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Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy and get free bankruptcy forms, create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook and more. Get our free personal budget software.

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Free Personal Budget Software with Expense Manager

Use our free financial calculators to effectively manage money.


Credit Federal's Free Personal Finance Center offers:

 - Record and Track Expenses, and sort by type and/or by date.

 - Record Income/Deposits. Software also calculates debt-to-income ratio.

 - Instant Credit Grade Calculation. Software analyzes expenses.

 - Helpful Tips. If your grade is low, the software offers tips to improve.


The software is 100% free, operates on Windows computers, and does not require entering sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc. The software does not require being online to use.


Download Our Free Personal Finance Software

Free Personal Budget and Financial Software

100% Safe & Virus Free - Report


Download Instructions: Click on the download link above, select 'Open'. Follow download instructions (accept cookies, agree to Terms, etc). The CreditFederal software will download first, then the Sun J2SE software. Both programs are necessary for the Personal Finance Center to function. After both downloads are complete, an Icon (like the one displayed on the left) will appear on your main Windows display. To launch, double-click the Icon on your computer desktop.


Instructions on how to use the free personal financial software.

The software helps you track and itemize expenses, setup bill payment reminders, and it provides a credit grade based upon your debits.

The software is easy to use and 100% free. Operates on Windows computers and requires 16MB of disk space. 


Don't forget to register for FREE Upgrades! As we update the software with additional free features, you can receive a notice via email simply by joining our free credit offers newsletter.


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Free Personal Budget Software.  Do you know how much per year you spend on utilities? On insurance? On credit card payments? Get Credit Federal's free personal budget software to track expenses.  It will calculate all your expenses and income, and will provide you with itemizations.  This software can help you define where you mostly spend your money, and where you can make savings. Functions just like a checkbook register. It is 100% free, and operates directly from your personal computer (Windows Required). Download our free software.


Read our latest information about personal finance.

Bank Checking Accounts for Under 18: You can easily set up a joint bank account with your child's name. That account can be a plain-vanilla joint account, or an account designed for the under-18 crowd.

Most accounts marketed as “bank accounts for kids” come in the form of joint accounts, although they go by different names:

* Teen Checking Accounts
* Youth Savings Accounts
* Looney Toons Accounts
* Savings Club
* Student Checking

In some cases, the adult needs to be a family member or legal guardian, but some banks allow anybody to be the joint owner (Capital One 360, for example).

With a standard joint account, each account holder has 100% access to the funds, so either the adult or the child can drain the account and rack up overdraft fees (unless the bank restricts what the child can do). Keep that in mind before you set your child loose with a large available balance. Sign up for alerts, and check the account regularly if you're the adult. If you are the minor, it's important to share an account only with an adult you can truly trust – you don't want your hard-earned money to disappear.

Be sure to ask your bank what happens when the minor reaches age 18. If there were restrictions on what the minor could do (if they were unable to make withdrawals, for example), things might change – and you’ll want to know that ahead of time. Likewise, any fee waivers are likely to disappear. If the minor needs her own account, you can try to remove the “adult” from the account or open a new account when the minor turns 18.

CreditGuard of America, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit credit counseling agency that provides credit counseling and debt management along with free financial education to the consumers throughout the United States. Using state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service, CreditGuard is committed to provide innovative solutions for simple to complicated debt issues. We will help you get out of the debt through our best credit counseling. Certified Credit Counselors - Our credit counselors are certified and trained to deal with both secured and unsecured debts. They provide tailored, written plan to the client after a thorough counseling session. Our reputed counselors consider affordability and reliability of the debt program, as the main priority. Credible Credit Counseling - CreditGuard of America provides a variety of online credit counseling and debt management to assist consumers with their debt problems. Our credit counseling agency gives advice on personal budgeting, debt consolidation through debt management programs or home equity loans, taking advantage of credit cards promos, and filing for bankruptcy. Thousands of consumers have been able to get back-on-track using our debt solutions that helped them in managing their bills. Whatever your credit problems are, CreditGuard of America, Inc., a credible credit counseling agency, is there to help you. Contact us online or call CreditGuard of America, Inc. at 1-800-500-6489 to find out more about our online credit counseling programs!

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - Copyright 2010 - All rights reserved - National Debt Resolution 

Many working Americans need debt relief and the number is growing every day. Debt settlement is the quickest answer you may be looking for to reduce* credit card and other unsecured debts!
* Use debt settlement to reduce your balances
* Easily manage with one small monthly payment
* Alleviate creditor harrasament and let someone else do the work
* Save $100's of dollars in debt relief costs 

National Debt Resolution has been helping good people like you discover debt relief for many years. From the first client we helped with debt settlement to the thousands of families now debt free since; we've grown to become the most trusted name in debt relief across the country.

National Debt Resolution has developed relationships with every major creditor in the United States; valuable relationships saving you thousands of dollars in outstanding balances when using our exclusive debt settlement service.

NDR is a member of IAPDA meaning we continually provide the relief you need and the satisfaction you deserve!

What Can Debt Settlement Do For You? After helping so many people in every kind of situation, we understand what you're up against and what it takes to help you break free. Here's what you'll enjoy with National Debt Resolution...

Imagine what you'll do with the money saved after getting out of the debt you're faced with now.
* Stop giving your paycheck to creditors and start watching your bank account grow.
* Get out from underneath the stress and start feeling free again.
* A viable alternative to bankruptcy*, costly legal battles without guilt or the bankruptcy stigma.
* Stay clear of consumer credit counseling keeping you in total control of your money.

Debt settlement is not consumer credit counseling. It is not intended for those consumers who do not know how to manage their money or pay their bills on time. It is simply a means of reducing or eliminating unsecured debt, an alternative to bankruptcy or other complications. It is considered to be the first step in seeking debt relief, because if you can avoid a 3rd party assisted option, you will get yourself back on your feet much more quickly and without a long term affect on your credit profile.

Because of this, the following things must happen…..and this is true of many debt settlement programs:

You must be delinquent on the accounts before your creditors will consider and recognize your hardship and negotiate your balances.

There’s no viable way around it. On a positive note, by eliminating the debt, you will be able to turn around your debt to income ratio and help restore your purchasing power.

Your creditors will not negotiate the balance until you have enough money to do so. This is a business transaction for them. Cash flow is important and they will typically require settlement payment within 24-36 hours.

Occasionally, a large balance will be negotiated over 3-4 payments, and in that case, the negotiation is started sooner. This is not typical, but there is a possibility is can happen.

Save, save, save... Typically, most settlements are estimated around 40% of what you owe, so you need to save that much BEFORE anyone can really start working on the balance. That’s why you’re put on a monthly savings plan.

This doesn’t mean that your creditors won’t know you are in the program; they will all be notified of your hardship and your intent to settle your balances just as soon as you start the program.

Often your settlement percentages may be lower than 40% of the balance owed, in which case any additional funds left in your settlement account will simply be saved for the next settlement.

It is not uncommon to complete your program earlier than expected because of our strong relationship with the creditors.

Balances will be settled one at a time. We begin with the smallest balance first, making sure that you gain confidence in the program by seeing the results right away.

Any reputable debt settlement companies will take the time to make sure that the program is suitable for your situation.

Flexibility is an important factor, due to the nature of “life”.

Communication is the key. We will make sure to work with you to complete the program, even if you should experience any additional hardship.

Your original creditor always has the legal right to contact you. There’s no way around this. Some creditors will ignore the limited power of attorney that is sent to them and will keep contacting you throughout the program. Some will respect that request to cease communications with you and will start communicating directly with your negotiator. Regardless, it is not your job to speak to them. It’s your job to communicate with your negotiator or customer service representative that you’re being contacted and by whom.

If and when the account has been charged off and sent to third party for collection, those calls will be easier to handle.

Once a settlement has been reached with your creditor, you must approve it. You will be notified of any settlement 50% or less. Of course, recommendations will be made, based on what is known about your account and your individual creditor. You have veto power at all times.

If you approve a settlement, an agreement will be obtained, in writing, from your creditor, detailing the agreement and how the transaction should be made. Once that transaction has been completed, a settlement in full (SIF) letter will be obtained, in order to document and confirm that you have settled and closed this account at zero balance and that the remaining balance has been forgiven.

National Debt Resolution, a division of NDR, Inc.
10000 N 31st Ave.Suite C-310
Phoenix, AZ 85051
Toll Free: (866) 553-3328

How to Identify and Fix Budget Problems and Solutions to Stick to Your Budget
Finally ready to make your first time budget ever, or to create an actual working budget? Review these key points.
Just as there are many different types of secured and unsecured debt, there are almost as many debt relief options both free and paid, including filing bankruptcy, personal budget debt management, debt settlement negotiation and credit counseling.
Learn what is a debt management plan (DMP) so you'll know if it or debt settlement is best for getting bills under control. Download our free budget tools and expense tracking software.
Should you; and instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. High balance debt may drive you to terminate credit cards, but reducing credit limits could cause bad credit report scores. If you have problems with bills, develop a budget and a money management plan, seek counseling, consolidation or debt settlement.
The Economic Crisis Generates New Budget Skills. Download our free personal finance software to track expenses and manage income, bills and payments.
When your budget plan fails. Budgets are great but they can be just as difficult to follow as a diet plan.
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