. 50% of respondents currently use commercial cards to make payments as part of their overall cash management strategies. Student Credit Card Advice - Free advice about college student credit cards. Tips to get the best card for you, prevent high balances and to get a good credit score. Bad Credit Card Rap - Credit cards suffer a bad rap, much of which is undeserved. There are both good and bad credit card features. Browse secured and unsecured credit card offers and apply online. Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - Bi-annual Federal Reserve System survey of plan terms offered by financial institutions and credit card issuers. The credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Credit Card Interest Rate OptOut - If your credit card issuer has notified you that your card's interest rate will increase even though you don't have bad credit, you could negotiate a lower rate, optout completely (which will require you to payoff the balance), payoff balances in full each month so you won't have any interest charges. Really Free Credit Report with No Credit Card - What consumers need to understand, is that there are many different ways to get a free credit report, but there's only one website that offers a truly, really free credit report with no credit card required. Many of the websites offering a free credit report copy do so as a promotional means. Gas Cards with Rewards - Want to get cash back when you put gas in your auto? Some gas cards with rewards include cash back when consumers charge for fuel or other auto related expenses. Many gas cards offer low introductory interest rates, rewards, and bonuses. Sample Credit Card Dispute Letter - Print this free, sample credit card dispute letter to send to your card company. Fill in the parenthesis ( ) to modify this free sample credit card dispute letter to have your card company correct a billing error Apply For A Balance Transfer Credit Card - Browse and apply for a 0 intro balance transfer credit card, but first read our free tips and advice on what to look for before submitting your application. Canceling Credit Cards Causes Bad Credit - Canceling credit cards could cause bad credit if you reduce your credit history and available credit limit. With all the ads to eliminate credit card debts and the hype about cutting up those credit cards, consumers could be also cutting down their good credit scores. Some consumers have a credit card that was obtained years ago - this is a big plus and especially if the charges are paid on time and in full - an added plus. Credit Card Interest Rate Rights and Options - If your issuer notifies you of a credit card interest rate increase, can you reject the higher rate? Learn your options and rights. How To Qualify for Credit Cards - With unemployment and low income problems, mounting debt and delinquent payments, Americans are wondering how to qualify for credit cards and rebuild bad credit. One thing is for certain--- as banks reel from the affects of their previous high risk lending to bad credit people, such people cannot soon expect large credit limit unsecured credit card offers. Joint Credit Card Accounts - Apply for and review these free tips for managing and sharing a joint credit card account. Most gold and platinum unsecured credit cards offer an additional spouse card. No Fee Free Credit Card Offer - Is it really a no fee, free credit card, or only free if certain terms and conditions are followed? In addition to knowing if; and when, fees are applied, consumers should also be aware of credit cards that have too many extra charges for services such as creating the account, monthly management and credit limit increases. Secured cards for consumers with bad credit often have such outrageous costs. Credit Card Holder Rights Act - Whether you have good or bad credit, the Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights Act is to protect you. Review free credit card tips for getting the best deal for secured and unsecured credit cards, and advice on managing accounts from gold to platinum. Best Credit Card Deal Gone Bad - Chase; considered by many to have offered one of the best credit card deals for people carrying a large balance, has reneged on an agreement and upset card members. Some Chase credit card members are suing the company for failure to fulfill promises. A few years ago, the company offered a Chase balance transfer credit card which promised a low rate for the life of the balance as long as the credit card remained in good standing. Credit Card Opt Out Agreement - Does your issuer offer a credit card opt out agreement? Recently some credit card companies have raised the interest rates on millions of credit card holders. Both Citibank and Bank of America raised the rates and sent notifications about the increase. Contacting the credit card company to discuss the rate hike may be in your best interest. Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - Bi-annual Federal Reserve System ratings survey of plan terms offered by financial institutions and credit card issuers. The credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Choosing the Lowest Interest Rate Unsecured Credit Cards - Free tips on choosing the lowest interest rate unsecured credit cards, from gold to platinum rewards. Credit Card Limit Cut - Was your credit card limit cut? Your options, and why government law pushed your credit card company to cut your max limit. Chargeoff Credit Card Debt To Avoid Bankruptcy - If you are near bankruptcy, you may want to chargeoff credit card debt either yourself for free or by hiring a debt settlement company to negotiate on your behalf. The credit crisis and bumbling government legislation have created a catastrophic domino effect. After consumers had tapped out their mortgage equity and had no where else to turn, they ran up credit card debts. Settle Credit Card Debt - Some consumers have been living off their credit cards by using them for simple things like rent, groceries, or other basic expenses. One reason may be that many consumers have lost their jobs during this economic crisis. Many have maxed out several credit cards and the late fees and high interest rates are getting them deeper in debt. Did you know? A debt settlement company is more experienced and can negotiate a larger settlement amount. Credit Card Medical Bill Payment - With consumers charging more of their medical bills on credit cards, we should wonder why all credit card companies don't create a special health credit card. Due to job losses, some people make medical bill payments with a credit card.  The medical profession certainly would like to be paid by credit card. Many medical offices proudly display a sign if they accept credit cards and they may accept several card types. Close Credit Card Account - Should you; and instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. High balance debt may drive you to terminate credit cards, but reducing credit limits could cause bad credit report scores. If you have problems with bills, develop a budget and a money management plan, seek counseling, consolidation or debt settlement. Who Pays Joint Credit Card Account - You may be surprised to learn who pays joint credit card accounts. Options to cancel a joint account or to remove a spouse name from a joint account, including payoff and negotiating a debt settlement. Best Credit Card Company - Whether you want a secured or unsecured credit card for bad credit or excellent credit, first review the best credit card company ratings before you submit your online application. Cancel Credit Card Advice Question - Burdened with credit card debt, some Americans are canceling their accounts while others are simply cutting them up. While keeping the account open is actually good for your credit score versus closing the account, by leaving the account open you could leave yourself open to fraud, too. But what do you do if you dispose of credit cards before canceling them? Credit Question: ATM Debit Card Tips for Secure Handling - Review our free ATM debit card tips for secure handling of your card and withdrawals. What is a credit card chargeoff - Typically a charge off is when a creditor, bank, or bill collector writes off a balance as "bad debt" because they believe they can't collect the debt. Usually this happens when a person has not made any payments for six months or longer. The lender will still try to collect the debt and then write as a charge off. They can report the charge off to credit bureaus. ATM Debit Cards and Rebuilding Credit - Facts and benefits of Debit Cards and how a credit card can rebuild credit. Balance Transfer and How to get the Best Credit Card Deal - Read our article before you balance transfer debt, and learn how to get the best credit card deal. Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers, Tips and Advice - Get the maximum benefit of 0 intro balance transfer credit card offers by reading these free tips and advice. New Credit Card Account Advice - Free credit card account advice about the rates and fees for new card offers before you submit an application. Bad Credit Card Application Advice - When you need a credit card for bad credit, consider banks and credit card companies that specifically offer subprime cards to rebuild credit scores. There's no sense in wasting your time; and having unnecessary inquiries into your credit report, by applying for high limit or rewards cards. Advice to Rebuild Credit with a Credit Card - The purpose of a credit card to rebuild credit scores is to re-establish a positive credit history. Use the card to make small purchases that can be paid in full each month. Secured Prepaid Cards and Unsecured Credit Cards - Credit card tips: There are a lot of choices and variables to choose from, whether you want a secured prepaid card or an unsecured credit card. Credit Card Deals and Education - There are different kinds of credit cards not only for various credit scores, but also for special uses from establishing or rebuilding credit to earning rewards. With credit card education you will be best able to choose the right deals for you. Christmas Credit Card Shopping - Get shopping rewards through special Christmas credit card offers. Christmas Credit Card - Christmas credit card and shopping tips. Best Christmas gifts are low interest credit cards. But use it safely! Read our free Christmas Card Shopping Tips, and apply for your Christmas charge card. Click to Read More! What is Worse than a Credit Card? - With all the government focus on credit card company operations, the real financial thieves remain untouched. Cellular phone companies have far worse negative impacts on consumers' finances. According to a 2009 report by, the average consumer spent $600 a year on cell phone use, but families that talk, text, or use other phone features spend upward of $1,800 a year. Dwell on that for a moment. Credit Card Comparison Guide - Review credit card comparisons of introductory interest rates and special rewards offers to help you choose the good or bad credit card right for you. Note: Rates and Rewards are as of the date of this article, and are subject to change. For updated rates and rewards information, please refer to the respective card issuer website. Good or Bad Credit Card - Credit card issuers are trying to change their image from bad to good. Maybe the bad rap credit card companies get from the federal government and by people who spend beyond their repayment means, are motivating card issuers to improve their image. To help college students and others make their credit card bill payments on time, Chase offers text message alerts. Tips Before Submitting Credit Card Applications - Free credit card tips: Credit cards are very useful as a back up when you have no cash on hand The problem with credit cards is high interest rates or finance charges and also the temptation of spending more than you can afford; like the old saying, " living beyond your means". Credit cards serve as a very important factor to obtain good credit if you pay off your balance monthly. Platinum Credit Card Prequalification - Why is a platinum credit card only for good credit people? Read our credit card article to learn about prequalification. Choosing a credit card right for you. - Article: Choosing a Credit Card Offers - which is best and best for you? Not only are there different issuers, there are many different types of credit cards, so how do you choose a card that's right for you? Prepaid Credit Card - Apply online, and learn he Benefits of a Pre-paid Credit Card. Read our free article: No Deposit Credit Card - No deposit credit card: Apply online, and read our credit card article. Preapproved Credit Card - Learn what is a preapproved credit card and apply online. You may already be pre-approved. Read our credit card article: What kind of card can I qualify for? - Have a difficult time choosing a credit card so you just apply for a lot of cards? Don't jeopardize your credit score and make bad credit even worse. Why People Choose Credit Cards - Credit Card News - People choose credit cards because the benefits can outweigh the bad. People who can control their spending urges to avoid debt, enjoy the security credit cards offer as well as the rewards. Sure, there are a lot of Americans who are neck deep in credit card debt, whether at the fault of the user or the credit card issuer is another story. Credit Card Error Codes: Response Reason Codes and Response Reason Text - RESPONSE CODE RESPONSE REASON CODE RESPONSE REASON TEXT NOTES    1 1 This transaction has been approved. More Easily Understand Credit Card Agreements - developed a shorter, simpler credit card agreement that spells out the terms for the consumer. Note that this is not a model form, and use is not mandatory. This simplified approach will help consumers better understand their credit card agreements. Get Out of Christmas Credit Card Debt - Free tips and advice on how to get out of Christmas credit card debt. Did your credit cards gain a few pounds over the holidays along with you? It is fun to make charges on credit cards during the holidays and see the joy that gifts bring. That is until the credit card statements glare at you from inside the mailbox. Just like we put on extra pounds - so will credit card balances during the holidays. Chargeoff Christmas credit card debt - File bankruptcy or chargeoff Christmas credit card debt and other unsecured bills. If you've exhausted all solutions for meeting your financial obligations, it may be in your best interest to file bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy is much the same as simply not repaying debt, it's a legal chargeoff procedure. Credit Cards VS Charge Cards Which Is Better - Credit cards and charge cards serve the same basic purpose... to charge purchases for payment later. As such, the term 'charge card' is often used to describe both although there are important differences. Should I pay off my credit cards or my car loan first? Which option would save me the most money? - In most instances, focusing on paying off credit cards vs auto loans not only saves you more money, but may also help improve credit more, too. Using our free financial calculators, you can determine for yourself which option would save you the most money in interest. Let's review a comparison example: Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards - I'm a non-homeowner and I don't qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Is there a way I can get a bad credit loan to pay off credit card debt? One way to get a relatively low interest, long term loan is to use the equity in your vehicle to secure a loan. If you still owe money on your auto and don't hold the title in your name due to a lien, apply for a refinancing loan. Democrats Allow Higher Credit Card Fees - Obama's consumer financial watchdog agency is allowing credit card companies to charge big upfront fees, which is likely to affect subprime, bad credit borrowers the most. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acknowledged its proposal would increase costs for some cardholders and allow banks to charge more in fees. New Jersey Democrats To Hijack Idle Gift Card Balances - Democrats of New Jersey are eye-balling the unspent balances of their state residents' gift cards. These unused balances could be used by the state to pay its own bills. Soon, New Jersey will require gift card sellers to obtain ZIP codes from buyers so it can claim unused balances of resident cards that have been inactive for two years. What is the difference between a charge card and a regular credit card? - Charge cards are a type of credit card that require you to pay the full amount you've charged each month. There are no periodic finance charges, and charge cards often come with rewards.  Credit cards offer a revolving line of credit, meaning that consumers may carry a balance from month to month rather than having to pay the balance in full every month. Use Extra Money to Payoff Credit Card Debt or Put in Savings Account - A reader asks: "I came into enough money to payoff my credit cards. What should I do. Payoff credit card balances or put that money into a savings account? " Answer: You can win with either option. The option which can save you the most money is to payoff credit card debt. You would save the card's interest charges you would have had to pay, which is a far higher rate than what a typical bank savings account pays. Credit Cards by Credit Score Rating - Not sure what credit cards you qualify for? Instead of wasting time submitting multiple applications, review credit score requirements and use a credit card matching service. Can a Credit Card Company Place Lien on Property? - Actions a Credit Card Company or Other Lender can take Against You for Default Non-Payment: Civil Court Law Suit: When you don't pay your credit card bill or other loan, your credit card company, lender or a third party collection agency could file a law suit in civil court to sue for payment. Be a Smarter Credit Card Comparison Shopper - There are fabulous card offers out there, but don't fall victim to glitz and hype. Here are free tips on how to be a smarter credit card shopper. Most Popular Credit Cards - Review the best and most popular credit cards for gas purchases, sky miles, travel and balance transfers. Getting Your First Credit Card - Common mistakes to avoid when getting your first credit card. Credit Cards for Travel Benefits Abroad - If your vacation leads you overseas, compare the best credit cards for traveling abroad. Add Child as Authorized User on Credit Card - Is it wise to add a child as an authorized user on your credit card? It's hard for teens to establish credit since credit options on their own are limited. In most cases they can't get a line of credit without a cosigner or by being an authorized user. For that reason, many parents choose to add children to their accounts. Vacation Travel Credit Cards - Part of your vacation planning should include which travel credit card to pack along for hotel, motel, airline sky miles and other rewards. Capital One Credit Cards for All Credit Scores - Whatever your credit history, Capital One has a credit card (or secured card) for you.*See website for changes, updates, and for full terms and conditions Student Credit Card Use Tips - How student credit cards should be; and should not be, used. There's no arguing how convenient and life-saving credit cards can be, yet it's equally evident how they can be abused and cause long-term problems. Smart Student Credit Card Management - Read these tips on how best to use; or not use, student cards: Best Credit Card for Gas - The single, best credit card for gas and travel, meets two predominant requirements: the card which best meets your needs, and the one which you qualify for. With that in mind, here are several cards for you to consider. Are Paperless Credit Card Billing Statements Better - You may think paperless billing statements are better for the environment and offer more ID theft protection, but consider the cons. If you elect to go paperless, you'll no longer receive a credit card statement in the mail. Instead your statement is available online to view, download, save and print. Your credit card company will send you a monthly notification email when your statement is ready. Advice for Common Credit Card Problems - During our use of credit cards, certain situations arise for many of us. Here are some which may; unfortunately, happen to you and what you can do. If your credit card interest rate goes up... You can do one of four things:1) Accept the rate increase2) Opt-out of the rate increase, which may result in your card not being renewed or you must payoff current balance3) Stop using the card. First Credit Card Application - Advice for submitting your very first credit card application, receiving and understanding important issues before making your first purchase charge. Affects of Maxxing Out Credit Cards - If you have; or are about to, max out credit cards, you need to be aware of the affects it can have on other credit. Although you may be aware that the issuer may charge an over-limit fee, many people are ignorant as to how this impacts other financial areas. First Time Credit Card and Loan Applicants - How first time credit applicants get approved for credit cards and loans. First timers usually dive in and start submitting credit applications, not knowing that doing so could be a waste of time as well as endanger their credit score with too many unnecessary inquiries. As with any situation, preparation is key. The very first consideration is what credit can you expect to get? Retail Credit Card Rewards - There are plenty of store cards, yet weigh all retail credit card rewards, terms and conditions before you apply. Many of the rewards are restricted to the stores themselves; some also restricted to in-store shopping and do not apply to online purchases, and introductory perks often fall short. The following retail rewards credit cards feature benefits that can be redeemed with specific retailers. Types of Banks for Credit Cards and Business or Personal Loans - Three types of banks to choose to meet your needs for business or personal loans and credit cards, Retail banks: A retail bank is a bank that works with consumers. These banks provide basic banking services to the general public, including:* Checking and savings accounts* CDs* Safe deposit boxes* Mortgages and second mortgages* Auto loans* Unsecured and revolving loans such as credit cards Save Money with Back to School Credit Card Rewards - Take advantage of back to school credit card rewards to save money on student expenses. Some people use credit cards to buy back-to-school supplies because they are short on cash, and others use charge on credit cards to earn rewards and maximize their money. School supplies can get costly even with just one child, so it makes sense to get the most with your money. 0 Intro Credit Card Reviews - The longest 0 introductory credit card offers. Review this listing of 0% intro cards of up to 18 months for purchases and balance transfers. How to Choose a Credit Card for Christmas - What can be more confusing that filing IRS taxes? Choosing a credit card! With so many variables in interest rates, points, rewards, introductory periods, balance transfer programs and the confusing terms, it's no wonder it's difficult to choose a credit card for Christmas purchases. How to Negotiate Christmas Credit Card Debt Settlement - It's not unusual to go into the holidays with debt already on your credit cards, and then adding yet more charges. This holiday snowball can end up causing extreme financial stress on you and your family. If you've accumulated a mass of credit card debt which you simply cannot afford to repay and if you have no other options, you may want to consider a Christmas credit card debt settlement. Get out of Credit Card Interest Reduction Scams - The FTC requires credit card interest reduction companies to not charge a fee until after the service is performed. So if you've paid a fee before they've helped you, you can pursue a refund. Amendments to the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibit companies that sell relief services like these rate reduction scams on the phone from charging a fee before they settle or reduce your debt. Reverse Credit Card Payment - How to Reverse a Credit Card Payment Charge with your card company issuer or with the merchant seller. Credit Card Grace Period Explained - You know what it is yet you may be surprised by what you don't know. Review our Credit Card Grace Period Explained article. General Financial and Credit Card Account Sharing - There are pros and cons involved with general finance and credit card account sharing, yet mostly negative. There are some surprising ways another person can impact your credit score. We're all already aware of the impact identity theft has, so in this article we will discuss authorized credit entanglements, as well as the pros. Lesser known negative impacts: Someone else's use of your car can affect your score. Manage Credit Card Accounts - There's the wrong way and the right way to manage credit card accounts to save money and protect scores. Credit Card Company Complaints - The Credit Card Companies with the Most Complaints. Credit Cards that Benefit Animals - For lovers of wildlife and pets, here are credit cards that benefit animals. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Chase Bank offers an affinity credit card that benefits the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Student Credit Cards - What to look for before applying for student credit cards. First thing you need to determine is what cards you qualify for. Once you narrow down the list, then you can begin comparing offers. In your side by side comparisons, look at the following: What is the credit limit What is the interest rate/ Is there an annual fee or any other fees What is Credit Card Blocking - The definition of credit card blocking and why it is used. Definition: Credit card blocking is when a company reserves a certain amount of money against your credit card limit. Why is credit card blocking used? Since most credit cards have limits on the amount of money that can be charged to the card, companies you are seeking services from want to make sure they get the amount they will charge before you max out the limit. Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt - How to Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt Yourself You don't need to hire a company and pay fees to charge off Christmas credit card debt. You can do it yourself, free. What Happens After You Swipe Your Credit Card - Everyone knows how to make a card charge, but what happens after you swipe your credit card in the machine? A near instantaneous series of actions transpire when use your credit card: As soon as you card is swiped, your card information is entered into the merchant's payment system (POS terminal). If you purchase online, that data is processed via the merchant site's e-Commerce software. How to get every cent from Gift Cards - Don't leave money on gift cards. But how do you spend money left over on a gift card without having to buy more then the card balance, and then add your own money? It has been estimated that 10 to 15% of gift cards are never redeemed, which totals a billion dollars in unspent, pre-paid money. To draw every cent from the balances of your gift cards, donate them charity. Credit Card Limit Lowered - What to do if your credit card limit is lowered by your issuer.  Did you credit card limit get lowered? You don't have to just sit back and take it, you do have options. Call your card issuer. Call the number on the back of your credit card and request your previous limit to be restored. These tips will make the issuer more open to returning your limit: Be polite and speak calmly Remind the issuer how long you've been their cardmember Credit Cards that can Only be Used for Gas - Browse these credit cards that can only be used for gas purchases. Hidden Credit Card Benefits - The best hidden credit card benefits are the ones right in your face. Free Credit Card Money - How rich people get free credit card money You already know about how to get free money to offset travel expenses by cashing in sky miles, or to help with motels, gas purchases, and even how to get cashback. Too often, we focus only on these direct ways to save or to gain free money. Usually we think about either a cash back card, or 0 intro card to give us more time to repay, or other rewards. How Using Credit Cards Affects Credit Score - Does the percentage of your credit limit used affect credit scores? Yes. Credit scores consider both your total balance to limit ratio (also called the utilization rate), and your balances as compared to the limits on each account. Why? Because how much of your credit limit used is an indicator of your credit risk when seeking additional loans or credit cards. USAA Credit Cards - Compare USAA Credit Cards which offer low rates, rewards, military benefits and no annual fees on select cards. The Affects of Just One Credit Card Late Payment - One mistake can be costly. Beware the affects of just one late payment on a credit card. Here are things likely to happen when you miss even a single credit card payment: Your credit card company will charge a late fee. BUT, if you've been a good paying cardmember, you may get them to waive this fee so call and ask. If they won't waive the fee, you'll see the charge (usually $15 to $35) on your next billing statement. Price Match Credit Cards - Price match credit cards may not be a new offer, yet it can save you plenty of money. Debit Card User Warning - Using a debit card is not as safe; and protected, and using a credit card. For example, if some theft hacks the terminal of a store you patronized with your debit card and he spends using your data, you could be held responsible for up to $500 in charges. Credit Card Cautions - Review credit card cautions so you can enjoy the very best of your card. Credit Cards that Increase Limit for Spending - Selection of credit cards that increase limit for spending on everyday purchases. Car Rewards Credit Cards - With an auto rewards credit card, you can earn points to use toward the purchase of a new car. If you're looking for an auto rewards credit card, read these reviews to decide which has the best terms for you. Chrysler MasterCard Review The Chrysler MasterCard lets you earn points toward a new Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler or Fiat vehicle with no annual fee. Toyota Rewards Visa Review Places Not to Use a Debit Card - Here are very risky places not to use a debit card for purchases. Retail Store Credit Cards Non Expiring - Retail Store Credit Cards May Not Have An Expiration Date Some retailers are doing away with expiration dates for their store cards. Credit Card Company Free Credit Scores - You may get totally free credit scores from your credit card company. Credit Card Benefits and Perks - Credit card companies offer less advertised perks and other benefits to cardholders. The reason; logically, is to entice customers in a competitive struggle against other credit card companies. READYdebit(R) Platinum Visa(R) Prepaid Card - Review Issuer Comments about the READY debit Platinum Visa Prepaid Card Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card Benefits - Sit back and enjoy earning unlimited cash back Summary of Key Benefits: Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day No rotating categories and no sign ups needed to earn cash rewards Save with a low intro APR on purchases and no annual fee Dispute a Billing Error to Credit Card Company - How to Dispute a Billing Error to Your Credit Card Company, including American Express, Chase, Citi, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, USAA, Bank of America, US Bank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank and PayPal. How to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card - How to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card. Emergency contact telephone numbers to report lost or stolen credit cards, ATM or debit cards. First Time Credit Card Applications to Build Credit - Getting your first credit card can be scary and nerve-racking. Review first time credit card applications that help build credit. How to Compare Credit Cards - How to Compare Credit Cards by Reviewing Terms and Conditions, Interest Rates and Rewards What is Credit Card Churning - What is Credit Card Churning? It's earning rewards for submitting credit card applications. CashBack Rewards TD Credit Cards - Review TD Credit Cards Offering CashBack and Rewards Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls - Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls with No Credit Check Credit Cards that make You look Rich - There are some Credit Cards that make You look Rich, but the Best Require Excellent Credit and Wealth. Some credit cards make you look rich just by whipping them out and slapping them onto a counter. Particularly if the card is made of metal. Instead of cheap plastic snap, the sound of a metal card is almost like a trumpet blowing, announcing the King has arrived. PrePaid Credit Card Fees - Review PrePaid Credit Card Fees and Issuers Offering No Fees. Guaranteed Credit Card with High Limit - Guaranteed Credit Card with High Limit for Bad Credit People Unable to Qualify for Standard Unsecured Cards Credit One Bank Cards - Get the credit card that's perfect for you. Our cards are even available to those who have had credit problems in the past and those who may have little credit history. Pre-Qualify Here for Cards. See if You're Pre-Qualified. It's easy, fast and won't affect your credit score! Takes less than a minute.  Platinum Status 1% Gas Rewards Automatic Credit Line Increase Reviews� Free Online Monthly Credit Score Tracking Credit Cards You Can Use Right Away - Browse Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards You Can Use Right Away and Apply for Card Offers Most Costly Credit Card Perks and Rewards - Review the Most Costly Credit Card Perks so You can Decide if the Fees are Worth it. Credit Card Perks and Rewards are fantastic, but some are incredibly costly. These credit cards make you look rich because you pretty much have to be to afford them. American Express Centurion Credit Card has an annual fee of $2,500. Spot and Stop Credit Card Addiction - Are you truly poor or do you have a charging problem? How to spot and stop credit card addiction. Professional Assistance with Debt Here are signs that you may have a credit card addiction:* You conceal your charging habits from family members or partner. Most all of us are affected by guilt when we do something wrong. As such, hiding over-charging may be your attempt at concealing something you feel bad about which you know is wrong.





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Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive alerts and tips to manage personal finances.


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Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.



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Apply online for an unsecured credit card. Use our search menu to browse high credit limit cards, easy approval cards, rewards or other unsecured card offers.


An unsecured credit card has no collateral requirement or other type of deposit. Aside from up-front security, unsecured cards can vastly differ. Those differences can include credit rating approval requirements, credit limits, fees, intro periods, rewards and interest rates.

There are hundreds of credit cards to choose from, so that alone makes choosing the right card for you even more difficult.

To make matters worse, you cannot fully grasp all the ins and outs of each card unless you read that small, fine print for each and every one of them.

Yet there are some key issues to be watchful for, and those include fees, introductory rates, on-going interest rates and rewards.

Fees: Some cards charge fees while others don't. But fees may not be bad, if you receive a higher trade-off such as very low interest. So don't just look for no annual fee cards and those with no account fees. You've got to weigh the good with the bad.

Special introductory rates: Cards with intro rates also vary on the interest rate and length of the special rate. Some cards offer 0% for three months, some 0% for six months, some 5% for three months, etc. These cards are typically great if you need only a few months to payoff debt, especially for the cards which increase to an overly high on-going interest rate. Do the hard math. A no interest intro card with a high on-going rate may be more costly for users than a card with absolutely no special intro rate. Not only do some of these cards have higher rates after the intro, they may also have annual fees.

Rewards: It may sound like repetitive nagging, yet again you need to watch for other costs including fees and interest rates which may offset any rewards you may earn. Be ready to be perplexed, as these cards each have their own rules for earning; and redeeming, rewards. In regards to cash-back cards, some only cater to certain purchases or patronages to select stores.


Unsecured credit card to rebuild credit


Other complications: Some people end up in a worse situation when they obtain a 0 intro card. Here's how: Someone applying a 0 intro to transfer debt from other cards, might discover their issuer charges a fee, or may not allow the 0 intro for transfers at all. It is up to the applicant to first understand all the ins and outs of each card offer. Some cardholders may end up paying higher interest rates, just so they can earn cash-back or other rewards, only to later learn that the issuer has expiration dates or requires spending at least a certain amount per month.

Final thoughts:
If you have good credit, you can qualify for rewards and/or low interest cards, but you'll need to spend time reviewing all the details and performing a side-by-side comparison before choosing one and submitting your application.


Rewards660 credit card -  Update: the Rewards660 credit card is no longer referred.


HSBC Bank MasterCard® – A good product for bad credit. MasterCard unsecured credit card. The best card for bad credit just got better. Orchard Bank credit card program offers credit cards to those with little or damaged credit. We've helped millions of people obtain credit – Let us help you too.

Begin building or rebuilding your credit in 3 easy steps with our credit card.
1. Inquire – complete and submit the risk-free inquiry form.
2. Review – evaluate the MasterCard® offer specific to your needs and credit profile.
3. Apply – submit your application.

Complete and submit our risk-free inquiry form and we’ll recommend a MasterCard® that best fits your needs and credit profile. We offer a variety of credit card options whether you’re establishing or re-establishing your credit or stepping up to Gold. Put our 120 years of helping everyday people to work for you! 

If you have troubled credit, need to establish or rebuild credit, a major credit card paid on time is a great way to improve credit. Apply online for an unsecured Visa ® credit card or gold MasterCard credit card.

Need a credit card for bad credit with balance transfer? 0 intro balance transfer credit cards; such as an unsecured platinum credit card, require good credit. If you have only fair or bad credit, it's unlikely you'll be able to balance transfer credit card debt at a low introductory rate. Consider credit card debt consolidation instead. Have excellent credit? 0 introductory balance transfer credit card.


An Unsecured Credit Card usually doesn't require a security deposit. Credit cards of this type are for individuals with good or excellent credit. Some issuers offer unsecured credit cards with a limited credit line for those with poor credit to help them re-establish their credit rating.


Aspire Visa® Gold Card. Have bad credit or looking to re-establish your credit? Apply for an unsecured Aspire Visa® Card and receive a 30-second online response - no fee to apply.



Need more credit card information? Read our financial and credit articles related to an unsecured credit card.

Christmas Loan and Credit Card Financing - For many holiday shoppers, they'll have a choice between obtaining a cash personal loan or an unsecured credit card to purchase their Christmas gift shopping.

Which is best? That depends on the type of loan or credit card. As for loans, a long term personal loan has far less interest and an easier repayment plan. In regards to unsecured credit cards, there can be a tossup between rewards cards vs those with no rewards yet very low interest rates or an introductory period.

The best strategy for a personal loan with monthly installments is to get only the amount you actually need, and to setup a repayment term as short as possible. If you choose this option, aim for a loan you can easily repay within one year (12 installments). There are two reasons for this: 1) To reduce interest costs and 2) Why still be paying for one Christmas over three or more Christmas'?

Some personal loan lenders may offer you a grace period of 90 days before you must start repaying the loan. Even if this is offered to you, you should still start repaying the loan within 30 days of obtaining it. Each month, add a little extra payment towards the principal. In keeping with this, you'll need to ensure the lender does not charge any early payoff penalties.

Typical qualifications for a long term personal loan are:
No late payments in the past 90 days
No bankruptcy in the past 7 years
Ample income to repay the loan VS debt owed
Active employment for the last three years

Instead of paying interest, it's possible to earn money by choosing an unsecured credit card for Christmas shopping. A rewards card that generates cashback for purchases, plus has a 90 day 0% interest introductory rate can stuff your purse or wallet with much needed cash. Of course you'll need to payoff the full charges within the intro period in order to make out like a bandit.

For shoppers who patronize a particular store, they could obtain a card which offers the maximum cashback for purchases at certain retailers.

Yet there's another great advantage to using a credit card vs a loan... a credit card offers purchase protection and/or extended warranty coverage at no extra charge.

Finally, there's the security issue. If you obtain a cash personal loan, you'll be an open target for thieves, whereas your liability is limited to no more than $50 with a credit card.

Easy, anyone approved credit card offers - Browse our popular, most recommended credit cards then submit an individual or cosigner credit card application. Our number one recommended credit cards are specifically for bad credit people seeking a card to help them establish or rebuild credit. Unlike large limit credit cards that require above average; and some actually require excellent, credit scores, these cards are primarily for low income people with troubled credit. Of course due to the high risk, they have above average interest rates and may have lower credit limits and rewards.

More than one bank is easiest to get credit card with. These easy approval cards are called subprime offers, because they accept people with very bad or even no credit history. A few subprime credit cards can also help improve credit if they report to a major credit agency either Experian, Equifax or TransUnion. Some credit card companies use Experian only or Equifax only, and so forth. If you have no credit and want to apply for your first credit card you should first familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, as well as all fees and interest rates. Don't try to get the largest limit card or one with the biggest cashback and rewards, but instead get one that has the lowest charges.

What is the credit score for credit card offers? That depends mainly on the size of the card's credit limit, and what rewards it offers such as an instant cash back credit card. If doesn't necessary depend on the brand. For example you can apply for a Visa credit card that has either a high limit or one that is secured with no credit check. With all the factors, you should ask yourself should I apply for credit card online instant approval, or should I apply for Best Buy credit card so I will be limited in what and where I can make purchases to control debt? If you opt for a store card, find out how to get cash back on a credit card with the retailer. Make sure the rewards are not difficult to earn and redeem.


October 20, 2014 

American Express Announces Availability in Apple PayPay On the Go with Apple Pay at Contactless Merchants or in Participating Apps Where American Express Cards are Accepted

Amex Mobile App Connects to Apple Pay for Account Monitoring, Servicing and Access to Rewards and Offers

New York, October 20, 2014 -- 
American Express today announces availability in Apple Pay™, the easy, safe and private way to pay with iPhone® 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad® Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Apple Pay will be available for eligible U.S. Consumer and OPEN American Express® Card Members(i).

Apple Pay allows American Express Card Members to seamlessly add their eligible Card and pay with their mobile device at contactless merchants in stores or directly within participating apps that accept American Express. When paying with Apple Pay, Card Members will continue to receive all of the protection, service and benefits offered by American Express. 

In addition, Card Members who use an eligible American Express Card in Apple Pay get these features:

- Real-time notifications and details for all purchases

- Seamless connection to the Amex® Mobile app for enhanced account monitoring, servicing and access to rewards and offers

How to Add an American Express Card to Apple Pay
After downloading iOS 8.1, Card Members can go to the Apple® Passbook app to get started. If a Card Member already has an eligible American Express Card on file with iTunes, they only need to type in the Security Code – or they can simply choose to add a new American Express Card. 

Apple Pay will begin rollout in the U.S. starting Monday, October 20, 2014, with iOS 8.1. Apple Pay works in stores with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple Pay is also available to pay for physical goods and services in participating apps with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. 

Trusted Safety & Security
Whether a Card Member swipes, clicks or taps to pay, American Express has their back. With fraud and online protection, American Express is working to safeguard Card Members: 

- For security, a Card in Apple Pay will be tokenized with a different number than the Card Member's plastic Card

- Every payment will be authorized with Touch ID or a passcode before the transaction is processed

For more information on Apple Pay please visit


*Before applying for any credit card offer, first read the terms, conditions, and fees for the card.

How a Credit Card May Hurt Your Credit Score

Before you apply for a new credit card, consider how it will impact your credit score

Whether consumers care to admit it or not, one of the most important numbers in one's financial life -- perhaps in one's life overall -- is the credit score. For a typical American, the credit score along with the full credit report could dictate how easily you will be able to build wealth.

The best example of this is the typical home mortgage. A low credit score with a troubled credit history, two situations that often complement each other, could easily result in a borrower paying tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands dollars more in interest than she would have with an excellent score. If purchasing a home and relying on a loan is in your future, the health of your credit should be a primary concern. Even small mistakes could have costly repercussions.

As building good credit is a fact of life for most consumers, it makes sense to ensure even your smallest decisions with money don't inadvertently hurt your credit score. Knowing how a credit score is calculated is helpful to make the best decisions, and one important factor in all varieties of these scores is the credit utilization ratio.

The credit utilization ratio is the percentage of your total credit limit that is actively used. The credit bureaus that compile reports and produce scores, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, rely on the credit card companies to provide accurate information about your debt level and credit limits. Unfortunately, an increasing number of credit companies bend the rules for their own benefit.

For example, consider using a Citi World MasterCard with a $5,000 credit limit. You pay the bill in full every month, but at the time Citi reported your balance to the credit bureaus, you owed $500. Most credit cards would report these two numbers to the bureaus, resulting in a credit utilization ratio of 10 percent. However, this credit card and some others have a different process; rather than reporting your $5,000 credit limit, they report the maximum you've spent using the credit card, perhaps $750. Through no fault of your own, your utilization ratio is now 67 percent.

While 10 percent is considered low and would unlikely affect your credit score, a ratio of 67 percent will certainly reduce the number. This is a significant advantage for the credit card industry. The more credit cards that report an artificially high utilization ratio, the easier it will be for any credit card issuer to justify increasing consumers' interest rates. An affected consumer will pay higher mortgage interest rates, if he qualifies for a loan at all.

Consider the credit cards you own and check your credit reports to ensure your credit cards are reporting your true credit limits. If not, call each issuer and request -- or demand -- to switch to a card that does.



October 20, 2014
Chase Joins HBO and Starbucks To Salute U.S. Veterans And Their Families With The Concert For Valor, Live On The National Mall In Washington, DC

Live Talent to Include Eminem, Jamie Foxx, Dave Grohl, Metallica, John Oliver, Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band, with Special Appearances by Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, Among Others

NEW YORK, NY – Oct. 20, 2014 – Chase announced today it is joining HBO and Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) as a presenting sponsor of THE CONCERT FOR VALOR (, a first-of-its-kind concert to honor the courage and sacrifice of America’s veterans and their families on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to be presented live on HBO this Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11 (7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT).

The concert will feature a broad array of talent from the worlds of music and entertainment, including Eminem, Jamie Foxx, Dave Grohl, Metallica, John Oliver, Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band, as well as special appearances by Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, among many others.

“Our firm has a long history of honoring our country’s military and veterans and it is a tremendous opportunity for all of us at Chase to be a part of this powerful event to support our service men and women,” said Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chairman and CEO. “As a company, we aim to serve members of our armed forces with the respect and special benefits they deserve – especially during the challenging time when they transition out of the military. This event is a small way to thank our veterans, as well as a way to ensure that we also continue to recognize the sacrifice and hardships they have endured to protect our nation and our freedoms.”

THE CONCERT FOR VALOR will provide a national stage for ensuring that veterans and their families know that their fellow Americans’ gratitude is genuine. Millions of people, including veterans, active duty servicemembers, their families and Americans from all walks of life are expected to watch the free concert in person or on television, with the goal of raising awareness for veterans service organizations dedicated to education, wellness, reemployment and reintegration. The event will be presented from the National Mall between the Capitol and the Washington Monument, and HBO will offer its affiliates the opportunity to open the signal, allowing nonsubscribers to view the special. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense and Starbucks board member Robert Gates and former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen are serving in an advisory capacity with regard to veterans outreach and veteran service organizations that will be recipients of concert donations. Throughout the concert, viewers will learn of sacrifices veterans have made, the bravery and leadership they demonstrate, and the huge economic benefit and opportunity that transitioning veterans bring to American communities and companies. These stories of valor are told in “For Love of Country,” a new book co-authored by Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran of The Washington Post, published by Knopf and available nationwide on November 4. The authors will donate proceeds from the sale of the book to veterans service organizations. You can learn more about the book here.

THE CONCERT FOR VALOR builds upon the firm’s longstanding commitment to veterans. JPMorgan Chase will provide $20 million to organizations that support military veterans and their families over the next five years, building on the $25 million the firm has already provided to organizations supporting the military and veteran communities since 2011. These funds will be focused in areas such as employment, education, and housing which are designed to help veterans and their families succeed after their service has ended. In 2011, JPMorgan Chase partnered with 10 other companies to launch the 100,000 Jobs Mission, which has hired a total of 161,752 U.S. military veterans through the second quarter of 2014. In addition, the coalition has grown from 11 founding members to 176 companies that represent almost every industry in the American economy. JPMorgan Chase has hired nearly 7,800 veterans since 2011. Through its nonprofit partners, the bank has awarded more than 700 mortgage-free homes to deserving military families, including over 100 as part of a partnership between Chase, Operation Homefront and country superstar Tim McGraw.

*** Before applying for any card, first read the terms, conditions, fees, benefits, rewards,

       & services of the card offer. Need a card to rebuild credit?


September 16, 2014
Citi® Double Cash Card

- No Annual Fee1

- Low Intro APR for 15 months.

- NEW: No Caps & No Category Restrictions.

- Earn Cash Back TWICE on every purchase with 1% cash back when you buy & 1% cash back as you pay.

- Purchase & Balance Transfer Rate, 0% Intro APR on purchases & balance transfers for 15 months; after that a variable APR of 12.99% - 22.99%, based on your creditworthiness.

- Pay for purchases in full or over time.

- Balance Transfer Fee Either $5 or 3% fee of the amount of each balance transfer, which ever is greater.1

- Citi Double Cash has no restricting categories to keep track of or enroll in.2

- After earning $25 in cash rewards, you can redeem them, share them with friends, or save them for something special.

Some Services:
- A late fee pass on your first late fee

- Damage & Theft Purchase Protection

- Representative help 24 hours a day

- Citi® Private Pass® offers

- Citi Price Rewind

- EMV Chip Technology

- Extended Warranty2

- Citi® Identity Theft Solutions

- $0 liability for unauthorized charges

- 24 Hour fraud protection

- The Lost Wallet® Service

- Worldwide Car Rental Insurance

- Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection

- Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance

- Concierge Service


*** Before applying for any card, first read the fees, terms, conditions, benefits, & services of the card.




October 20, 2014

PULSE Introduces Comprehensive Consulting Service for Financial Institutions

30 Years of Experience Leads to PULSE InSightsSM; Advisors to Present at PayThink

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 20, 2014-- PULSE, one of the nation’s leading debit/ATM networks, has launched PULSE InSights, a consulting service to help financial institutions analyze and improve performance in key areas of their retail banking business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

PULSE InSights will provide strategic guidance and support to help banks and credit unions increase revenue, expand cross-selling programs and strengthen customer relations in a cost-effective manner.

“Our 30-plus years of helping financial institutions succeed in debit gives PULSE a unique perspective and experience in delivering comprehensive solutions that positively impact their bottom line,” said Annette Harris, director of Marketing at PULSE and practice lead for PULSE InSights. “PULSE InSights is a logical next step in serving as an advocate for the interests of our financial institutions and their cardholders.”

PULSE InSights focuses on five areas:

Card Portfolio Performance: Provides portfolio insights and best practices after analyzing a financial institution’s mix of products and examining cardholder behaviors.
Marketing Services: Delivers end-to-end support in developing and executing data-driven marketing campaigns.
Retail Branch Maximization: Identifies and addresses the financial institution’s key issues that affect efficiency, customer experience and overall profitability.
Customer Experience: Examines factors such as channels, technology, operations and personnel that impact the cardholder experience.
Contact Center Optimization: Evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial institution’s contact center and uses industry benchmarks to identify opportunities.

“At Old Second, we always look for ways to enhance our customer relationships,” said Keith Gottschalk, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Illinois-based Old Second National Bank. “PULSE’s advisors helped us assess our debit rewards program and find additional ways to align it with the needs and wants of our customers while increasing the program's value to our bank.”

InSights Presented at PayThink

Harris will present, along with Gil Mermelstein of West Monroe Partners, the techniques financial institutions can use to analyze and harness data from their debit portfolios at the PayThink conference on October 21. PayThink is an industry forum on ATM, debit and prepaid solutions held in Phoenix. 



Gas Stations

July - September 2014
Discover Cardmembers are signing up to get 5% Cashback Bonus at Gas Stations on up to
$1,500 in purchases, now through September 2014.


Oct -Dec 2014 

Sign up now to get 5% Cash back Bonus on up to $1,500 in Online Shopping and Department Store purchases, from now through December 2014.*


Discover It Card,- No annual fee
- No over the limit fee
- 5% cash back in categories that change
- 1% cash back on other purchases
- Use rewards instantly at checkout3 
- 3% fee for each balance transfer
- Paying late won’t raise your APR
- No late fee for your first late payment
- No over limit fee
- 0% Intro APR* for 14 months on purchases & balance transfers,
  then 10.99%-22.99% Standard Variable Purchase APR applies
- If you lose your job, get a lower rate, lower payment or other help
- Free FICO® Credit Score on your monthly statement and online2
- 100% U.S.-based customer service available 
- Pay your bill up to midnight (ET) the day it's due by phone or online
- No foreign transaction fee 
- Emergency travel assistance when you're away from home
- $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee
- April - June 2014 earn 5% cash back bonus at Home Improvement Stores- 5-20%

  cash back at 200+ online retailers like Apple Store, Macy's & BestBuy through
- Choose from millions of items at, pay with Cashback Bonus.2
- Auto rental insurance

- No foreign transaction fee- Emergency travel assistance to help
Build Cashback Bonus:
- Earn 5% Cashback Bonus up to the quarterly maximum on categories that change

  during the year like gas & restaurants & more- 5% to 20% Cashback Bonus at online

  retailers through ShopDiscover

- Every purchase automatically gets a Cashback Bonus
Redeem Cashback Bonus:

- Turn Cashback Bonus into bigger rewards each time you redeem for gift cards
  with brand name partners- Pay with Cashback Bonus at checkout with online 

  retailers like

- Get a Discover Gift Card & we will waive the purchase fee and shipping charges

- Donate to charity and credit your Discover Card account

- Electronic deposit to your bank account

- Get cash where you shop, without a trip to the ATM
Get Cash at the Checkout:

- Use your Discover Card at checkout

- Choose how much cash over the purchase amount


* Before applying for any credit card offer, first read the terms, conditions, and fees for the card.

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Special Christmas Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Gift Cards - Red, Gold and Green are Christmas colors, and included in those are other card colors such as Silver, Black, Platinum and Titanium. Special Christmas credit cards, debit cards and gift cards offering more discounts and cashback.

Visa Christmas Gift Card: Send a Visa Virtual Gift electronically, without the wait of printing a plastic gift card or printing greeting cards. This is good for last minute purchases that need to be delivered within hours. Start by selecting the Virtual Gift, then select the flash e-greeting. Load the Virtual Gift with funds. That's it. We will send an email to your recipient to accept and receive. Virtual Gifts are processed within hours, pending bank verification and review. Visit issuer websites for other Visa Christmas credit card promotions.

Discover Card Christmas Promotion - Wrap up the holidays with the perfect gift. * Gift Cards can be personalized with a name and message * Choose any dollar denomination from $20-$500 * Accepted at millions of locations * FREE standard shipping directly to you or the recipient. Take the stress out of holiday shopping and see how easy it is to give Discover gift cards to your family and friends. You can forget the wrapping paper and long lines at the post office-it only takes a few minutes to select a Holiday gift card, personalize it, and send it off. Visit the Discover card website for updates and new Christmas credit card promotions.

American Express Christmas Credit Card Promotion - Ready, Set, Shop. The eGift Card is ideal for online shopping or phone orders at U.S. merchants and will be e-mailed to your gift recipient within minutes. American Express Gift Cards: No Monthly Fees, No Lost Value. HOW DO THE MEMBERSHIP REWARDS PROGRAMS WORK? *Earn Points: Earn one point for virtually every dollar you spend on your Card. *Redeem Points: Points can be redeemed for incredible rewards from the finest names in travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment. NEED A CARD? Find the American Express® Card that's right for you. Visit the American Express website for updates and new Christmas credit card promotions. American Express Christmas credit card designs: Holly Berries, Snowflake, Hanukkah, Warmest Wishes, Happy Holidays Gold Ornament and Red Ornament. American Express Christmas Travel - A Family Holiday in Rome: After all, what could be more Christmasy than a crusade to the Pope’s home turf? Your kids will absolutely never be at a loss for something desirable to eat. Christmas in Quebec City: Even when it's 10 degrees outside (yes, 10!), 402-year-old Quebec City rivals any European capital: French is the main language and snow-dusted castle turrets make up the wintertime views.

Chase Christmas Credit Card - Chase Holiday Rewards: Chase Holiday Bonus Rewards will be applied to all of your Chase card purchases. That means you are already earning Chase Holiday Bonus Rewards for all of your purchases and you just have to enroll your Chase rewards card for free by the deadline date to take advantage of your bonus points or free rewards from Chase. The Chase Holiday Rewards Bonus was emailed to qualifying Chase credit card members including Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa Card members and other Chase rewards credit card members. Check the enrollment link below to see if you qualify in case you didn’t receive the holiday promotion email from Chase. Visit the Chase website for updates and new Christmas credit card promotions.

American Express Christmas Shopping Tips: Smart Cookies Andrea Baxter, Angela Self, Katie Dunsworth, Robyn Gunn and Sandra Hannah started their money group when they were all drowning in debt. Today, as authors of The Smart Cookies' Guide to Making More Dough and contributors to the New York Daily News, they help readers to achieve their financial goals. 1. Create a Holiday Spending Plan - As Smart Cookies, we create monthly spending plans and the holiday season is no exception. Include everything and anything related to holiday expenditures - think beyond the gifts - to the postage, gift wrap, holiday dinners, hostess gifts for holiday parties, and of course, travel. 2. Plastic Willpower - People are always worried about gaining weight over the holidays, but the other less talked about holiday weight gain is on your credit card. We encourage people to extend that same willpower to their wallets. With so many holiday sales and specials, it’s easy to go beyond your spending plan. To make sure we don’t overspend, we pay for all of our holiday purchases with the American Express® Charge Card. Paying with Charge is like “plastic willpower” and helps us spend within our means because we have to pay in full at the end of the month. 3. Think Outside the “Gift” Box - We’re not talking re-gifting here, but being creative about gift giving. Since we use our American Express® Charge Cards to pay for everyday expenses, like gas and groceries (for which we earn double Membership Rewards ® bonus points) or even a latte or cab fare, we’re making our money work for us. We’ve accrued a lot of points that we can redeem at the end of the year for gifts. So, you can redeem Membership Rewards points for an iPod for your nephew, a restaurant gift certificate for your parents, or a television for your spouse/partner. In fact, we recently redeemed in our rewards for a bottle of perfume for a friend and saved $75. 4. Stay on Track - There’s so much prep work involved with getting ready for the holiday it’s easy to get carried away. Don’t get lost in all the mayhem. Monitor spending with online tracking tools, like Money Manager. You also can set-up spending alerts - such as payment due reminders and account balance updates - to make sure you don’t veer off your holiday spending plan. 5. Tis the Season for Giving - If you're looking for a way to give back to those less fortunate this holiday season, but can't afford it, volunteer your time at a food bank or donate clothes to your local charity. Your holiday-inspired generosity may pay you back in the form of a tax deduction for your donations.

VISA GIFT CARDS - THE PREFERRED CHRISTMAS GIFT: It’s that time of year again, when many consumers will be challenged to find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday lists. And no wonder it’s a challenge - according to the Visa Holiday Gift Giving Survey, 42 percent of consumers still have at least one unopened or unused gift sitting in the back of their closet from the last holiday season; Nearly as many (38 percent) admit to returning at least one gift from last year, and 28 percent admit to re-gifting at least one of their holiday gifts from last year. According to the survey, 65 percent of consumers would rather receive a branded gift card - like a Visa Gift card - over a “non-essential” gift such as a bottle of cologne or holiday scarf. Some 85 percent said they would appreciate receiving one to buy something they really want or need. Visa Christmas Shopping Tips: The holiday season is the busiest shopping time of the year. It’s also the busiest time of year for fraudsters looking to enrich their holiday by using your payment card. Using your Visa card offers many consumer protections, including fraud detection, dispute resolution, and often, toll-free numbers to report and inactivate lost or stolen cards. With security always being top of mind for Visa, here are five ways you can help protect yourself and make the work of thieves a lot harder. REVIEW RECEIPTS: Take a close look at purchase receipts before you sign them to make sure everything is in order. PROTECT YOUR PIN: Carefully guard your PIN anytime you use it. When paying with a debit card, strongly consider signing instead of using a PIN. If a thief can discover your card number and PIN, his first move will be to an ATM to try to withdraw cash from your account. COUNT THE CARDS: Keep careful track of the cards in your wallet. Report missing cards to your issuer as soon as possible. SCAN STATEMENTS: Examine your card statements as soon as they arrive or go online to review charges. Better yet, take advantage of Visa transaction alerts available from select issuers. Set parameters for receiving an email or text alert when your card is used and keep tabs on your account activity in near real-time. See something suspicious or an unauthorized charge? Report it to the card issuer right away. ON GUARD ONLINE: Don’t click pop-up windows or suspicious links in e-mails, even if they seem to come from people you know. These can be tricks to install spyware and steal financial information. Never send sensitive personal information to anyone unless you initiated the transaction. No legitimate online merchant, bank or Visa will make an unsolicited request for your personal information. Report any suspicious requests to your card issuer and Remember: When you use Visa, you can be confident that our multiple layers of security will help prevent, detect and resolve unauthorized use of your card information. In the unlikely event you do experience fraud, Visa’s Zero Liability promise means you will never be held liable for unauthorized purchases.

Special Chase Christmas Card Gift: This holiday season, use your Chase Debit Card for all your holiday shopping, and we'll give you something back - up to 5,000 bonus points. Here's How: 1. ENROLL your Chase Debit Card now. 2. USE your enrolled debit card for holiday retail purchases*. 3. GET UP TO 5,000 BONUS POINTS - 2,500 bonus points for every $250 spent on qualifying holiday retail purchases*! *Qualifying purchases include holiday retail purchases made with the enrolled Chase Debit Card without using your PIN, within the merchant categories for this promotion. For a complete list of the holiday-related merchant categories eligible for this promotion, please see the Terms and Conditions. Purchases made without using your PIN include purchases you sign for, contactless blink® purchases, Internet purchases, phone or mail-order purchases, and small dollar purchases that do not require a signature. All qualifying purchases will qualify for this promotion as long as you enroll your debit card. Chase reserves the right to make determinations of qualifying holiday retail purchases for the purpose of fulfilling the bonus points of this promotion. Your bonus points (maximum of 5,000) will be automatically deposited to the rewards account associated with your Chase Debit Card that you enrolled in this promotion. Your Chase checking account must be open and in good standing at the time of fulfillment in order to receive the bonus points. This exclusive offer is by invitation only, and the bonus points will be awarded only to the Chase Debit Card customer who received this communication directly from Chase.

CHASE ANNOUNCES ULTIMATE REWARDSSM CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY PROMOTION: Rewards platform to offer merchandise redemption discount, plus bonus gift card and points earning offer. UltimateRewardsSM, Chase's proprietary, world-class rewards program, today announced its annual holiday promotion designed to deliver rich rewards and outstanding value to customers. This holiday season, all Chase Freedom®, ChaseSapphireSM, InkSM from Chase cardmembers with Ultimate Rewards can take advantage of merchandise redemption discounts, opportunities to earn bonus points, and a Best Buy® gift card bonus offer. The main components of the promotion include: * "Give a Gift, Get a Free Gift Card", Chase credit cardmembers who participate in Ultimate Rewards and redeem 5,000 points or more in a single transaction for merchandise will receive a free Best Buy gift card as a bonus - a $10 gift card for 5,000 points or a $25 gift card for 10,000 points. * "Shop 'N Save on Cyber Monday": Chase Ultimate Rewards cardmembers who choose to use their reward points to do their holiday shopping on Cyber Monday will save 30 percent on merchandise redeemed through Ultimate Rewards. Cardmembers who participate in the 'Shop 'N Save on Cyber Monday' promotion are also eligible for the 'Give a Gift, Get a Free Gift Card' promotion.1 * "Eight is Great: Earn 8 Times the Points When You Shop at": Between November 26 and November 30, Chase cardmembers with Ultimate Rewards who do their online holiday shopping at the Ultimate Rewards Mall ( will earn eight bonus points for every dollar they spend at select merchants, such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Sears andToy"R"Us. The Ultimate Rewards Online Mall gives cardmembers access to more than 400 merchants and thousands of items to give as gifts, all in one convenient location. As an added component to the Ultimate Rewards holiday promotion, Chase asked author and gift expert Leah Ingram to share her shopping advice tailored for cardmembers. With strategies for planning, budgeting and buying, Leah's tips focus on maximizing spending during the holidays.

Citi Christmas Gift Card Promo: Register and use your Citi® Cardfor a chance to win a $10 to $10,000 Citi® Prepaid Card. * Thousands of Citi® credit cardmembers will win each week. * Use your registered Citi® card on eligible purchases from November 1st through December 31st. * Eligible online purchases are worth five entries. All other eligible purchases are worth one entry. Here are a few previous Citi winners: Suzanne V., Los Angeles, CA - $10,000 Citi Prepaid Card; Joseph O., Brighton, MA - $500 Citi Prepaid Card; Victoria S., Hoboken, NJ - $100 Citi Prepaid Card; Wayne H., Wichita, KS - $50 Citi Prepaid Card

Discover Christmas Gift Cards: Wrap up the holidays with the perfect gift. * Gift Cards can be personalized with a name and message * Choose any dollar denomination from $20-$500 * Accepted at millions of locations * FREE standard shipping directly to you or the recipient. Take the stress out of holiday shopping and see how easy it is to give Discover gift cards to your family and friends. You can forget the wrapping paper and long lines at the post office-it only takes a few minutes to select a Holiday gift card, personalize it, and send it off.

Visa Christmas Discounts - Bonus Visa credit card holiday savings: * Sears - Save $35; *TGIFridays' - Save 20%; * - Save $30; * 1-800-FLOWERS - Save 20%; * Carnival Cruise Lines - Up to $200 in FREE shipboard credit; * La Quinta Inns & Suites - Save 10% at La Quinta Inns & Suites; * - Save 20% plus get FREE shipping; * - 10% off $50; * National Car Rental - Receive a FREE weekend day; * Lenovo - Save up to 35% on Lenovo PC's; * - Save $10 on $75; * - Save 15% on your first order; * - Save 20% at; * Carter's - FREE shipping on $75; * PC Connection Express - Save $10 on $200; * Elizabeth Arden - FREE Ultimate In Beauty Gift + FREE Ship

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