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Pre-qualify for a credit card. Pre-qualification can have higher approval success than pre-approved card offers, as it is based on your current credit score estimate. You can receive matched suggestions of various offers and compare credit cards which rebuild credit or rewards credit cards with low interest and high limits.


Credit Card application articles and tips


Free credit card search makes choosing a credit card easy. Browse the most popular, best credit cards. For added security against fraud, get a virtual credit card number. Apply for a pre-approved credit card offer based upon your credit history. If you don't know what cards you qualify for, a credit card prequalification service may be best for you by getting soft credit report pulls. Problem credit people should consider a credit card to rebuild credit or to establish credit. If you have no or very bad credit, consider bad credit card offers such as a secured credit card like a prepaid Visa, no credit check cards or other types of a guaranteed card. Or take advantage of special discounts offered by a store gift card. For very high risk people there are options other than a standard unsecured credit card, such as an online guaranteed platinum card for online store purchases, or possibly even qualify for a charge card or a discount card from retail stores like the WalMart card or the Sears card. Prepay credit card offers like a debit card or a bank ATM card. Excellent credit? ewards credit cards have perks such as a 0 intro balance transfer, benefits like a travel credit card that rewards free airline miles, a gas card, or family entertainment offers like the Disney credit card, apply for an unsecured platinum credit card. View current Credit card interest rates. Some cards offer no interest or a 0 introductory period on purchases. There are also some with a special 0% balance transfer period so you can transfer debt from other cards. Review credit card offers for features you may need such as a spouse joint credit card account. Other special offers include no deposit credit card, business credit card, student credit card and shopping cards like a Christmas credit card. Read the fine print, compare the card benefits, rewards and ratings before you submit an online application. Credit card types include gold credit card and platinum credit card offers: Visa credit card, such as the gold Visa card or the platinum Visa credit card. MasterCard credit card, such as the gold MasterCard or the platinum MasterCard. American Express card, such as the gold American Express card or the platinum American Express card. Chase card, such as the platinum Chase card or a rewards Capital One card. Discover card such as the gold Discover card or the platinum Discover card. Before you apply, review all the credit card facts. Once you get the card right for you, read every credit card statement carefully and request credit card companies to stop credit card mail offers. Browse more credit card resources. Guaranteed platinum credit card unsecured credit line - Some lines of credit are limited to catalog merchandise purchases. 0 interest credit card - Major credit card issuers, such as American Express, Chase, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, offer 0 intro credit cards for an introductory period. Most major issuers also have a Student Credit Card and a Secured Credit Card. Compare perks ranging from free airline miles, rebates, to cash back credit card incentives and other  Benefits of Credit Cards which vary according to the Types of Credit Cards  like a Debit Card, ATM Card or Unsecured Credit Card. Steps on how to Balance transfer credit card debt. Offset gasoline costs with a Gas Credit Card. Earn rewards or cash back on gas purchases from Shell, Exxon, BP and Hess. A Cash Back Credit Card is like having a bank savings account, and you can accrue some fabulous interest by comparison. Understand the universal default interest rate and Avoid credit card rate hikes like those common to some. Credit Cards with Rewards. Make all Credit card bill payments timely. Chase BP Credit Card Agreement. 'Tap & Go' Contactless Payment MasterCard PayPass. Carefully read all Credit Card Fine Print. Tips on how to get Credit Card Approval and using Secured Credit Card Shopping, Small Business Credit Card payment tool for managing business. MasterCard Card Promotions - New MasterCard Programs. MasterCard announces two new promotional programs: "MasterCard Monthly Bonus Sweepstakes", and "Small Business Zero Liability" Visa Contactless Mini Card - Visa created a mini card to make paying faster and more convenient. American Express Membership Rewards - American Express Membership Rewards Program offers unique rewards to members, retail and travel partners. Discover Card Ranking - Keynote Systems ranks Discover Card number one for online customer experience in the credit card industry. Discover Card Fraud Protection - Discover Card was ranked Best-In-Class for online fraud protection service and information. MasterCard Small Business Survey. Discover Card ATM Acceptance - Discover Card is now accepted at more ATMs nationwide. Visa Promotes Small Purchases - According to Visa, the bulk of credit card transactions are for purchases of $25.00 or less. Diners Club Credit Card - Diners Club wins the best Affinity/Charge Credit Card Program 'Freddie' Award. Bank credit card rewards - National City Bank is offering points for everyday tasks such as writing checks, paying bills online and using debit cards. Bonus points are offered for customers who open new accounts or get new loans. Free Credit Card Services - Credit Federal announces new, free credit card services for consumers. Credit Card Survey shows that credit cards are being used more and more, even for small purchases. Major Banks and Credit Card Issuers - According to the American Bankers Association, banks play a key role in financial education. Credit Card Fees - You might not be earning enough value if you are charged transaction fees. Usually credit card rewards are worth 1 or 2 percent of the amount charged. Pre Paid Visa Cards - Visa pre-paid card offers aimed to capture the debit card market. Visa Contactless prepaid cards are available to clients of Meta Payment Systems, MetaBank's prepaid card division. As with all Visa prepaid cards, the Visa Contactless prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Contactless debit cards offer consumers a secure and convenient alternative to cash and checks. Free Credit Card Tips - Avoid extra fees and high interest rates: Credit Card Use  for maximum score results, or as a one time use credit card purchase. Bill On Credit Card Bills - Proposed legislation would outlaw some credit card billing and interest rate practices that critics say confuse consumers and can push them deeper into debt. Top Credit Card FAQs with basic tips for secured and unsecured credit cards. Debit Cards Lack Credit Card Power - No doubt, debit cards are convenient and popular, but they lack the power of regular credit cards. Compare Credit Cards - Browse and compare credit cards according to rewards, APR interest rates and consumer ratings. Prevent Debit Card Fraud - Because of their convenience and power, debit card holders are potential scam victims. Bad Credit Card Marketing - Bank settles bad credit card marketing allegation of a fee nearly the credit line amount. Where Have Bad Credit Cards Gone - Sub-Prime (Bad Credit) Credit Card Offers seem to be vanishing from the internet. Not Good Credit Cards - Five major credit card issuers come in second to credit union card offers. Credit Card Interest Rate Cut Impact - What impact does the recent federal interest rate cut have on credit cards? New Credit Card Offers - There are new credit card offers; green is now added to silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Credit Card Savings Accounts - Rewards cards offer automatic deposit savings accounts. Poor Credit Card Application - Poor Credit Score? Credit card applications to choose. Baddest and Best Credit Cards - J.D. Power and Associates' ratings of the baddest and best credit cards. Personal Gift Credit Cards - Personal gift credit cards can offer more wow than simply giving cash. Gift Credit Card Shopping - Tips for Choosing the Best Gift Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping. UK Credit Card Rate Increases - More than one UK credit card company is increasing rates and fees. Purchased and Free Gift Cards - Some credit cards offer the ability to earn free gift cards, or you can buy gift cards directly from retailers. Credit Cards and Credit Reports - Certainly credit report scores decide if you get approved for a credit card and the interest rate you will pay, but what about future rate changes? Bad Credit and Credit Cards - While bad credit people can get credit card approval but at higher rates, now even good credit people are seeing interest rate increases. Bad Credit Card Issuers or Bad Practices? Will sub-prime, bad credit cards follow the same path of destruction as the sub-prime mortgages? Credit Card Fair Fee Act - Credit Card Fair Fee Act takes on Visa and MasterCard credit card companies to help business merchants negotiate transaction processing costs. Credit Card Phone Number Directory - Credit Card phone number directory. Directly call a credit card company, toll free. Keep Credit Card Accounts - credit card companies are closing some customers' credit card accounts in an attempt to save money. New Credit Card Company Rules Regulations - The federal government is proposing new credit card company rules and regulations to ensure cardholder fair treatment, particularly bad credit cards. Unfortunately, this may create higher interest costs for good credit people and no credit card offers for poor credit people. Store Charge Cards And Gas Credit Cards - Some people don't want; or don't qualify for, regular unsecured credit cards, and choose store charge cards and gas credit cards instead. Here are free tips for using them. Tips for Using Store Charge Cards and Gas Credit Cards. Negotiate Credit Card Interest Rate - If you've been a good customer with your credit card company, you can negotiate a lower credit card interest rate. Gas Credit Card Rewards - Gas credit card rewards can offer some relief via cash back.. Best Credit Card Benefits+Rewards - many of these go unused by cardholders. ATM Debit Card Fraud Tips - In support of ATM & Debit Card Safety Awareness month, PULSE; a Discover card product, offers tips on ATM and debit card use for privacy protection and to prevent fraud. Instantly Approved Pre Pay VS Platinum Rewards -  Before you compare perks and benefits, first weed out cards that may not help you. Subprime Credit Card Lawsuit - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) files a lawsuit against CompuCredit and Jefferson Capital for its marketing of a subprime credit card. Avoid Over Limit Fees - ways to prevent going over-limit. Credit Card Secrets - Hidden facts you probably didn't know.. Credit Card FAQs - Common questions turned into credit card facts. Your Credit Card Rights - new credit card rules that eliminate several unfair practices in the credit and banking industry.. Cancel Credit Card Account - Before you cancel credit card accounts, read this article. Close Credit Card Account - Free sample letter on how to close credit card accounts. Credit Card Application - Browse for the secured or unsecured credit card that has the Best Credit Card Rate for you. Extra Joint Spouse Credit Cards - In addition to having a joint spouse credit card, there are occasions when you may want to have extra credit cards for rewards or other perks. Submit your good or bad credit card application online. Credit Cards Vs Checks - more companies plan to increase use of business credit cards instead of paper checks for making payments.Student Credit Card Advice - prevent high balances and to get a good credit score. Bad Credit Card Rap - Credit cards suffer a bad rap, much of which is undeserved. There are both good and bad credit card features. Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Credit Card Interest Rate OptOut - If your credit card issuer has notified you that your card's interest rate will increase even though you don't have bad credit, you could negotiate a lower rate, optout completely. Really Free Credit Report with No Credit Card - one website offers a truly, really free credit report with no credit card required. Gas Cards with Rewards - Some gas cards with rewards include cash back when consumers charge for fuel or other auto related expenses. Sample Credit Card Dispute Letter - Print this free, sample credit card dispute letter to send to your card company. Apply For A Balance Transfer Credit Card - advice on what to look for before submitting your application. Canceling Credit Cards Causes Bad Credit - Canceling credit cards could cause bad credit if you reduce your credit history and available credit limit. Credit Card Interest Rate Rights and Options - If your issuer notifies you of a credit card interest rate increase, can you reject the higher rate? Learn your options and rights. How To Qualify for Credit Cards and rebuild bad credit. Joint Credit Card Accounts - Most gold and platinum unsecured credit cards offer an additional spouse card. No Fee Free Credit Card Offer - Is it really a no fee, free credit card, or only free if certain terms and conditions are followed? Credit Card Holder Rights Act is to protect you. Best Credit Card Deal Gone Bad - Chase; considered by many to have offered one of the best credit card deals for people carrying a large balance, has reneged on an agreement and upset card members.. Credit Card Opt Out Agreement - Does your issuer offer a credit card opt out agreement? Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - Bi-annual Federal Reserve System ratings survey of plan terms offered by financial institutions and credit card issuers. The credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Choosing the Lowest Interest Rate Unsecured Credit Cards - Free tips on choosing the lowest interest rate unsecured credit cards, from gold to platinum rewards. Credit Card Limit Cut - Was your credit card limit cut? Your options, and why government law pushed your credit card company to cut your max limit. Chargeoff Credit Card Debt To Avoid Bankruptcy - chargeoff credit card debt either yourself for free or by hiring a debt settlement company to negotiate on your behalf. Settle Credit Card Debt - Many have maxed out several credit cards and the late fees and high interest rates are getting them deeper in debt. Credit Card Medical Bill Payment - some people make medical bill payments with a credit card. Close Credit Card Account - instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. Who Pays Joint Credit Card Account - Options to cancel a joint account or to remove a spouse name from a joint account, including payoff and negotiating a debt settlement. Best Credit Card Company - Whether you want a secured or unsecured credit card for bad credit or excellent credit, first review the best credit card company ratings before you submit your online application. Cancel Credit Card Advice Question - what do you do if you dispose of credit cards before canceling them? Credit Question: ATM Debit Card Tips for Secure Handling - Review our free ATM debit card tips for secure handling of your card and withdrawals. What is a credit card chargeoff - Typically a charge off is when a creditor, bank, or bill collector writes off a balance as "bad debt" because they believe they can't collect the debt. ATM Debit Cards and Rebuilding Credit - Facts and benefits of Debit Cards and how a credit card can rebuild credit. Balance Transfer and How to get the Best Credit Card Deal - Read our article before you balance transfer debt, and learn how to get the best credit card deal. Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers, Tips and Advice - Get the maximum benefit of 0 intro balance transfer credit card offers by reading these free tips and advice. New Credit Card Account Advice - Free credit card account advice about the rates and fees for new card offers before you submit an application. Bad Credit Card Application Advice - consider banks and credit card companies that specifically offer subprime cards to rebuild credit scores. Advice to Rebuild Credit with a Credit Card - Use the card to make small purchases that can be paid in full each month. Secured Prepaid Cards and Unsecured Credit Cards - There are a lot of choices and variables to choose from. Credit Card Deals and Education - With credit card education you will be best able to choose the right deals for you. Christmas Credit Card Shopping - Get shopping rewards through special Christmas credit card offers. Christmas Credit Card - Christmas credit card and shopping tips. Best Christmas gifts are low interest credit cards. What is Worse than a Credit Card? - Cellular phone companies have far worse negative impacts on consumers' finances. Credit Card Comparison Guide - Review introductory interest rates and special rewards offers to help you choose. Good or Bad Credit Card - Credit card issuers are trying to change their image from bad to good. Tips Before Submitting Credit Card Applications - Credit cards serve as a very important factor to obtain good credit if you pay off your balance monthly. Platinum Credit Card Prequalification - Why is a platinum credit card only for good credit people? Read our credit card article to learn about prequalification. Choosing a credit card right for you. - Article: Choosing a Credit Card Offers - which is best and best for you? Not only are there different issuers, there are many different types of credit cards, so how do you choose a card that's right for you? Prepaid Credit Card - Apply online, and learn he Benefits of a Pre-paid Credit Card. Read our free article: No Deposit Credit Card - No deposit credit card: Apply online, and read our credit card article. Preapproved Credit Card - Learn what is a preapproved credit card and apply online. You may already be pre-approved. Read our credit card article: What kind of card can I qualify for? - Have a difficult time choosing a credit card so you just apply for a lot of cards? Don't jeopardize your credit score and make bad credit even worse. Why People Choose Credit Cards - People choose credit cards because the benefits can outweigh the bad. Credit Card Error Codes: Response Reason Codes and Response Reason Text - This transaction has been approved. More Easily Understand Credit Card Agreements - developed a shorter, simpler credit card agreement that spells out the terms for the consumer. Get Out of Christmas Credit Card Debt - advice on how to payoff, consolidate or to Chargeoff Christmas credit card debt. Credit Cards VS Charge Cards Which Is Better - there are important differences. Should I pay off my credit cards or my car loan first? Which option would save me the most money? - In most instances, focusing on paying off credit cards vs auto loans not only saves you more money, but may also help improve credit more, too: Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards - I'm a non-homeowner and I don't qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Is there a way I can get a bad credit loan to pay off credit card debt? Democrats Allow Higher Credit Card Fees - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acknowledged its proposal would increase costs for some cardholders and allow banks to charge more in fees. New Jersey Democrats To Hijack Idle Gift Card Balances - Democrats of New Jersey are eye-balling the unspent balances of their state residents' gift cards.What is the difference between a charge card and a regular credit card? - Charge cards are a type of credit card that require you to pay the full amount you've charged each month. There are no periodic finance charges, and charge cards often come with rewards. Use Extra Money to Payoff Credit Card Debt or Put in Savings Account - I came into enough money to payoff my credit cards. What should I do. Payoff credit card balances or put that money into a savings account? Credit Cards by Credit Score Rating -  Instead of wasting time submitting multiple applications, review credit score requirements and use a credit card matching service. Can a Credit Card Company Place Lien on Property? - Actions a Credit Card Company or Other Lender can take Against You for Default Non-Payment: Civil Court Law Suit. Be a Smarter Credit Card Comparison Shopper - There are fabulous card offers out there, but don't fall victim to glitz and hype. Most Popular Credit Cards - Review the best credit cards for gas purchases, sky miles, travel and balance transfers. Getting Your First Credit Card - Common mistakes to avoid. Credit Cards for Travel Benefits Abroad - If your vacation leads you overseas, compare the best credit cards for traveling abroad. Add Child as Authorized User on Credit Card - Is it wise to add a child as an authorized user on your credit card? Vacation Travel Credit Cards - which travel credit card to pack along for hotel, motel, airline sky miles and other rewards. Capital One Credit Cards for All Credit Scores - Whatever your credit history, Capital One has a credit card (or secured card) for you. Student Credit Card Use Tips - How student credit cards should be; and should not be, used: Best Credit Card for Gas - The single, best credit card for gas and travel, meets two predominant requirements: the card which best meets your needs, and the one which you qualify for. Are Paperless Credit Card Billing Statements Better - consider the cons. Advice for Common Credit Card Problems -  If your credit card interest rate goes up... You can do one of four things. First Credit Card Application - Advice for submitting your very first credit card application, receiving and understanding important issues before making your first purchase charge. Affects of Maxxing Out Credit Cards - Although you may be aware that the issuer may charge an over-limit fee, many people are ignorant as to how this impacts other financial areas. First Time Credit Card and Loan Applicants - How first time credit applicants get approved for credit cards and loans. Retail Credit Card Rewards - There are plenty of store cards, yet weigh all retail credit card rewards, terms and conditions before you apply. Types of Banks for Credit Cards and Business or Personal Loans - A retail bank is a bank that works with consumers. These banks provide basic banking services to the general public, including:* Checking and savings accounts* CDs* Safe deposit boxes* Mortgages and second mortgages* Auto loans* Unsecured and revolving loans such as credit cards Save Money with Back to School Credit Card Rewards - Take advantage of back to school credit card rewards to save money on student expenses.. 0 Intro Credit Card Reviews - The longest 0 introductory credit card offers. How to Choose a Credit Card for Christmas - With so many variables in interest rates, points, rewards, introductory periods, balance transfer programs and the confusing terms, it's no wonder it's difficult to choose. How to Negotiate Christmas Credit Card Debt Settlement - It's not unusual to go into the holidays with debt already on your credit cards, and then adding yet more charges. Get out of Credit Card Interest Reduction Scams - The FTC requires credit card interest reduction companies to not charge a fee until after the service is performed. Reverse Credit Card Payment - How to Reverse a Credit Card Payment Charge with your card company issuer or with the merchant seller. Credit Card Grace Period Explained - You know what it is yet you may be surprised by what you don't know. General Financial and Credit Card Account Sharing - There are pros and cons involved with general finance and credit card account sharing, yet mostly negative.  Manage Credit Card Accounts - There's the wrong way and the right way to manage credit card accounts to save money and protect scores. Credit Card Company Complaints - Credit Card Companies with the Most Complaints. Credit Cards that Benefit Animals - Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Chase Bank offers an affinity credit card that benefits the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Student Credit Cards - First thing you need to determine is what cards you qualify for. What is Credit Card Blocking - when a company reserves a certain amount of money against your credit card limit. Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt - How to Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt Yourself. What Happens After You Swipe Your Credit Card - what happens after you swipe your credit card in the machine. How to get every cent from Gift Cards - Don't leave money on gift cards. Credit Card Limit Lowered - What to do if your credit card limit is lowered by your issuer. Credit Cards that can Only be Used for Gas - cards that can only be used for gas purchases. Hidden Credit Card Benefits - The best hidden credit card benefits are the ones right in your face. Free Credit Card Money - How rich people get free credit card money . How Using Credit Cards Affects Credit Score - Credit scores consider both your total balance to limit ratio (also called the utilization rate), and your balances as compared to the limits on each account. USAA Credit Cards - Compare Cards which offer low rates, rewards, military benefits and no annual fees on select cards. The Affects of Just One Credit Card Late Payment - Beware the affects of just one late payment on a credit card.  Price Match Credit Cards - Price match credit cards may not be a new offer, yet it can save you plenty of money. Debit Card User Warning - Using a debit card is not as safe; and protected, and using a credit card. Credit Card Cautions - so you can enjoy the very best of your card. Credit Cards that Increase Limit for Spending - Selection of credit cards that increase limit for spending on everyday purchases. Car Rewards Credit Cards - With an auto rewards credit card, you can earn points to use toward the purchase of a new car. Places Not to Use a Debit Card - Here are very risky places not to use a debit card for purchases. Retail Store Credit Cards Non Expiring - Some retailers are doing away with expiration dates for their store cards. Credit Card Company Free Credit Scores - You may get totally free credit scores from your credit card company. Credit Card Benefits and Perks - Credit card companies offer less advertised perks and other benefits to cardholders. READYdebit(R) Platinum Visa(R) Prepaid Card - Review Issuer Comments. Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card Benefits - earn unlimited cash back with no annual fee Dispute a Billing Error to Credit Card Company - How to Dispute a Billing Error to Your Credit Card Company, including American Express, Chase, Citi, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, USAA, Bank of America, US Bank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank and PayPal. How to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card - Emergency contact telephone numbers to report lost or stolen credit cards, ATM or debit cards. First Time Credit Card Applications to Build Credit - Review first time credit card applications that help build credit. How to Compare Credit Cards - by Reviewing Terms and Conditions, Interest Rates and Rewards What is Credit Card Churning - It's earning rewards for submitting credit card applications. CashBack Rewards TD Credit Cards - Review TD Credit Cards Offering CashBack and Rewards Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls - Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls with No Credit Check Credit Cards that make You look Rich - the sound of a metal card is almost like a trumpet blowing, announcing the King has arrived. PrePaid Credit Card Fees - Review Fees and Issuers Offering No Fees. Guaranteed Credit Card with High Limit - for Bad Credit People Unable to Qualify for Standard Unsecured Cards Credit One Bank Cards - Our cards are even available to those who have had credit problems in the past and those who may have little credit history. Credit Cards You Can Use Right Away - immediately after applying. Most Costly Credit Card Perks and Rewards - Decide if the Fees are Worth it. Spot and Stop Credit Card Addiction - Are you truly poor or do you have a charging problem? How to spot and stop credit card addiction.

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Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.


Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


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Partially Secured Credit Cards

A partially secured credit card is a credit card that uses a Security Deposit to secure a credit card. The Security Deposit is used to obtain a slightly larger credit line. For example; The credit card listed below requires a $150 Security Deposit and is issued with a credit limit that is greater than the amount of the Security Deposit. Partially secured credit cards are a step between a secured and unsecured credit card. 

How does a partially secured credit card differ from a secured card?

While secured credit cards give you a line of credit equal to an amount you deposit or just slightly higher, a partially secured card usually works on a 50-50 basis for individuals with mediocre credit ratings. You make a deposit and your bank gives you a credit line equal to double the amount of this deposit.

For example, if you deposit $500 you will be given a credit line of $1000. With these types of cards, the bank has the added security of knowing they can use your deposit if you fail to make your monthly payment. Many individuals that have damaged their credit through high debts or defaulting on balances can get a secured or partially secured card when they cannot get a regular credit card.

Cons of partially secured credit cards: As with any credit card, there are some potential drawbacks to partially secured credit cards. These cards often have high interest rates and many fees that add up to a lot over time. Fully secured credit cards often have lower rates and fees. If you have difficulty living within your means, a partially secured credit card can still get you into debt trouble. The main purpose of these cards should be to make only small purchases to build credit and pay off your credit card every month in a timely fashion. If you are unable to do this, you will not only fail to restore your credit, but you could harm it further.

Pros of partially secured credit cards: If you have no credit or poor credit, getting a partially secured card will be easier than qualifying for an unsecured card. Additionally, if you plan to make large purchases, a partially secured credit card will give you the flexibility to make purchases without worrying what your current deposit balance is at any particular moment. Retailers have no way of knowing if the card you use when making purchases are secured or not. Finally, if you are practicing responsible money management, a partially secured credit card will help you stay on top of what you spend.



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Get a guaranteed secured credit card with no security deposit and 24/7 ATM Access.




What is a secured credit card?
A secured card is a credit card established by depositing money into an account. The account serves as security for the card; if the bill isn't paid, the money in the account may be used to cover that debt. For example, if you put $500 in the account; you can charge up to $500. You may be able to add to the deposit to add more credit, or sometimes a bank will reward you for good payments and add to your credit line without requesting additional deposits.


Secured credit card benefits:

A secured credit card can certainly help control spending because only the balance can be spent. It's a helpful tool for teaching financial responsibility to teenagers.


A secured credit card is also useful to business owners to track financial expenditures. And, business owners can give limited access to company employees for purchasing office supplies or making business travel arrangements.


A secured credit card offers more security against the loss of money because the maximum that can be fraudulently charged is the prepaid balance.


One of the greatest benefits is that a secured credit card often has guaranteed approval, meaning even people with very bad credit can get accepted.


Apply for your secured credit card today.


If you have bad credit and have been turned down for an unsecured credit card, Credit Federal recommends the cards above.


A secured card can certainly help control spending and track financial expenditures. By only charging for products or services using money you pre-pay, you don't have to worry about mounting interest charges and late fees. A secured card is also useful for teaching financial responsibility to people who are initially engaging in consumer credit, such as teenagers. Additionally, a secured card offers a little more security because the maximum that can be fraudulently charged is the amount you pre-pay.


If you have no credit history, a secured card can help you establish credit. Be sure to apply for a card that reports your activity to at least one of the major credit bureaus, preferably all three.


If you are a business owner, a secured card is a great way to give your employees limited access to your company funds for buying office supplies, booking business travel arrangements, etc.


A secured card also makes a great gift. Instead of purchasing presents for holidays or birthdays, give a secured card instead, pre-paid with the amount of money you would have spent if you had bought a gift. This way, the recipient can purchase exactly what he or she truly desires.


Another benefit of a secured card is the fact that it's easier for many people, even those with bad credit, to get approved. Apply for your secured card today.


VIP Visa: No Credit Check, No Turn Downs, No Annual Fees, No Security Deposit, No Employment Required, Online and Offline Access, Low cost fees, Store your Money Safely, 24/7 ATM Access to Funds, No Credit Check or Bank Account Required.



Upgrade A Secured Card To An Unsecured Credit Card - It's possible to have a secured card transferred to an unsecured credit card account, even without having to switch issuers. Some card issuers offer in-house upgrades upon proving your good use. Here are example issuers who offer upgrades:


Wells Fargo Secured Card - Establish healthy credit with a Wells Fargo Secured Card. With responsible use over time, you may have the opportunity to be upgraded to an unsecured credit card.

Use wherever Visa® credit cards are accepted.

  • Deposit an amount, from $300 to $10,000 into a Collateral Account. Your credit card limit equals the amount of money in your Collateral Account.

  • Make payments on time and start establishing good credit. Unlike debit or pre-paid cards, this card’s payment information will be shared with major credit bureaus, helping you build your credit history.

  • You can get a cash advance from your account in a variety of ways, including at banking locations, through the use of a PIN at an ATM and in a variety of other ways. Each cash advance that you obtain will accrue interest from the date the cash advance is made — there is no grace period for cash advances. Cash advance fees may also apply. Please refer to your account agreement for more information about cash advances.

  • When you apply, you indicate how much you would like to deposit into a Wells Fargo Collateral Account (between $300 – $10,000).

  • Upon approval of your application, we’ll transfer the funds you provide into the Collateral Account. This can take approximately 7 – 10 days, and these funds need to be available in your account to process the transfer and open your credit card account.

  • Access to free credit education - All Secured cardholders have access to free online credit education courses and tips to help you manage credit wisely.

  • A good credit rating gives you the freedom to make choices. You’ll find that you need good credit to do almost everything from buying a car or a home to establishing utility services. Make on-time payments, stay within your credit line — and you’ll be on your way to establishing better credit.
    Secured Card accounts are reviewed periodically and may become eligible for an unsecured credit card and have the Collateral Account funds refunded

  • Built-in management tools and flexibility

  • Choose your monthly payment due date and also sign up for automatic or online payments.

  • Stay on top of your account activity with free email alerts when you approach your credit limit, a payment is due, and more.

  • Easily track your expenses. My Spending Report with Budget Watch has built-in tools that help you see where your money is going and easily set up a budget.



Harley-Davidson® Visa® Secured Card - When you've managed all of your credit obligations responsibly consistently for 12 months, you'll be well on your way to a strong credit standing, and we may be able to move you to an unsecured credit card product.

  • To fund your Secured Card, you can choose to: Fund online using your Checking or Savings Account and Print an application and mail a Cashier's Check or Money Order.

  • The deposit is used to open a U.S. Bank Savings account to ensure your card can be paid. The savings account is FDIC-insured, earns interest and won't be touched as long as your account remains open and in good standing.

  • When you've managed all of your credit obligations responsibly consistently for 12 months, you'll be well on your way to a strong credit standing, and we may be able to move you to an unsecured credit card product.

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

  • Zero Fraud Liability.

  • Automatic Bill Pay.

  • Complimentary Annual Account Summary

  • Automatic Bill Pay

  • Zero Fraud Liability

  • Free Online Banking

  • Get your monthly credit score – at no cost

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

  • Lost/Stolen Card Reporting

  • Cardholder Inquiry Service

  • Emergency Cash & Card Replacement



Capital One Secured Card - The Capital One Secured MasterCard gives you the opportunity to build your credit through responsible use. Capital One regularly reports your payment history to the three major credit bureaus. A history of good credit standing can help build your credit. Keep in mind that while using credit wisely can help build your credit, making late payments, exceeding your credit limit, or your performance on other accounts can have a negative impact on your credit rating.

  • Regular reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus

  • Free Credit Tracker from Capital One to monitor and understand your credit

  • The opportunity to earn a credit line increase with responsible use -- no additional deposit required 



Going from a Secured Card to an Unsecured Card - Your objective is to prove to the card issuers that you are trustworthy of having a large credit line. You can prove responsible behavior by making charges each month on your card and pay it off by the due date. Sure, an issuer would rather you make only a minimum payment, but your aim is to show you can easily pay off charges in full each month. 




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MasterCard will be expanding its offers program on MasterCard MarketPlace™, which is the company’s online shopping portal to have deals through December. This may give people some good savings for their shopping needs. Cardholders should check for savings with merchants like Barnes & Noble and Toys“R”Us  that could be available exclusively for MasterCard cardholders, by means of using the MarketPlace to find some discounts. Consumers that use it may be able to get shopping deals with merchants nationwide involving travel, computers, electronics, and more, not to mention the convenience of shopping at your available time online. No need to have to drive to a store to get a good deal, do it at home or anywhere online.


There is also a SmartyPig Cash Rewards Prepaid MasterCard Card, that offers customers some cash back at specific retailers. Cardholders may not have a monthly maintenance, and they can have an opportunity to earn some cash back with some U.S. retailers. SmartyPig online savings account holders have an option to load funds through their online account onto a prepaid MasterCard that can be used anywhere the debit MasterCard is accepted. Cardholders could earn automatic cash back by making purchases at select retailers and the cash-back can be transferred to a SmartyPig savings account or be left on the SmartyPig cash rewards prepaid MasterCard to use toward future purchases. 


This is just one more way a card can help people with the finances and give some good benefits for spending money. Consumers like flexibility when it comes to using cards and making purchases. MasterCard offers prepaid cards that may be helpful to people who are trying to manage their finances. They have innovative products like the MasterCard PayPass™ and MasterCard inControl™.  Their services have been helpful to consumers, governments, and businesses. For more information visit their website for all these details and more.

Credit card offers as well as incentives may continue to rise. Don't be surprised if even your child gets a card offer. Offers have been increasing in mailboxes across America. This may not matter much for people who already have several cards and are not interested in new offers. More offers may be a sure sign the economy is mending. It has been estimated that Americans have probably received over two billion solicitations which was more than in 2009.  It looks like credit card companies are returning to their old marketing habits.


The beginning of 2010 did not hold a positive outlook due to high rates and less perks, now offers may be packed with much better incentives and rewards that could lure new customers. Cashback cards should be popular and many consumers will probably compare deals and use the ones with the best incentives. An example of a cashback offer is when a cardholder charges a specific amount, they may be able to get as much as one hundred dollars back. Check out cards like the Chase Freedom Visa and compare their offer to other issuers.


A Discover card may offer a five percent cash-back bonus when purchases are made in certain categories, and there can be additional cash back when purchases are made online up to certain dollar amounts. There are many ways that cardholders may be able to get extra cashback rewards. For people who have excellent credit, travel cards may offer the best rewards, especially for new sign ups.

If a consumer can earn a lot of bonus miles, they may even be able to get a round-trip ticket in the U.S.. The important thing is to review the details to determine if there will be an annual fee, if a card is not used frequently.


The credit card competition should continue with companies possibly offering lower rates for a longer period, this may continue as the economy continues to get better. Zero percent balance transfers and low rates will always be available for the people with great scores. Compare introductory rates on cards, as some will be better than others due to the availability of different card offers. Offers are around for zero annual percentage rates, for as long as 24 months, for balance transfers. Some may have a low annual percentage rate for a couple of years.


Credit card companies have learned the new rules and they are knowledgeable enough now to present their cards staying within those regulations. Balance transfer offers will be big among issuers and they will strive to offer the best deals with consumers looking for good offers. For example, Discover has a card offer with a zero APR for 12 months, with a balance transfer. Be sure to review details of any transfer fees with each card offer.

Personal Credit - Closing accounts, like credit card accounts, could have an effect on personal credit scores. It depends on the documentation concerning the closing. If companies close the account and give negative comments, this could lower scores. When choosing to close accounts yourself, ask that it be documented that the closing was at your request. Note all accounts that were closed, which have incorrect details. Any false information should be corrected.


As a routine task, when reviewing reports, notice any records of late payments. Negative comments usually have a negative affect on scores. It is easy for mistakes to happen, yet it can take time to get them removed. For example, if the credit agency incorrectly reported a payment as late, but in truth it was made on time, gather the proof to dispute it. Remember, late payments can lower scores fast. Proof could be as simple as using a canceled check. Proof must be sent in, along with a letter stating what the mistake is on the report.


Inquiries from people who view your report will cover a couple of years, and will vary among agencies. That is why it is important to look carefully at each report. When reading reports, consider circling errors with a red pen to identify them. Write a letter to the bureau that shows a mistake. It is a good idea to send a copy of the report, with circled mistakes, along with an explanation about the problem. It can help if the creditor is contacted too, so they could try to get the details corrected.


Investigations requires agencies to respond in thirty days. If they do not, try contacting them by letter or contact the Federal Trade Commission. Trying to fix personal credit can be time consuming. The most important thing to do is monitor reports often and correct mistakes. Having good personal credit is important, especially when a home loan is desired.

Mobile Banking: Banking over a cell phone isn't fantasy, it's a reality that many banks are offering their customers to check their balance, find the nearest ATM and even pay a bill. It means increased convenience and flexibility, especially for people who do a lot of traveling. For example, many banks can send alerts to customers' smartphones advising them if they are about to overdraw their account or if the bank has detected suspicious activity. The Web-based version of mobile banking, in which customers access the bank's Web site using the browser on their smartphone, is the most prevalent option. However, application-based services, in which customers download specific software that runs on their phone, are quickly becoming popular because they are more user friendly. Make sure that your phone or the mobile-banking application you'd be using is password protected. That way, if you lose your phone, someone else can't access your bank account without having your password. Also confirm with your bank that account numbers, passwords and other sensitive details are not stored on the phone, where they could be retrieved by a thief. Another thing to remember is that both Web- and application-based mobile banking systems are more secure than those that use text messaging. You may also want to consider purchasing anti-virus software to run on your phone, since it's only a matter of time before the viruses that attempt to infect your home computer migrate to smartphones

What is Credit Insurance and should I get it? Payment protection," also known as credit protection, is designed to pay, suspend or cancel a consumer's outstanding debt on an account in the event of a specific hardship, such as unemployment, disability, hospitalization or death. These products may provide security and peace of mind, but understand the costs (which could be hundreds of dollars each year) and the limitations. You should also consider other alternatives, such as traditional life or disability insurance. Chances are your credit card issuer or lender has offered to sell you a product that would postpone or make your loan payments if you die or become ill or unemployed. These products may provide security and peace of mind, but how can you tell if the offer is a good deal and one that's right for you? First, understand that these programs can vary greatly. In general, the main types are: * "Debt cancellation" programs, which will eliminate all or part of an outstanding balance if the borrower dies, or reduces or eliminates the monthly payments due if the borrower becomes disabled or experiences a major life event (such as a job loss or the birth of a child) by making the payment on the borrower's behalf. * "Debt suspension" programs, which will temporarily postpone all or part of the monthly payment while the borrower is facing a specified hardship. However, the borrower will still be expected to make the suspended payments in the future, although a late charge will not be assessed for the suspended payment(s). Some programs may even allow a borrower to postpone a payment once a year, such as during the holiday season. * "Credit insurance," which will pay the outstanding loan balance to the creditor if the borrower dies or will make monthly payments if the borrower becomes ill, injured or unemployed. Debt cancellation and suspension programs are in many ways the same as credit insurance, but they are offered directly by an individual bank or credit card issuer, not through an insurance company.

Joint Credit and Divorce: Consult legal counsel because uninformed decisions could cost you. Also consider discussing tax issues with an accountant or other advisor because certain decisions, such as who will claim children on his or her tax return, can affect each parent's tax liability. For more information, see IRS publication 504, "Tax Information for Divorced or Separated Individuals," online at You also may be able to reduce some legal fees by working with a mediator to resolve issues such as child custody. Cancel joint credit cards to prevent the other spouse from running up large bills. Start or build your own credit history independent of the marriage, such as by opening a new credit card in your name only. Decide who is responsible for debts incurred during the marriage. If you change your last name, notify the major credit bureaus (, and It's also important that you update your will and the list of beneficiaries you designate on life insurance policies, retirement savings accounts and U.S. Savings Bonds, so your money and other assets will go to the right people upon your death.

Teach Teen Children About Credit: Help your child start a savings or investment account. Young kids will enjoy saving money in piggy banks, but at around age eight, think about helping them open a small savings account. That way they also begin learning what banking is all about. Many parents reward their children for sticking to a savings plan by matching or adding to what the child contributes. As children get older, discuss the pros and cons of owning investments, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Investments can produce higher returns than bank deposits over the long term, but remember that investments can lose money and they are not insured by the FDIC. Give an allowance. If used as a teaching tool and not a giveaway, an allowance can be one of the best ways to teach kids, even as young as five or six, about money management. It also allows children to experiment with money management and learn from their mistakes without losing too much in the process. Encourage them to decide in advance how much should go into savings (which reinforces the concept of "pay yourself first"), how much should go into the spending pile (for their use as "pocket money") and how much should be set aside to share with others - for charity or birthday or holiday gifts. Giving an allowance in small bills or coins also allows them to easily set aside the portions for the different purposes. Consider gifts that encourage saving. Examples include U.S. Savings Bonds and books that reinforce financial responsibility. Encourage older children to get work experience. Summer or part-time jobs can teach young people good business skills and how to be responsible. They also may enjoy earning and saving money.

Payday Personal


There is one short term loan that is not very difficult to get, even people who have damaged credit may get approved for this loan. Wishing for money has never been easier since fast cash lenders have been available online. There are many national lenders who are able to take applications online, and get money to those who get approved. When a payday is not around the corner, this loan is one resource to apply for taking just minutes.


These personal loans are not like applying with a bank, which usually requires a credit check, time to apply, and time wasted from a day's pay. This small loan may provide the cash that is needed without the wait time of a bank loan. Unless thousands of dollars are needed, this may be one solution to financial problems. When years to pay back large sums of money is not needed, getting money just for a few weeks may be the answer. There are lots of reasons to need a short term personal loan. Some examples of why some people get the loan could be as simple as needing to pay for food or the rent. It does not make any difference about the reasons.


Paying bills late can rack up more money than what could be charged on each hundred dollars borrowed. Paying the loan on time and not extending it should eliminate any extra fees. These loans have been taken out for getting married, putting a down payment on an auto, or just getting away on a short vacation. They can provide the extra money for those unexpected wants or needs. Loans can be from a few hundred dollars up to fifteen hundred, and it is best to only borrow what can be repaid easily.


This could be the only solution for even being able to get approved for a loan, for thousands of people. It has helped when there were money problems and they want to keep the lights turned on to avoid a reconnect fee. As with any loan, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of all options that are available. The interest could be higher for those who have really awful credit, but that is usually the case, no matter where a loan originates. For people who otherwise are ineligible for typical bank loans, this may work. Troubled times may mean different choices.

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Tip of the Day: How to Choose a Tax Return Preparer - if someone else will prepare your tax return, the IRS urges you to choose the preparer wisely. since taxpayers are legally responsible for what’s on their tax return even if it is prepared by a third party.