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Chargeoff credit card - How to charge off credit card balances yourself, or get professional help from a debt settlement company.

Christmas credit card debt - Options on how to get help with too much Christmas credit card debt.

Consolidate student loan - Apply to refinance student loan debt for a lower interest rate and payments.

Credit card debt - Free help to get out of credit card debt and tips on how to avoid debt.

Credit card debt consolidation - Credit card debt consolidation quote to combine and lower monthly bills

Debt collection agency rules - There are important facts you need to know before you contact; or are contacted by, debt collection agencies.

Credit counseling - Learn about credit counseling and how to choose a good company.

Credit counseling versus debt settlement - Decide which alternative is the best option for you.

Debt consolidation loan - Payoff bills with a debt consolidation loan.

Debt counseling - Lower monthly bill payments or reduce principal altogether.

Debt negotiation - Chargeoff debt; reduce principal owed.

Debt negotiation sample letter - Do It Yourself debt settlement.

Get out of debt - Ways to get out of debt, either Do It Yourself or with a Company.

Government debt consolidation loans - Truth about government loans to pay bills.

Free debt settlement - Do It Yourself debt settlement to negotiate lower bills.

Joint credit card debt - Which spouse pays the bills (loans and credit cards) after divorce.

Negotiate debt settlement - Settle debt yourself with your loan and/or credit card company.

Nonprofit credit counseling - What to look for when choosing a credit counseling company.

Nonprofit debt consolidation - Advantages of debt consolidation.

Nonhomeowner debt consolidation loan - Options for nonhomeowners to pay off debt.

Payoff balance - Tips to payoff balance of credit card debt and how to avoid the debt trap.

Pay off debt - Loan options and tips to pay off debt.

Personal budget - Download our personal budget software.

Personal budget software - How to use our personal budget software.

Reduce bills free - Tips on how to reduce your expenses to lower bills.

Reminders to pay bills - Free reminders so you pay bills on time.

Repay payday loan - Strategy to repay a payday loan.

Track expenses - Free software to track where you spend your money most.

Unsecured debt - What qualifies as unsecured debt.

Unsecured debt consolidation - Combine bills into one low monthly payment.

Unsecured debt consolidation loan - Get a loan to payoff high interest debt.


View our sample letters such as a Debt Verification Letter to challenge a debt and a collection agency's right to collect.


What Is A Debt Management Plan

Legitimate Debt Relief, Consolidation and Settlement

Pay Credit Card Bills for Rewards

Get Out of Debt Free and Fast

Credit Card Debt Relief Options

Getting out of Joint Credit Card Debt

Go To Jail For Not Paying Bill

Lower Credit Card Balances

Who Pays Joint Spouse Debt

Credit Counseling VS Debt Settlement VS Bankruptcy Filing

Free Debt Advice

Free Tips to Avoid Credit Card Charges

Free Money Saving Tips

Student Credit Card Debt

Instant Emergency Loan Application and Preparation

Stop Bill Collector Calls and Threats

Get Out of Payday Loan Debt

Cant Make Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Debt Relief

High Rate Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Default

Budgets, Debt Management, Consolidation, Settlement, Counseling and Bankruptcy

Credit Card Debt Advice

Credit Card Christmas Debt

Payoff Credit Card Debt

Debt Loan Advice

College Student Credit Card Debt

Stop Credit Card Debt

Stop Debt Save Money

Debt Free Money

How To Reduce Debt

Biggest Debt Mistakes

Short and Long Term Debt Relief

Debt Relief Tips

Credit Card Max Lowers Score

Free Debt Relief Advice

Money To Payoff Debt

Calculate Debt And Payoff

Stop Credit Card Debt Abuse

Debt Solutions

Credit Card Balance Transfer Debt

Manage Debt Yourself

Long Term Plan to Pay Off Bills

Payoff Debts Without Loans

$10000 Loan for Credit Card Bills

High Credit Card Charges

Unpaid Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Charge Off

Fraud and Credit Scams Target Debt People

Bankruptcy Debt

Payoff Credit Card Debt

$10000 Cash Personal Expenses

Good Bills VS Bad Debt

10 Personal Budget Reasons

Bankruptcy Filing

Unknown Debt Collection Agency

Pay Off Debt Options

Divorce and Debts

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Bad News

Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement

Ending the Debt Cycle

Debt Settlement Facts

Zombie debt collectors

Payoff Balance

Reduce Bills

Debt Consolidation Loan

Credit Counselor

Credit Card Debt

Christmas Credit Card Bills

Chargeoff Credit Card

Balance Transfer Debt

Credit Counseling

Student Credit Card Debts

Credit Counseling FAQs

Collection Agencies

Free Debt Collection Agency Tips

Debt Collectors Violating Do Not Call List

Stop Debt Collection Agency Calls

Fake Phantom Debt Collectors

Debt Collector Verification

Statute of Limitations Debt Collection Act

Debt Collection Statute Of Limitation

Debt Collectors

Letter to Stop Credit Collector Calls

Collection Agency Harassment

Debt Settlement

Credit Card Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement Advice

Credit Card Debt Relief Options

Chargeoff Credit Card Debt and Rebuild Credit Score

Do It Yourself Free Debt Settlement or Use a Debt Negotiation Company

Debt Collection Agency Negotiation

Debt Settlement Company FAQ

Debt Settlement

Sample Debt Settlement and Negotiation Letter

Debt Consolidation

Credit Card Debt Relief Options

Debts And Bills

What Is Unsecured Debt Consolidation

Are Authorized Users Liable for Credit Card Debt

Being Sued by a Debt Collection Agency

Biggest Waste of Money

Can't Pay Back Payday Loan

Combine All Credit Cards into One Payment

Consolidating Credit Card Debt into a Personal Loan

Consolidating Student Loans After Marriage

Credit Counseling VS Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation VS Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement FAQs

Debt Settlement VS Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement VS Credit Counseling

Do It Yourself Credit Card Debt Settlement

Eliminate Credit Card Interest Charges

Erase Credit Card Debt Legally

Free Money Management Tips

Harassing Robo Debt Collection Calls

How and When to Settle Credit Card Debt

How does Debt Management Affect Credit Score

How Does Debt Management Work

How to Budget Credit Card Payments

How to Control Credit Card Spending

How to Dispute a Debt

How to Dispute Collections

How to Handle Collection Calls for a Deceased Person's Debt

How to Organize Bills

Non-Homeowner Debt Consolidation

Should You Still Pay Credit Card Charge Offs

Tips for Paying Off Credit Cards Fast

What are the Main Causes of Debt

What Debt should I Payoff First

What Happens if I Default / Stop making Credit Card Payments

What Happens when You Ignore Debt Collectors / Collections

What is the Difference between Credit Freeze and Fraud Alert

What to look for when Choosing a Credit Counseling Company

Who Pays Credit Card Debt in Divorce

Who Pays Deceased Relative Credit Card Debt

Who Qualifies for a Debt Consolidation Loan



Auto Loan: Get free quotes and apply for a new or used auto loan or for auto refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for secured and unsecured credit card applications and apply online. Applications for all types of cards ranging from an instant approval bad credit card to no deposit cards, including platinum credit card rewards.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings. You are entitled to one free credit report annually.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation, free credit offers plus financial tips to help effectively manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Free multiple quotes from mortgage lenders. Apply for a new home loan and start building your financial security.

Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan and other types of mortgage refinancing for home remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan and more.

Payday Loan: Easy approval bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check, no deposit and no security.

Personal Loan: Submit a short or long term personal loan application (if available), or apply for other secured or unsecured loan offers.

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy plus free bankruptcy forms. Create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook register, track expenses and more.

If you're bad at budgeting and uncomfortable with confrontations, you may be a good candidate for using a debt relief company to help with your bills.

Setting up a budget with an affordable payment arrangement; whether yourself or through a debt management company, is the path to getting back on your feet financially.

If you have multiple debts you are struggling to pay, this may be even more reason for you to get a debt relief company's assistance.

Just make sure the debt settlement company does not charge any upfront fees, and if you choose a credit counseling agency make certain it is non-profit.

But before you commit to a payment plan, it's important to have a complete understanding of what your household budget actually is and what you can truly afford. Be absolutely certain you can; and will, stick to an agreed amount.


Need a free reminder to pay bills? You can use our desktop software to remember utility, credit card and loan payment due dates, even special events such as birthdays and appointments.


Our reminder software is 100% free and works on your Windows computer desktop. Simply download, input your important dates and reminders will popup on your computer.


Free Bill Reminder Software - Click Here

Free Public Service Courtesy of Credit Federal


No doubt, our free bill payment reminder software can help you build and maintain good credit, because timely debt payments are paramount. Our service is 100% free, and works directly (and privately) on your Windows computer desktop. Take advantage of our software to remind you of bill due dates, birthdays, appointments, or to remind you of any important date.


You can set your account to send you daily, monthly, or even yearly reminders. Click the graphic above to download our reminder software today.


By using our free reminder software, you can save money by avoiding late payment fees and overlimit fees.


There is no cost nor obligation.


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Free Debt Settlement (DIY): Considering debt settlement? By negotiating your own settlements, you'll save a ton of money in fees, decrease the risk of creditor backlash, and feel better about the process when you're done. ZipDebt helps consumers tackle their debt problems head-on. Now, you can get the EXPERT coaching you need to achieve professional results WITHOUT the huge fees. A lot of what you think is probably wrong or inaccurate. Here are the benefits of working with ZipDebt: * Get professional results at do-it-yourself prices * Founded by Charles Phelan, who pioneered the do-it-yourself-with-coaching method * Includes free phone consultation & ongoing coaching by email

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - ŠThe Sacks Group

Personal Budget Counseling: Let our friendly, personal financial counselors assist you with debt counseling, the family budget and money management. We can help you avoid bankruptcy and create a workable budget that you can stick to.

Personal Budget Counseling Options:

Coaching Option 1 Advanced Wealth Builder - Includes anyone with excessive consumer debt or is in a financial crisis. We will help you develop a spending plan that works, a full plan to eliminate your existing debt, and handle any "emergency situations" (creditors, pending foreclosures, bankruptcy, etc.). Includes a free initial 1 hour consultation, first session 2-2.5 hours, follow-up sessions twice per month for a six month period.

Coaching Option 2 Wealth Builder - For those who never feel like you are making progress and just want to get a plan started! You are wanting to get out of debt, wanting to fund retirement and kid's college education. Your planning includes investing and funding strategies, wills, basic estate planning, etc. as well as how to stay debt-free. Includes a free initial consultation, first session 2-2.5 hours, follow-up sessions twice per month for a six month period.

Coaching by the Hour Coaching by the Hour - If you just want someone to simply review your current strategy and want a second opinion (investments, insurance, will and estate planning, etc.), this option is available to you.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt: Credit cards seem like a convenience, but you may find yourself paying more interest than you did for the items you purchased. Debt can quickly pile up. Bud don't worry, we'll help you sort through that pile.

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