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Why good credit is important: Even if you never plan to use credit, your score can still impact your life. If you inherited millions of dollars and don't need auto loans, credit cards or even mortgage loans, you still may not be able to escape the need for good credit. Consider car insurance, for example. It's a law that you must have auto insurance. Sure, if you have millions of dollars you can afford any insurance premium, but the fact remains that your credit score affects your rate. For those of us without millions of dollars, credit can also affect our ability to rent an apartment, get utilities, and can limit our employment choices or even hold up promotions.

Some other things that typically you can't get without credit include cell phones, elective cosmetic surgery, business loans and student loans, and high rewards credit cards.


Free Personal Budget Software with Expense Manager

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Credit Federal's Free Personal Finance Center offers:

 - Record and Track Expenses, and sort by type and/or by date.

 - Record Income/Deposits. Software also calculates debt-to-income ratio.

 - Instant Credit Grade Calculation. Software analyzes expenses.

 - Helpful Tips. If your grade is low, the software offers tips to improve.


The software is 100% free, operates on Windows computers, and does not require entering sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc. The software does not require being online to use.


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Download Instructions: Click on the download link above, select 'Open'. Follow download instructions (accept cookies, agree to Terms, etc). The CreditFederal software will download first, then the Sun J2SE software. Both programs are necessary for the Personal Finance Center to function. After both downloads are complete, an Icon (like the one displayed on the left) will appear on your main Windows display. To launch, double-click the Icon on your computer desktop.


Instructions on how to use the free personal financial software.

The software helps you track and itemize expenses, setup bill payment reminders, and it provides a credit grade based upon your debits.

The software is easy to use and 100% free. Operates on Windows computers and requires 16MB of disk space. 


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Free Personal Budget Software.  Do you know how much per year you spend on utilities? On insurance? On credit card payments? Get Credit Federal's free personal budget software to track expenses.  It will calculate all your expenses and income, and will provide you with itemizations.  This software can help you define where you mostly spend your money, and where you can make savings. Functions just like a checkbook register. It is 100% free, and operates directly from your personal computer (Windows Required). Download our free software.


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How can I manage holiday debt? It may not be at the top of your New Year's resolutions list, but focusing on paying off debt and getting your finances in order is a good idea for beginning the New Year or any time during the year, just, get started!

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Debt settlement is the fastest and least expensive way to get out of debt. Often referred to as debt negotiation or debt arbitration, Debt Settlement is a direct and ambitious approach to debt reduction and it is best suited for individuals that have considered filing for bankruptcy protection.

How it works: Debt settlement companies will negotiate with unsecured creditors (credit cards, retail store cards, medical bills, judgments, personal loans, etc.) on behalf of the client to settle for an amount much less than the balance owed. In return, the debtor will make a settlement payment for the balance owed. Once the debt has been paid in full on the settled amount, the creditor will issue a letter to the credit bureaus stating the debt has been "Paid", "Settled", and/or "Settled for less than full amount."

Why would a creditor accept a settlement? Oftentimes creditors are willing to settle the balance of debt owed if the debtor is under financial hardship. Debt settlement is an excellent alternative to bankruptcy and in the creditorís eyes if the debtor is under financial hardship and chooses to file bankruptcy the creditor would receive nothing. Debt management professionals, working on your behalf, take advantage of the leverage they have in this situation and routinely reduce the debtorís unsecured debt. Itís a win-win situation for both sides in the sense that the creditor is able to get some payment towards the balance owed, and the debtor slashes his outstanding debt and avoids the long and drawn out process of filing bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement Information
*Debt Arbitration - This is the process of negotiating with creditors to accept payment that is less than the original full amount owed. The process is also known as Debt Negotiation or Debt Arbitration.
*Debt Management - A strategy developed to help a consumer manage his or her debt. This is usually developed and implemented by an outside company or organization.
*Debt Problems - Any number of problems and negative situations caused by carrying credit card debt and debt in general.
*Debt Settlement Qualifications - Find out the most common qualifications for enrolling in a debt settlement program
*Consumer Debt - Learn about the various struggles with consumer debt and what can be done to help
*Credit Settlement - Settlements can affect credit , but in the long run consumers can benefit
*Debt Negotiation - The debt negotiation process takes some time and patience. In order for a compromise to met both sides must have an in depth negotiation
*Do it Yourself Debt Settlement - In some cases consumers in debt can actually settle debt on their own. Learn aboout the best practices

Debt Consolidation: Debt consolidation is the process of taking your existing high interest rate debt, and combining it into one low interest rate monthly payment. A responsible debt professional will explain to you that it is not about taking all of your debt and putting it under another loan; it is only about taking the high interest debt and putting it all under one low monthly payment. If some of your debt already benefits from a low interest rate and good loan terms, then there is no need to change that arrangement. But a debt relief expert will discuss your options with you and work with you to develop a plan that will help you get your monthly obligations under control.

Employing the help of a debt consolidation organization will help you get rid of your high interest credit debt, it will bring all of your larger payments together under one low payment, and it will help free up extra cash flow for you every month. If that sounds like something you could benefit from, then you could definitely say that a debt assistance program is worth it.

Researching and comparing the best debt consolidation companies in the market, you will be able to determine the debt consolidation loan that meets your specific financial situation, whether it be credit card consolidation, or debt repair. Nonetheless, it is advisable going with a trusted and reputable debt counselor before making any decision, this way you will save time through specialized advice coming from a seasoned debt advisor and money by getting better results in a shorter span of time.

Debt Consolidation Information:
*Credit Card Consolidation - This involves the same process as debt consolidation, however it pertains to debt that are strictly credit card based.
*Debt Consolidation Loans - This is the replacement of multiple loans with a single, new loan, usually at a lower interest rate and with a longer repayment period.
*Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan - This type of a loan is usually only possible for people with excellent credit. No collateral is required. People with lesser credit scores will have to offer some kind of collateral for a debt consolidation loan. This often involves home equity.

Credit Counseling: The Consumer Credit Counseling approach looks to minimize debt by negotiating with creditors to lower payments and interest rates. However, unlike debt settlement, Consumer Credit Counseling companies ask consumers for payment and rarely slash actual debts. For those seeking to repay the entirety of their debt (especially a temporary blip caused by accident, illness or sudden unemployment), Consumer Credit Counseling is an option worth investigating, but be advised there may be negative consequences to your credit scores.

There's another aspect to Consumer Credit Counseling that should be understood. Many Consumer Credit Counseling firms often advertise themselves as non-profit groups offering financial advice, but they also take payments not only from the consumers but also the creditors. As you'd imagine, those working both ends of the system, wouldn't offer the best counseling and may suggest payment strategies that result in even higher debts for the consumer. The entire Consumer Credit Counseling industry is being more closely watched because of alleged misdeeds, and, though some Consumer Credit Counseling companies do help a specific sort of borrower, it's important to determine just whom they're actually working for.

Compared to debt settlement firms, Consumer Credit Counseling programs have very little motivation to reduce consumer debts (despite the fees charged) and can sometimes do more harm than good.

Credit Counseling Information:
*Credit Report FAQ - Learn the basics of credit reports and how they determine your future financial plans with our credit report FAQ.
*Consumer Counseling - Provided by a counselor that reviews your financial situation: income, assets and liabilities, and then provides money management and debt management recommendations.
*Credit Card Debt Relief - Any of the various plans and services which aim to reduce and/or eliminate excessive credit card debt.
*Credit Card Help - When one is in a situation of unmanageable credit card debt and a victim of unwise, personal financial practices, one is in need of credit card help.
*Credit Card Relief - Any of the various plans and services which aim to reduce and/or eliminate excessive credit card debt.
*Credit Counselors - These are counselors who offer non-judgmental advice to consumers to improve their financial situations particularly when it comes to credit and credit issues.
*Credit Management - The goal of credit management is to help consumers gain control of their finances through education and credit counseling.
*Financial Help - When one is struggling with credit card debt, good solid financial help should be sought out. There is no shame in seeking help to improve oneís credit and financial standing.
*Get Out of Debt - A process which takes time and effort. Getting into debt does not occur overnight, and neither can getting out of debt be expected to happen so quickly. But with the right practices and the right guidance and professional support, one can indeed get out of debt.
*Money Problems - Due to the current U.S. economic recession and mass job layoffs, coupled with credit that was far too easy to obtain and spend prior to this situation, many Americans find themselves suffering from severe money, debt and financial problems.
*Pay Off Credit - The goal of most people struggling with credit and credit card debt. At a minimum, credit debt should be reduced to manageable levels.
*Unemployment - Unemployment and unemployment rate reference people who are not employed but actively seeking work. We currently are facing the highest U.S. unemployment rate in over a quarter century.


Finally ready to make your first time budget ever, or to create an actual working budget? Review these key points.
Just as there are many different types of secured and unsecured debt, there are almost as many debt relief options both free and paid, including filing bankruptcy, personal budget debt management, debt settlement negotiation and credit counseling.
Learn what is a debt management plan (DMP) so you'll know if it or debt settlement is best for getting bills under control. Download our free budget tools and expense tracking software.
Should you; and instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. High balance debt may drive you to terminate credit cards, but reducing credit limits could cause bad credit report scores. If you have problems with bills, develop a budget and a money management plan, seek counseling, consolidation or debt settlement.
Free debt advice. Learn debt signs and review free tips on how to control, manage and payoff bills including a personal budget, credit counseling, negotiate debt settlement or an unsecured debt consolidation loan.
The Economic Crisis Generates New Budget Skills. Download our free personal finance software to track expenses and manage income, bills and payments.
When your budget plan fails. Budgets are great but they can be just as difficult to follow as a diet plan.
Save money with budgets that work. Download our free personal budget software to track expenses, bill payments and other debts.
How to manage money with no software technology. Or download our free personal budget software to track expenses and bill payments.
Take control of your personal budget to cut expenses immediately. Download our free checkbook manager to track expenses.

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