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Auto Loan: Apply online for a good or even a very bad credit auto loan quote, including a new or used auto loan or refinancing.

Credit Card: Browse good and bad credit card applications including instant approval credit cards, gold, platinum, and guaranteed card offers.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.

Debt Counseling: Personal finances out of control? Unsecured credit counseling, debt management, debt negotiation or free debt settlement.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers plus tips and alerts to help manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream with home ownership.

Mortgage Refinancing: Fast 2nd mortgage loan quote for remodeling, equity cash out, debt consolidation or other reasons.

Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check, no security (collateral) and no cosigner.

Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan up to $10,000 (as available, or view alternative loan options).

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy and get free bankruptcy forms, create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook and more. Get our free personal budget software.

Financial Help: Get the latest financial news. Search Credit Federal for credit card, debt assistance, auto loan, home loan, mortgage refinancing, payday and personal loan applications and information.
Get free online IRS tax filing, or settle IRS tax debt

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Free Personal Budget Software with Expense Manager

Use our free financial calculators to effectively manage money.


Credit Federal's Free Personal Finance Center offers:

 - Record and Track Expenses, and sort by type and/or by date.

 - Record Income/Deposits. Software also calculates debt-to-income ratio.

 - Instant Credit Grade Calculation. Software analyzes expenses.

 - Helpful Tips. If your grade is low, the software offers tips to improve.


The software is 100% free, operates on Windows computers, and does not require entering sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc. The software does not require being online to use.


Download Our Free Personal Finance Software

Free Personal Budget and Financial Software

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Download Instructions: Click on the download link above, select 'Open'. Follow download instructions (accept cookies, agree to Terms, etc). The CreditFederal software will download first, then the Sun J2SE software. Both programs are necessary for the Personal Finance Center to function. After both downloads are complete, an Icon (like the one displayed on the left) will appear on your main Windows display. To launch, double-click the Icon on your computer desktop.


Instructions on how to use the free personal financial software.

The software helps you track and itemize expenses, setup bill payment reminders, and it provides a credit grade based upon your debits.

The software is easy to use and 100% free. Operates on Windows computers and requires 16MB of disk space. 


Don't forget to register for FREE Upgrades! As we update the software with additional free features, you can receive a notice via email simply by joining our free credit offers newsletter.


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Free Personal Budget Software.  Do you know how much per year you spend on utilities? On insurance? On credit card payments? Get our free personal budget software to track expenses.  It will calculate all your expenses and income, and will provide you with itemizations.  This software can help you define where you mostly spend your money, and where you can make savings. Functions just like a checkbook register. It is 100% free, and operates directly from your personal computer (Windows Required). Download our free software.


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Long Term Care Health and Disability Insurance

Overview of Long Term Care, Home Health Care and Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance can provide help in paying for a nursing facility or in-home care for a long term illness. 

Surprisingly, Long Term Care insurance (LTC) isn't popular with most Americans. This thinking; of course, has strained the finances of many families who unexpectedly have to care for loved ones.

Before buying a long term care policy, decide:

What Kind of Long Term Care Insurance Coverage You Need? Get the details of policies from an agent or online.

Which Long Term Care Insurance Company to Join? In addition to reviewing company history, BBB comments or complaints, also compare coverage and premiums.

Why do we need credit counseling, debt consolidation and debt settlement companies?

There's plenty of Americans who need financial assistance in one form or other. Review this data:

The average US household credit card debt stands at $15,607, the result of a small number of deeply indebted households forcing up the numbers. Based on an analysis of Federal Reserve statistics and other government data, the average household owes $7,281 on their cards; looking only at indebted households, the average outstanding balance rises to $15,607. Here are statistics, trends, studies and methodology behind the average U.S. household debt.

U.S. household consumer debt profile:
Average credit card debt: $15,607
Average mortgage debt: $153,500
Average student loan debt: $32,656

In total, American consumers owe:
$11.63 trillion in debt. An increase of 3.8% from last year
$880.5 billion in credit card debt
$8.07 trillion in mortgages
$1,120.3 billion in student loans. An increase of 11.5% from last year

There are as many reasons that people overspend as there are budgets to help get people out of the debt overspending has caused. By talking to people, conducting surveys, and helping people throughout the years, I have made a list of ten reasons for overspending that I hear most often. Take a look to see if you fall in line with one or more of these causes to indulge.

10. Keeping up an image
Many people feel that if they fall below a certain image that the neighbors set, the neighborhood will think less of them. This is known as keeping up with the Jones'. The truth behind this is that the neighbors are thinking and feeling the same way.

9. Avoidance
I cannot tell you how many people, in all financial situations, have told me that the reason they spend too much money for lunch out with friends, shopping with the girls, etc is to not have to admit that they cannot afford to pay the bill for the whole table. If your friends drop you because you cannot afford to buy them lunch are they really friends?

8. The money is on it's way
I have heard this over and over "I thought the check was in the mail." The people who tell me this are telling the truth! The check was in the mail, either late or for far less than was expected. When they heard they were getting money, they spent it before they had money in their hands.

7. Credit doesn't feel the same
Let's face it, plastic simply does not feel the same as good old-fashioned paper cash. For this reason people use credit more often and tend to over spend much more than they would if they had used cash instead.

6. Immediate gratification
When you can go into a store, see something you think you need NOW, then get credit in 5 minutes or less, you feel a sense of accomplishment. After all, you get what you want now, and don't have to think of how you are actually going to pay for it until later, when the bill arrives.

5. Lifestyle maintenance
After a person has lived a certain way for a while and suddenly find themselves in a bad place financially, it is hard to give it up. They feel the lifestyle they have become accustomed to must be maintained, even if it means more debt followed by bankruptcy.

4. Poor as a child
Freud would love this one! Many people who were poor as a child feel the need to spend everything they can get their hands on as soon as they can. Perhaps there is a fear of someone taking the money away if it is not spent immediately. These people must realize that once it is yours, that is it, it is yours.

3. Sense of power
Spending money makes many people feel more powerful. Whether it is handing over a wad of cash or pulling out a gold card to charge money, the simple act of spending a large amount of money gives them a rush of false power.

2. Prove self worth
Spending $40 on a haircut, $120 on a designer dress, $30 on a new pair of shoes, and maybe $75 on a facial every other week sounds outrageous to most. However, for many people, it makes them feel like they are someone. It makes them feel like they are worth something to the world.

1. Just can't say NO!
This is the one that I have heard the absolute most. Whether it's a child asking a parent for the newest fad toy or a spouse wanting the newest computer game, some people just cannot say no! Even if they cannot afford to say yes. They feel like a failure if the money is not there to meet the wants of the other person. No matter what, these people will make it happen, even if it becomes a dead end to bankruptcy court

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved - Premier Debt Help, LLC

Credit Card Debt Help Company - Debt settlement is the best choice for people who are looking for serious credit card debt help. Debt Help is a debt resolution option for unsecured debt that is based on negotiations between the creditor and debtor. The goal of debt settlement is to enable you to pay off your debt for approximately 50% or less than the amount that you owe. The benefits of credit card debt help with debt settlement are immense. Not only will you be completely debt free, but you will also become debt free quickly. Debt settlement programs usually last 12 to 36 months. Thatís much faster than any other form of credit card debt help. Premier Financial Debt Help is a leading debt settlement company that offers credit card debt help in the form of debt settlement programs. After enrolling in our debt settlement program, you will meet with your debt settlement coach and begin receiving free credit card debt help. Our credit card debt specialist will review your debt and design a plan for your credit card debt settlement. Next, negotiations will begin with the credit card companies that you owe. To learn more about credit card debt help with debt settlement, please take a moment to fill out our no obligation debt settlement form.

Debt Settlement - Debt Settlement, also known as debt negotiation, involves a personalized plan that successfully enables a negotiator to settle unsecured debts for no charges until your debt settled . Once the creditor and debt settlement negotiator agree on a reduced balance it will be viewed as payment in full by the creditor. debt help has become a practical alternative for many thousands of consumers across the country and is the most sufficient alternative to bankruptcy.

Millions of Americans are victim to skyrocketing unsecured debt. If you possess several credit cards, you can possibly hold a total balance of $13,000.00. If you only make the minimum payments or completely miss the payments, you can end up paying over 20% interest on each card. In other words, unless you hit the lottery, you could be paying off those cards for the next couple of decades. Other types of unsecured debt are medical bills, utility bills, and personal loans

With unemployment on the rise, many people find it difficult to juggle all that unsecured debt. Even if you aren't unemployed, you could be suffering an illness, recovering from a divorce, earning a much lower salary, or experiencing of variety of other things that could dramatically affect your financial health. It's no mystery why more and more people are seeking valuable debt solutions.

For those who aren't completely insolvent, debt settlement would be the best option. As long as you have over $10,000.00 in debt, you can qualify. Once you participate in a debt settlement program, you stop paying your creditors for the first few months. The minute you stop paying them is the minute they're willing to accept lump sum payments from you (since getting something is better than nothing). Plus, this gives you the opportunity to save that money for when the payments do come.

After that period is over, you will start making lower monthly payments to all your creditors. As a result, you can eliminate your debt within a matter of 36 months! Now you're wondering: How do I find a debt settlement company?

Debt Settlement Companies - Creditors lose money in bankruptcy cases; therefore they are more inclined to agree on a settlement. The consumers are content because with credit card debt settlement they are able to settle their total outstanding credit card debt balance for a portion of what they owe, in many cases. debt reduction or debt negotiation generally can be completed in as little as a few to as much as sixty months(depending on affordability) with affordable and customized payment plans, without having to file for bankruptcy.

How do you negotiate? Our debt negotiation experts have trustworthy relationships with many creditors/lending institutions; this allows us to assure fair compromise with our clientís best interests in mind. Premier Financial understands the many priorities in life, and your debt settlement Coach/Customer Service Team will help guide you so that you are proactively saving in accordance to your personal financial plan.
* Affordable payments
* We're not a Consumer Credit Counseling Service, and our team of debt negotiators work with the creditors for credit debt relief of our clients , not for them
* With our program, your monthly payments are generally lower than what you may now be paying the creditors

Once you enroll with Premier Financial Debt Settlement, you will receive feedback and have unlimited access to your settlement coach to update any account information and answer any questions you may have.

Implementing the best customer service possible, and being the Premier Financial Debt Settlement is our main priority.

If you're looking for great debt settlement companies, Premier Debt Help is the perfect choice! Unlike many other debt settlement companies, we don't charge any up-front fees. We don't get paid until your debts are settled.

Other debt solutions include credit counseling, debt consolidation, and bankruptcy. Debt settlement does not affect your credit score nearly as much as those aforementioned solutions. Most people in debt do not have great credit to begin with. Your credit score might decrease a bit. However, the decrease will only be short-term. And once you're done paying of all your debts, you will be well on your way to rebuilding you credit!

Some people choose to file for bankruptcy, because they feel it's the "cheapest" option. As long as you are solvent, there is no reason to choose bankruptcy over debt settlement. Bankruptcy will ruin your credit for the next 7 to 10 years, making it more damaging in the long run.

Debt elimination is possible! Calling Premier Debt Help for your free consultation would be the perfect solution. We even offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Premier Financial Debt Help
4400 Route 9 South - Suite 2100
Freehold, NJ 07728 


Anticipation Tax Refund Loan and Alternative to get Money Fast - Tax preparers working with financial institutions offer short-term loans for the anticipated tax refund, which must be paid back when the refund comes. The interest rate and fees charged while waiting for the tax refund can be costly, and if the refund is less than expected, you will have to repay the full amount of the loan-often at high interest rates. Failure to repay could harm your credit rating.  Stored value or debit cards: Your tax refund or a loan in anticipation of your refund can be transferred to a card you can use for purchases or cash withdrawals. The cards help customers who lack access to bank accounts, but the cards can come with fees when issued or when used.  Refund anticipation checks: Here, a tax preparer creates a temporary bank account so that the IRS can deposit the refund directly into the account. Once deposited, the tax preparer issues you a check and then closes the account. While generally less Illustration: Family doing taxes by direct deposit.xperts say that unlike taxefund checks, which can beost or stolen, a direct deposit efund is a secure and convenient transaction.

How to Identify and Fix Budget Problems and Solutions to Stick to Your Budget
Finally ready to make your first time budget ever, or to create an actual working budget? Review these key points.
Just as there are many different types of secured and unsecured debt, there are almost as many debt relief options both free and paid, including filing bankruptcy, personal budget debt management, debt settlement negotiation and credit counseling.
Learn what is a debt management plan (DMP) so you'll know if it or debt settlement is best for getting bills under control. Download our free budget tools and expense tracking software.
Should you; and instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. High balance debt may drive you to terminate credit cards, but reducing credit limits could cause bad credit report scores. If you have problems with bills, develop a budget and a money management plan, seek counseling, consolidation or debt settlement.
The Economic Crisis Generates New Budget Skills. Download our free personal finance software to track expenses and manage income, bills and payments.
When your budget plan fails. Budgets are great but they can be just as difficult to follow as a diet plan.
Save money with budgets that work. Download our free personal budget software to track expenses, bill payments and other debts.
How to manage money with no software technology. Or download our free personal budget software to track expenses and bill payments.
Take control of your personal budget to cut expenses immediately. Download our free checkbook manager to track expenses.

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