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FYI Tip: A credit card signup bonus can bestow instant rewards, yet beward of the fees and costs in the long run and requirements to cash in points, miles, or cash back earned.


Credit Card application articles and tips


Free credit card search makes choosing a credit card easy. Browse the most popular, best credit cards. For added security against fraud, get a virtual credit card number. Apply for a pre-approved credit card offer based upon your credit history. If you don't know what cards you qualify for, a credit card prequalification service may be best for you by getting soft credit report pulls. Problem credit people should consider a credit card to rebuild credit or to establish credit. If you have no or very bad credit, consider bad credit card offers such as a secured credit card like a prepaid Visa, no credit check cards or other types of a guaranteed card. Or take advantage of special discounts offered by a store gift card. For very high risk people there are options other than a standard unsecured credit card, such as an online guaranteed platinum card for online store purchases, or possibly even qualify for a charge card or a discount card from retail stores like the WalMart card or the Sears card. Prepay credit card offers like a debit card or a bank ATM card. Excellent credit? ewards credit cards have perks such as a 0 intro balance transfer, benefits like a travel credit card that rewards free airline miles, a gas card, or family entertainment offers like the Disney credit card, apply for an unsecured platinum credit card. View current Credit card interest rates. Some cards offer no interest or a 0 introductory period on purchases. There are also some with a special 0% balance transfer period so you can transfer debt from other cards. Review credit card offers for features you may need such as a spouse joint credit card account. Other special offers include no deposit credit card, business credit card, student credit card and shopping cards like a Christmas credit card. Read the fine print, compare the card benefits, rewards and ratings before you submit an online application. Credit card types include gold credit card and platinum credit card offers: Visa credit card, such as the gold Visa card or the platinum Visa credit card. MasterCard credit card, such as the gold MasterCard or the platinum MasterCard. American Express card, such as the gold American Express card or the platinum American Express card. Chase card, such as the platinum Chase card or a rewards Capital One card. Discover card such as the gold Discover card or the platinum Discover card. Before you apply, review all the credit card facts. Once you get the card right for you, read every credit card statement carefully and request credit card companies to stop credit card mail offers. Browse more credit card resources. Guaranteed platinum credit card unsecured credit line - Some lines of credit are limited to catalog merchandise purchases. 0 interest credit card - Major credit card issuers, such as American Express, Chase, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, offer 0 intro credit cards for an introductory period. Most major issuers also have a Student Credit Card and a Secured Credit Card. Compare perks ranging from free airline miles, rebates, to cash back credit card incentives and other  Benefits of Credit Cards which vary according to the Types of Credit Cards  like a Debit Card, ATM Card or Unsecured Credit Card. Steps on how to Balance transfer credit card debt. Offset gasoline costs with a Gas Credit Card. Earn rewards or cash back on gas purchases from Shell, Exxon, BP and Hess. A Cash Back Credit Card is like having a bank savings account, and you can accrue some fabulous interest by comparison. Understand the universal default interest rate and Avoid credit card rate hikes like those common to some. Credit Cards with Rewards. Make all Credit card bill payments timely. Chase BP Credit Card Agreement. 'Tap & Go' Contactless Payment MasterCard PayPass. Carefully read all Credit Card Fine Print. Tips on how to get Credit Card Approval and using Secured Credit Card Shopping, Small Business Credit Card payment tool for managing business. MasterCard Card Promotions - New MasterCard Programs. MasterCard announces two new promotional programs: "MasterCard Monthly Bonus Sweepstakes", and "Small Business Zero Liability" Visa Contactless Mini Card - Visa created a mini card to make paying faster and more convenient. American Express Membership Rewards - American Express Membership Rewards Program offers unique rewards to members, retail and travel partners. Discover Card Ranking - Keynote Systems ranks Discover Card number one for online customer experience in the credit card industry. Discover Card Fraud Protection - Discover Card was ranked Best-In-Class for online fraud protection service and information. MasterCard Small Business Survey. Discover Card ATM Acceptance - Discover Card is now accepted at more ATMs nationwide. Visa Promotes Small Purchases - According to Visa, the bulk of credit card transactions are for purchases of $25.00 or less. Diners Club Credit Card - Diners Club wins the best Affinity/Charge Credit Card Program 'Freddie' Award. Bank credit card rewards - National City Bank is offering points for everyday tasks such as writing checks, paying bills online and using debit cards. Bonus points are offered for customers who open new accounts or get new loans. Free Credit Card Services - Credit Federal announces new, free credit card services for consumers. Credit Card Survey shows that credit cards are being used more and more, even for small purchases. Major Banks and Credit Card Issuers - According to the American Bankers Association, banks play a key role in financial education. Credit Card Fees - You might not be earning enough value if you are charged transaction fees. Usually credit card rewards are worth 1 or 2 percent of the amount charged. Pre Paid Visa Cards - Visa pre-paid card offers aimed to capture the debit card market. Visa Contactless prepaid cards are available to clients of Meta Payment Systems, MetaBank's prepaid card division. As with all Visa prepaid cards, the Visa Contactless prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Contactless debit cards offer consumers a secure and convenient alternative to cash and checks. Free Credit Card Tips - Avoid extra fees and high interest rates: Credit Card Use  for maximum score results, or as a one time use credit card purchase. Bill On Credit Card Bills - Proposed legislation would outlaw some credit card billing and interest rate practices that critics say confuse consumers and can push them deeper into debt. Top Credit Card FAQs with basic tips for secured and unsecured credit cards. Debit Cards Lack Credit Card Power - No doubt, debit cards are convenient and popular, but they lack the power of regular credit cards. Compare Credit Cards - Browse and compare credit cards according to rewards, APR interest rates and consumer ratings. Prevent Debit Card Fraud - Because of their convenience and power, debit card holders are potential scam victims. Bad Credit Card Marketing - Bank settles bad credit card marketing allegation of a fee nearly the credit line amount. Where Have Bad Credit Cards Gone - Sub-Prime (Bad Credit) Credit Card Offers seem to be vanishing from the internet. Not Good Credit Cards - Five major credit card issuers come in second to credit union card offers. Credit Card Interest Rate Cut Impact - What impact does the recent federal interest rate cut have on credit cards? New Credit Card Offers - There are new credit card offers; green is now added to silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Credit Card Savings Accounts - Rewards cards offer automatic deposit savings accounts. Poor Credit Card Application - Poor Credit Score? Credit card applications to choose. Baddest and Best Credit Cards - J.D. Power and Associates' ratings of the baddest and best credit cards. Personal Gift Credit Cards - Personal gift credit cards can offer more wow than simply giving cash. Gift Credit Card Shopping - Tips for Choosing the Best Gift Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping. UK Credit Card Rate Increases - More than one UK credit card company is increasing rates and fees. Purchased and Free Gift Cards - Some credit cards offer the ability to earn free gift cards, or you can buy gift cards directly from retailers. Credit Cards and Credit Reports - Certainly credit report scores decide if you get approved for a credit card and the interest rate you will pay, but what about future rate changes? Bad Credit and Credit Cards - While bad credit people can get credit card approval but at higher rates, now even good credit people are seeing interest rate increases. Bad Credit Card Issuers or Bad Practices? Will sub-prime, bad credit cards follow the same path of destruction as the sub-prime mortgages? Credit Card Fair Fee Act - Credit Card Fair Fee Act takes on Visa and MasterCard credit card companies to help business merchants negotiate transaction processing costs. Credit Card Phone Number Directory - Credit Card phone number directory. Directly call a credit card company, toll free. Keep Credit Card Accounts - credit card companies are closing some customers' credit card accounts in an attempt to save money. New Credit Card Company Rules Regulations - The federal government is proposing new credit card company rules and regulations to ensure cardholder fair treatment, particularly bad credit cards. Unfortunately, this may create higher interest costs for good credit people and no credit card offers for poor credit people. Store Charge Cards And Gas Credit Cards - Some people don't want; or don't qualify for, regular unsecured credit cards, and choose store charge cards and gas credit cards instead. Here are free tips for using them. Tips for Using Store Charge Cards and Gas Credit Cards. Negotiate Credit Card Interest Rate - If you've been a good customer with your credit card company, you can negotiate a lower credit card interest rate. Gas Credit Card Rewards - Gas credit card rewards can offer some relief via cash back.. Best Credit Card Benefits+Rewards - many of these go unused by cardholders. ATM Debit Card Fraud Tips - In support of ATM & Debit Card Safety Awareness month, PULSE; a Discover card product, offers tips on ATM and debit card use for privacy protection and to prevent fraud. Instantly Approved Pre Pay VS Platinum Rewards -  Before you compare perks and benefits, first weed out cards that may not help you. Subprime Credit Card Lawsuit - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) files a lawsuit against CompuCredit and Jefferson Capital for its marketing of a subprime credit card. Avoid Over Limit Fees - ways to prevent going over-limit. Credit Card Secrets - Hidden facts you probably didn't know.. Credit Card FAQs - Common questions turned into credit card facts. Your Credit Card Rights - new credit card rules that eliminate several unfair practices in the credit and banking industry.. Cancel Credit Card Account - Before you cancel credit card accounts, read this article. Close Credit Card Account - Free sample letter on how to close credit card accounts. Credit Card Application - Browse for the secured or unsecured credit card that has the Best Credit Card Rate for you. Extra Joint Spouse Credit Cards - In addition to having a joint spouse credit card, there are occasions when you may want to have extra credit cards for rewards or other perks. Submit your good or bad credit card application online. Credit Cards Vs Checks - more companies plan to increase use of business credit cards instead of paper checks for making payments.Student Credit Card Advice - prevent high balances and to get a good credit score. Bad Credit Card Rap - Credit cards suffer a bad rap, much of which is undeserved. There are both good and bad credit card features. Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Credit Card Interest Rate OptOut - If your credit card issuer has notified you that your card's interest rate will increase even though you don't have bad credit, you could negotiate a lower rate, optout completely. Really Free Credit Report with No Credit Card - one website offers a truly, really free credit report with no credit card required. Gas Cards with Rewards - Some gas cards with rewards include cash back when consumers charge for fuel or other auto related expenses. Sample Credit Card Dispute Letter - Print this free, sample credit card dispute letter to send to your card company. Apply For A Balance Transfer Credit Card - advice on what to look for before submitting your application. Canceling Credit Cards Causes Bad Credit - Canceling credit cards could cause bad credit if you reduce your credit history and available credit limit. Credit Card Interest Rate Rights and Options - If your issuer notifies you of a credit card interest rate increase, can you reject the higher rate? Learn your options and rights. How To Qualify for Credit Cards and rebuild bad credit. Joint Credit Card Accounts - Most gold and platinum unsecured credit cards offer an additional spouse card. No Fee Free Credit Card Offer - Is it really a no fee, free credit card, or only free if certain terms and conditions are followed? Credit Card Holder Rights Act is to protect you. Best Credit Card Deal Gone Bad - Chase; considered by many to have offered one of the best credit card deals for people carrying a large balance, has reneged on an agreement and upset card members.. Credit Card Opt Out Agreement - Does your issuer offer a credit card opt out agreement? Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - Bi-annual Federal Reserve System ratings survey of plan terms offered by financial institutions and credit card issuers. The credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Choosing the Lowest Interest Rate Unsecured Credit Cards - Free tips on choosing the lowest interest rate unsecured credit cards, from gold to platinum rewards. Credit Card Limit Cut - Was your credit card limit cut? Your options, and why government law pushed your credit card company to cut your max limit. Chargeoff Credit Card Debt To Avoid Bankruptcy - chargeoff credit card debt either yourself for free or by hiring a debt settlement company to negotiate on your behalf. Settle Credit Card Debt - Many have maxed out several credit cards and the late fees and high interest rates are getting them deeper in debt. Credit Card Medical Bill Payment - some people make medical bill payments with a credit card. Close Credit Card Account - instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. Who Pays Joint Credit Card Account - Options to cancel a joint account or to remove a spouse name from a joint account, including payoff and negotiating a debt settlement. Best Credit Card Company - Whether you want a secured or unsecured credit card for bad credit or excellent credit, first review the best credit card company ratings before you submit your online application. Cancel Credit Card Advice Question - what do you do if you dispose of credit cards before canceling them? Credit Question: ATM Debit Card Tips for Secure Handling - Review our free ATM debit card tips for secure handling of your card and withdrawals. What is a credit card chargeoff - Typically a charge off is when a creditor, bank, or bill collector writes off a balance as "bad debt" because they believe they can't collect the debt. ATM Debit Cards and Rebuilding Credit - Facts and benefits of Debit Cards and how a credit card can rebuild credit. Balance Transfer and How to get the Best Credit Card Deal - Read our article before you balance transfer debt, and learn how to get the best credit card deal. Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers, Tips and Advice - Get the maximum benefit of 0 intro balance transfer credit card offers by reading these free tips and advice. New Credit Card Account Advice - Free credit card account advice about the rates and fees for new card offers before you submit an application. Bad Credit Card Application Advice - consider banks and credit card companies that specifically offer subprime cards to rebuild credit scores. Advice to Rebuild Credit with a Credit Card - Use the card to make small purchases that can be paid in full each month. Secured Prepaid Cards and Unsecured Credit Cards - There are a lot of choices and variables to choose from. Credit Card Deals and Education - With credit card education you will be best able to choose the right deals for you. Christmas Credit Card Shopping - Get shopping rewards through special Christmas credit card offers. Christmas Credit Card - Christmas credit card and shopping tips. Best Christmas gifts are low interest credit cards. What is Worse than a Credit Card? - Cellular phone companies have far worse negative impacts on consumers' finances. Credit Card Comparison Guide - Review introductory interest rates and special rewards offers to help you choose. Good or Bad Credit Card - Credit card issuers are trying to change their image from bad to good. Tips Before Submitting Credit Card Applications - Credit cards serve as a very important factor to obtain good credit if you pay off your balance monthly. Platinum Credit Card Prequalification - Why is a platinum credit card only for good credit people? Read our credit card article to learn about prequalification. Choosing a credit card right for you. - Article: Choosing a Credit Card Offers - which is best and best for you? Not only are there different issuers, there are many different types of credit cards, so how do you choose a card that's right for you? Prepaid Credit Card - Apply online, and learn he Benefits of a Pre-paid Credit Card. Read our free article: No Deposit Credit Card - No deposit credit card: Apply online, and read our credit card article. Preapproved Credit Card - Learn what is a preapproved credit card and apply online. You may already be pre-approved. Read our credit card article: What kind of card can I qualify for? - Have a difficult time choosing a credit card so you just apply for a lot of cards? Don't jeopardize your credit score and make bad credit even worse. Why People Choose Credit Cards - People choose credit cards because the benefits can outweigh the bad. Credit Card Error Codes: Response Reason Codes and Response Reason Text - This transaction has been approved. More Easily Understand Credit Card Agreements - developed a shorter, simpler credit card agreement that spells out the terms for the consumer. Get Out of Christmas Credit Card Debt - advice on how to payoff, consolidate or to Chargeoff Christmas credit card debt. Credit Cards VS Charge Cards Which Is Better - there are important differences. Should I pay off my credit cards or my car loan first? Which option would save me the most money? - In most instances, focusing on paying off credit cards vs auto loans not only saves you more money, but may also help improve credit more, too: Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards - I'm a non-homeowner and I don't qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Is there a way I can get a bad credit loan to pay off credit card debt? Democrats Allow Higher Credit Card Fees - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acknowledged its proposal would increase costs for some cardholders and allow banks to charge more in fees. New Jersey Democrats To Hijack Idle Gift Card Balances - Democrats of New Jersey are eye-balling the unspent balances of their state residents' gift cards.What is the difference between a charge card and a regular credit card? - Charge cards are a type of credit card that require you to pay the full amount you've charged each month. There are no periodic finance charges, and charge cards often come with rewards. Use Extra Money to Payoff Credit Card Debt or Put in Savings Account - I came into enough money to payoff my credit cards. What should I do. Payoff credit card balances or put that money into a savings account? Credit Cards by Credit Score Rating -  Instead of wasting time submitting multiple applications, review credit score requirements and use a credit card matching service. Can a Credit Card Company Place Lien on Property? - Actions a Credit Card Company or Other Lender can take Against You for Default Non-Payment: Civil Court Law Suit. Be a Smarter Credit Card Comparison Shopper - There are fabulous card offers out there, but don't fall victim to glitz and hype. Most Popular Credit Cards - Review the best credit cards for gas purchases, sky miles, travel and balance transfers. Getting Your First Credit Card - Common mistakes to avoid. Credit Cards for Travel Benefits Abroad - If your vacation leads you overseas, compare the best credit cards for traveling abroad. Add Child as Authorized User on Credit Card - Is it wise to add a child as an authorized user on your credit card? Vacation Travel Credit Cards - which travel credit card to pack along for hotel, motel, airline sky miles and other rewards. Capital One Credit Cards for All Credit Scores - Whatever your credit history, Capital One has a credit card (or secured card) for you. Student Credit Card Use Tips - How student credit cards should be; and should not be, used: Best Credit Card for Gas - The single, best credit card for gas and travel, meets two predominant requirements: the card which best meets your needs, and the one which you qualify for. Are Paperless Credit Card Billing Statements Better - consider the cons. Advice for Common Credit Card Problems -  If your credit card interest rate goes up... You can do one of four things. First Credit Card Application - Advice for submitting your very first credit card application, receiving and understanding important issues before making your first purchase charge. Affects of Maxxing Out Credit Cards - Although you may be aware that the issuer may charge an over-limit fee, many people are ignorant as to how this impacts other financial areas. First Time Credit Card and Loan Applicants - How first time credit applicants get approved for credit cards and loans. Retail Credit Card Rewards - There are plenty of store cards, yet weigh all retail credit card rewards, terms and conditions before you apply. Types of Banks for Credit Cards and Business or Personal Loans - A retail bank is a bank that works with consumers. These banks provide basic banking services to the general public, including:* Checking and savings accounts* CDs* Safe deposit boxes* Mortgages and second mortgages* Auto loans* Unsecured and revolving loans such as credit cards Save Money with Back to School Credit Card Rewards - Take advantage of back to school credit card rewards to save money on student expenses.. 0 Intro Credit Card Reviews - The longest 0 introductory credit card offers. How to Choose a Credit Card for Christmas - With so many variables in interest rates, points, rewards, introductory periods, balance transfer programs and the confusing terms, it's no wonder it's difficult to choose. How to Negotiate Christmas Credit Card Debt Settlement - It's not unusual to go into the holidays with debt already on your credit cards, and then adding yet more charges. Get out of Credit Card Interest Reduction Scams - The FTC requires credit card interest reduction companies to not charge a fee until after the service is performed. Reverse Credit Card Payment - How to Reverse a Credit Card Payment Charge with your card company issuer or with the merchant seller. Credit Card Grace Period Explained - You know what it is yet you may be surprised by what you don't know. General Financial and Credit Card Account Sharing - There are pros and cons involved with general finance and credit card account sharing, yet mostly negative.  Manage Credit Card Accounts - There's the wrong way and the right way to manage credit card accounts to save money and protect scores. Credit Card Company Complaints - Credit Card Companies with the Most Complaints. Credit Cards that Benefit Animals - Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Chase Bank offers an affinity credit card that benefits the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Student Credit Cards - First thing you need to determine is what cards you qualify for. What is Credit Card Blocking - when a company reserves a certain amount of money against your credit card limit. Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt - How to Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt Yourself. What Happens After You Swipe Your Credit Card - what happens after you swipe your credit card in the machine. How to get every cent from Gift Cards - Don't leave money on gift cards. Credit Card Limit Lowered - What to do if your credit card limit is lowered by your issuer. Credit Cards that can Only be Used for Gas - cards that can only be used for gas purchases. Hidden Credit Card Benefits - The best hidden credit card benefits are the ones right in your face. Free Credit Card Money - How rich people get free credit card money . How Using Credit Cards Affects Credit Score - Credit scores consider both your total balance to limit ratio (also called the utilization rate), and your balances as compared to the limits on each account. USAA Credit Cards - Compare Cards which offer low rates, rewards, military benefits and no annual fees on select cards. The Affects of Just One Credit Card Late Payment - Beware the affects of just one late payment on a credit card.  Price Match Credit Cards - Price match credit cards may not be a new offer, yet it can save you plenty of money. Debit Card User Warning - Using a debit card is not as safe; and protected, and using a credit card. Credit Card Cautions - so you can enjoy the very best of your card. Credit Cards that Increase Limit for Spending - Selection of credit cards that increase limit for spending on everyday purchases. Car Rewards Credit Cards - With an auto rewards credit card, you can earn points to use toward the purchase of a new car. Places Not to Use a Debit Card - Here are very risky places not to use a debit card for purchases. Retail Store Credit Cards Non Expiring - Some retailers are doing away with expiration dates for their store cards. Credit Card Company Free Credit Scores - You may get totally free credit scores from your credit card company. Credit Card Benefits and Perks - Credit card companies offer less advertised perks and other benefits to cardholders. READYdebit(R) Platinum Visa(R) Prepaid Card - Review Issuer Comments. Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card Benefits - earn unlimited cash back with no annual fee Dispute a Billing Error to Credit Card Company - How to Dispute a Billing Error to Your Credit Card Company, including American Express, Chase, Citi, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, USAA, Bank of America, US Bank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank and PayPal. How to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card - Emergency contact telephone numbers to report lost or stolen credit cards, ATM or debit cards. First Time Credit Card Applications to Build Credit - Review first time credit card applications that help build credit. How to Compare Credit Cards - by Reviewing Terms and Conditions, Interest Rates and Rewards What is Credit Card Churning - It's earning rewards for submitting credit card applications. CashBack Rewards TD Credit Cards - Review TD Credit Cards Offering CashBack and Rewards Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls - Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls with No Credit Check Credit Cards that make You look Rich - the sound of a metal card is almost like a trumpet blowing, announcing the King has arrived. PrePaid Credit Card Fees - Review Fees and Issuers Offering No Fees. Guaranteed Credit Card with High Limit - for Bad Credit People Unable to Qualify for Standard Unsecured Cards Credit One Bank Cards - Our cards are even available to those who have had credit problems in the past and those who may have little credit history. Credit Cards You Can Use Right Away - immediately after applying. Most Costly Credit Card Perks and Rewards - Decide if the Fees are Worth it. Spot and Stop Credit Card Addiction - Are you truly poor or do you have a charging problem? How to spot and stop credit card addiction.

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Auto Loan: Good or bad credit auto loan quote. Apply for a new or used auto loan, or for car refinancing.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.


Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive alerts and tips to manage personal finances.


Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream.


Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan for remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan.


Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check and no collateral.


Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan.


Personal Finance: Create a personal budget, balance a checkbook, file bankruptcy and more.


Free Help: Personal finance newsletter, credit advice and tips.


Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.


List of Different Types of Credit Card Rewards

Airline Miles

Hotel/Motel Rewards

Cash Back

Gas rewards

General reward points

Home improvement rewards

Student credit cards reward points

Retail rewards


Milestone Gold MasterCard

Fast and easy instant decision

Choose your custom card design - Free

Free online account access

Previous bankruptcy OK

* See website for details


AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®

$0 Monthly Fee

No credit check or ChexSystems check

Instant account number

Free Direct Deposit

Earn purchase rewards and Refer-a-Friend cash bonus

* See website for details


Enjoy credit card benefits and perks, ranging from free airline miles, rebates, to cash back credit card incentives and rewards.


Maximizing Rewards Credit Cards

Sadly, the average household with rewards credit cards don't cash-in a third of the rewards they earn each year, per a study from Colloquy and Swift Exchange.

One problem is when people choose a rewards card because it sounds good, not because it fits their financial lifestyle. For example, people who frequently travel might do best with a hotel or airline card. If you travel by car often, then maybe a gas card. For those who don't patronize one type of category, a general cash-back card could be ideal.

Cashback cards are quite simply to earn and cash-in rewards. Another great benefit of cash-back cards is that they have several ways to redeem rewards either by receiving cash checks, statement payment credits, gift cards or even charity donations. Some issuers will automatically deposit rewards directly into your bank account. How exceptionally convenient is that? No hoops to jump through.

What most makes rewards cards complicated, are the various benefits they offer and some have incredibly tedious requirements to redeem rewards.

Some rewards card require a spending threshold before accruing rewards, while some cap the amount of rewards you can earn. Ugh, and there are issuers who have blackout dates for redeeming travel rewards, or they inflict expiration dates on points.

With cash back rewards cards, you can earn 1 percent to 2 percent cash back for all; or select, purchases. Again there may be restrictions or requirements like caps on spending in different categories or more rewards for purchases on dining, gas, groceries or certain retail stores.

Knowing how to earn; and how to redeem, points and rewards is but part of process. Often their are special bonus incentives to get you to spend. With these you can double or even triple your rewards earnings power. An issuer may offer an increased cash back return rate every quarter in certain categories. During the summer when gas prices are high; for example, to get you to purchase fuel issuers may offer a higher cashback rate.

Earning rewards are great, but not at the expense of high interest charges by carrying balances or paying fees. To gain an actual benefit from rewards credit cards, you need to earn more than you spend in interest and other charges. Each month when you receive your statement, you should tally up rewards earned and compare that to your total cost of having and charging with the card. Definitely, paying off balances in full each month during the grace period is the surest way to have a higher rewards earning to card cost ratio.

And don't even think of missing a payment. Some rewards cards will wipe out your earnings after one or two late payments. To be safe, think about cashing in rewards as soon as you can versus letting them accrue and place them at risk of loss.

Rewards credit cards have offers such as points, cash back, free merchandise, free gift cards and discounts.

Points credit cards assign a certain number of points per dollar spent, any may have variables depending upon the type of charge.

Cash back cards are the simplest to understand and to redeem. The issuer rewards a percentage of the purchase as cashback, and the percentage may fluctuate depending upon the type of purchase. These cards include cash back percentages either for Gas, Groceries, Retail, or Restaurants.

Discount rewards allow you to redeem your rewards for discounts on certain products and services.

Keeping your rewards: There are many ways in which you can inadvertently lose your rewards, such as:

  • Late payments

  • Allowing rewards to expire

  • Not spending the minimums

  • Failing to read the fine print

  • The card issuer suddenly changes its terms


Ready to go rewards card shopping? Here are things to consider when searching and comparing offers:

  • Don't get a card with high interest or fees you cannot afford

  • Choose a card with lower interest versus higher points/rewards if you will not payoff balances in full every month

  • Pay off your balance each month to avoid late fees and interest rates

  • Get a rewards card that matches your spending habits and has rewards you can truly use

  • Pick rewards that match your lifestyle

  • Watch for limits on points earnings

  • Be aware of limits

  • Don't fall victim to promotional rates

  • Find cards that offers rewards which won't require you to spend more than you can afford



Airline Miles Credit Card - this card is perfect for anyone who travels frequently. In addition to awarding frequent flyer miles to the user, this card can also offer discounts on airfare at participating airlines, such as Southwest.


Cash Back Credit Card - this type of card is ideal for people who rarely use cash when making purchases. By making purchases with the card, users can earn cash back based upon a percentage of their charges. Some issuers tailor the card to the user's personality, by allowing a higher cash back percentage on charges they most frequently make. For example; if the user mostly makes charges at a grocery store, the issuer credits a higher cash back percentage for those purchases. Other issuers may offer higher cash back percentages for purchases made at participating retailers, such as Home Depot or Sears.


Business Credit Card - these are not only for large businesses, now even small businesses can get this type of credit card, and can get separate cards for employees who make purchases on behalf of the company. Again, some business credit card issuers will sweeten the offer by awarding discounts for purchases made at participating retailers, such as Office Depot, or will award cash back percentages.


Retail Credit Card - if a person uses a credit card only at one particular store, a retail credit card can offer discounts on purchases. Examples of this type of card are: Sears Card, JC Penney Card, Wal Mart etc. Regarding the Wal Mart Card, users can get discounts on Wal Mart gasoline purchases, which is quite beneficial during current high gas prices.


Shopping Credit Card - typically known as Catalog or Merchant credit cards, these allow even bad credit people to obtain an unsecured line of credit. Purchases are restricted to a certain merchant or a specified catalog, but nonetheless offer the ability to make purchases on credit. For people with very bad credit, this is an excellent way to obtain credit. Just be sure to use a card that reports your timely payments to a major credit bureau so you can build your credit.


Other Rewards Credit Cards - you can find cards that offer a variety of discounts and free services, such as free music downloads, free roadside assistance, as well as protection against identity theft.



Credit Card Benefits


Credit cards are safe: If your card was issued in the United States and is lost or stolen and used by a thief, the most you'll be held liable for is $50. You donít get that kind of guarantee with cash or checks.


Credit cards provide emergency buying power: Car broke down? An unexpected emergency room visit? A reassuring credit card benefit is that you donít need to worry about having enough cash on hand or if a merchant accepts checks.


Credit cards offer protection: In most cases it's easier to reverse a credit card charge than to cancel a check payment or get a cash refund.


Credit cards can build your credit rating: A major credit card can help build credit ratings. Fact: the single strongest reference on a credit report is a major credit card, paid on time over time.


More credit card benefits

In many countries, major credit cards are widely accepted. Youíll often get a favorable exchange rate as well. And some cards offer benefits like emergency card replacement or free Collision Damage Waiver Coverage on rental cars.


With a credit card, you have the option of paying your bill in full and usually avoiding any interest charges, or making smaller payments. Charge cards, on the other hand, require you pay the entire balance in full each month. Of course itís a good idea to pay as much as you can each month to avoid carrying too much debt or paying large finance charges.


Credit card perks range from free frequent flier miles to extended warranties on merchandise you buy with the card.


There are credit cards for just about every walk-of-life, meaning; chances are, there's a credit card tailored to satisfy your individuality. Credit card issuers; in their attempts to attract new customers, are creating card offers leaning heavily towards user personality.


But before you rush out to find a card that fits your personality, you first need to determine which types of credit cards you may qualify for. If you aren't sure of your credit score, you should order a credit report, or you can use the estimated prequalification guide.


Once you have an idea of what types of credit cards you may qualify for, you can begin your search to find your personality card. Listed below are examples of these types of credit cards:


For nearly every individual personality and credit rating, their is a credit card issuer who wants you to become their customer. Be sure to read all the Terms and Conditions, so you know exactly what you will get before you apply.



Need more credit card information? Read our financial and credit articles related to rewards such as cash back credit cards.

Apply for a Credit Card to Rebuild Credit - It can be a challenging process to rebuild credit after bankruptcy, as it can stay on a credit report for ten years. This can make it difficult to qualify for an auto loan or mortgage loan and the cost of borrowing money can be much higher. It is possible to rebuild credit by following a few simple tips, that requires the use of a credit card. There exists many lenders who are willing to offer a card to  people who need to repair their credit.


Often, Americans just need to opt for a secured card. With this card, money is put into an account to get a credit limit equal to that sum of money. The money in the account acts as collateral. In the event the bill is not paid, the company can seize the ďsecurityĒ posted. Before applying for a secured card, make sure the lender reports to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If they do not, the card will do nothing to help improve scores, because lenders will not have a record.  A word of caution, make sure the card does not charge a huge fee, and make sure it is a card that can convert to an unsecured card after a period of time. Of course, for it to convert, the person using the card should have demonstrated responsible behavior.


For those who can qualify for an unsecured card, it could have a high interest rate, but getting the best card offers may not be possible. Carry a small balance where the high interest rate wonít be a detriment to you, and pay it off every month. By doing this, it will help to rebuild credit. When applying for new cards, refrain from applying for too at one time. Ten percent of credit scores are determined by the number of inquiries on reports. Each time there is an application for new credit or a credit line increase, the company makes an inquiry. This can lower scores and the average age of credit history.


Use all cards wisely, whether secured or unsecured. Review your budget for a small expense that could be charged each month, and pay it off immediately. A history of making payments on time is essential to rebuilding credit. Payment history accounts for 35 percent of a credit score. By making a small monthly charge and paying it off religiously, will start you on your way to better credit. By keeping a low balance, it can have a positive affect on debt-to-credit ratio. The amount of available credit used, accounts for about 30% of a score. Having a low debt-to-credit ratio, will reflect favorably on a credit report.


It could help to become an authorized signer, if there is a willing friend or relative with good credit, who will help you build a better score. As an authorized signer on an account, that account displays on your credit report as if it were your own. Therefore, the cardís history of any on time payments can make your payment history look good. If the card has a high limit and low balance, this is favorable as far as your debt to credit ratio. If it is an older card, it extends the average age of accounts. To be an authorized signer, the cardholder does not even have to give access to the actual card or account, but only to list the signer. There is no need to apply or to provide a social security number or personal information.


Check credit reports often to make sure everything is correct. Any debts discharged in bankruptcy should not be showing as open or overdue. If they are, contact the lender and the credit bureau to correct the mistakes. Keep all papers associated with any bankruptcy to send to lenders or collectors who may try to collect on a discharged debt. By using credit wisely when borrowing, it is easy to improve credit, even though it will take time and effort.

With certain lenders, you can apply for a $100 to a $5000 dollar payday loan. Repayment plans; as well as loan amounts, have also increased. At one time, the longest term went from 2 weeks to 30 day payday loans. Those 1 month payday loans eventually expanded to 60 day payday loans. The max term didn't end there. They've gone further, from 6 month payday loans all the way up to 1 year or longer to give borrowers more time to repay. As for the extra funds payday loan, applicants can receive up to $5000 or more (typically reserved for repeat borrowers and may consist of part cash, part credit line).

iAdvance payday loan - IMPORTANT NOTICE TO IADVANCE LINE OF CREDIT CUSTOMERS: The Office of Thrift Supervision, MetaBank's bank regulator, has directed MetaBank to discontinue its iAdvance Line of Credit program effective Wednesday, October 13th, 2010. You are still legally obligated to repay the outstanding balance on your iAdvance account in accordance with your iAdvance Terms and Conditions. While you will no longer be able to use the iAdvance Line of Credit, you can continue to use your prepaid card for direct deposits, purchases and ATM withdrawals. Your business is important to us and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this action has caused you.

Credit Cards Rebuild Credit - It does not take too many trips to the mall or a local coffee shop to end up with a charge card that has a high balance. The danger is when that balance quickly causes poor credit by not paying the bill on time every month or missing payments. Making payments on time is crucial to keeping good ratings and to keep from ruing credit. For those already in debt and in trouble, using a credit card can help you get your credit back on track if you use it wisely.


A great first step to improving credit scores, is to own, use, and pay on a credit card regularly. Charging purchases and paying off the balance on time lets creditors know that you can use credit responsibly. It is also a sign that you can be trusted with higher lines of credit in the future. Even if you don't already have a card, and you think no one will approve you, have no fear there are plenty of cards that people get approved for everyday. The key feature to look for in a new credit card, is to make sure they report to major credit bureaus. This ensures that your good behavior with the card is reported to the companies that track your credit history. These are major bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Over time, good account history can lift scores and help you move from bad credit to good credit.


The last thing any person should do is max out their card, or get close to doing so. Find out what the credit limits are on all cards. Be careful and do not charge more than 50% of the available credit limits, thirty percent or less is the best goal. If for example, you have a card with a $500 limit, keep the balance below $250, which is 50% of the available credit. Keeping balances at 30% or lower is even better. Find one or several small things a month that you can charge and pay off right away, such as putting gas in your auto.


Paying your credit card is the most important part, if improving credit is your goal. The last thing you want to do is miss a payment due date. Not only could it cause your credit score drop, but you may incur late fees. Another problem could be that it could cause your interest rates to go through the roof. A lower score means it could cost more to take out an auto loan, mortgage, or other line of credit, than it would if you had paid your bills on time. Missing one payment, or paying a little late, can be very costly. Make at least the minimum payment due on time and stay current with all bills. Even if credit is used responsibly, it does not guarantee a better credit rating. Pay on time and maintain all balances below the limits to eventually see credit scores rise. That little piece of plastic that became an enemy, could become your biggest ally in your quest to rebuild your credit.

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