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Personal Loan application articles and tips


Payday Personal Loans: Submit an online personal loan application. Good credit people may qualify for a large limit personal loan of up to $10,000 or more. If you qualify only for a very bad credit personal loan, compare various pre-approved loan offers from lenders who approve no credit check loans with online instant approval.

Loan Application Rejected? If your bank denied you for a long term unsecured personal loan with monthly installment payments because of your credit problems, consider a short term loan or other guaranteed loan. Perhaps you can borrow from multiple unsecured personal loan resources to get the large cash limit you need.

Don't forget that there are secured as well as unsecured loan providers. You could get a small unsecured cash loan or a large secured personnel loan using an asset as loan guaranty.

Fast Payday Loan: When you need money quick with no collateral and no credit check, consider an unsecured high risk loan. Between paydays, this is a good alternative as a short term loan to pay bills or as an emergency loan to pay unexpected expenses like a car repair. Learn the benefits of payday advance loans and common uses, and review alternative unsecured cash loan options including loans for unemployed people and small business loans.

Payday Loan Interest: A payday advance has no interest structure because it charges a fee versus an APR. Some borrowers often use a payday loan to repay a payday loan from another lender, or to roll-over their existing loan term. Before you apply online for a personal loan, carefully review all terms and conditions. Browse for more payday and personal loan resources.


If you want to lend a friend or family member a person-to-person personal loan, use our free personal loan calculator to determine monthly payments.


Unsecured Loan - Get up to a $10000 unsecured loan with good credit or up to a $1500 bad credit loan with no credit check.

Payday Loan Benefits - Many of us occasionally run short on cash because of unexpected bills, emergencies, accidents, illness and other reasons.

Personal Loan - Apply online for an unsecured personal loan, and learn the pros and cons between a Personal Loan and a Payday Loan for bad credit people.

Payday Loan Lender Information - Payday Loan Lender Information: A payday loan, also called a cash advance or a personal loan, provides a small, unsecured, short term cash loan in advance of payday.

Bank Payday Loan Lenders - Banks Associate with Payday Lenders. Since consumers often need a small, short term loan but many do not qualify for a tradictional, long term personal loan, the number of banks are providing payday advances through agent assisted loan programs is increasing.

Bad Credit Personal Loan FAQs - Learn about and apply online for a bad credit personal loan.

Unsecured Bank Loan - The Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), the national voice of the payday advance industry, has a stringent set of guidelines for agent-assisted bank loan programs. Members use the guidelines when partnering with banks to provide short-term, small denomination loans.

High Risk Personal Loan Application - Do you have bad credit and are looking for a high risk personal loan application?

Credit Union Payday Loan - Credit Unions offer their own loan program version of a payday loan.

High Risk Cosigner Loan - High risk cosigner loan facts, and how to avoid having good credit turn to bad credit.

Highly Personal Loan Lending - Personal loan lending is becoming increasingly personal as more people offer person-to-person loans even to those with bad credit.

Private Party Personal Loan - More private lenders engage in offering an online personal loan.

Unsecured Personal Loan Risk - Payday personal loans are designed to offer fast cash to bad credit people on a short term basis, yet such unsecured loans can have a long term impact without timely payoff.

Unsecured Loans Making Bad Worse - High risk unsecured loans offer easy cash even to bad credit people. But if not paid off timely, the short term payday loans deepen debt fast. Desperation to pay off monthly bills can put personal finances at risk. Payoff higher priority debts and charge off lower priority.

Secured Unsecured Low Interest Loans - Low interest rates abound, for both secured loans and unsecured loans. Get a loan to payoff bills at higher rates and improve personal finances, or to take that well-deserved vacation.

Personal Loan and Cash Advance - Differences between a traditional unsecured personal loan and a payday cash advance, history, and where to submit a bad credit personal loan application.

Bad Credit OK Loans - Though the credit crisis has reduced financial options for subprime people, some lenders do still offer 'Bad Credit OK Loans' and you can apply quickly and easily online.

Bad Credit Payday Loans Offer Unsecured Cash for Poor People - The federal government proposes changes that could completely terminate bad credit payday loans, though this financial option offers unsecured cash for poor people.

High Credit Risk Areas - You may be a high credit risk because of where you live, but thankfully there is still an unsecured, no credit check loan option.

Unsecured Payday Advance or Loan Shark - Who will poor and bad credit people turn to for emergency loan funds if government legislatures ban payday loans? Compare unsecured payday advance personal loans to those of loan sharks.

No Credit Check Bad Credit Loans - Apply for a no credit check bad credit loan. Review government legislations to control subprime interest rates and fees. Did you know, it is in the interest of the lender to offer you the lowest rate and least fees as possible?

Personal Loan for NonHomeOwner - The options for an unsecured personal debt consolidation loan, the people who qualify, and alternatives for both good and bad credit people, homeowners as well as non homeowners

Unsecured Personal Debt Consolidation Loan The options for an unsecured personal debt consolidation loan, the people who qualify, and alternatives for both good and bad credit people, homeowners as well as non homeowners

Bad Credit Lenders Facing High Risk Banks across the US report bad credit loans are adding to the high risk mortgage problems

Personal Loan Application A personal loan application is easier than ever, but consumers are using them less

Payday Debt Consolidation Loan Whether you want a payday loan to pay off bills or if you want a debt consolidaton loan to repay cash advances, consider these options

Payday Loan Fair Credit Borrowing Do payday loans offer more equal opportunity lending when compared to the approval process and interest rate determinations of other loans?

About Payday Advance Loans How payday loans work and the advantages for the borrower

Bad Credit Payday Loans are good for the Econom by stimulating it with new purchases and paying bills. Apply for a no credit check payday advance

Bank Emergency Loan Program - The federal government extends an emergency loan program to give banks access to more long term cash loans.

Emergency Loan Funding - Free credit tips for emergency loan funding. Cover urgent expenses with a short term payday loan, long term equity loan, borrow money, reduce bills or negotiate repayments.

Need Loan to Pay Bills - Solutions to cover expenses.

Online Loan Convenience - Online loans; particularly unsecured personal loans, are the quickest and easiest way to get cash fast. 

Payday Cash Loans - Why payday personal loans are a popular financial choice: The loan process is extremely simple, and qualification is easy.

Person-to-Personal Personal Loan - Do you; or a family member, need to borrow money from one other? For such very personal loans among family and friends, consider this advice.

Looking for a no bank account personal loan? There are benefits when these two are combined.

Private lender, person-to-person personal loan agreement.

Bank checking account personal loan installment payments and other facts.

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Auto Loan: Good or bad credit auto loan quote. Apply for a new or used auto loan, or for car refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for a gold rewards or a bad credit card. To rebuild credit, get an instant approval credit card. Browse unsecured platinum and guaranteed credit card offers.


Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.


Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive alerts and tips to manage personal finances.


Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream.


Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan for remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan.


Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check and no collateral.


Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan.


Personal Finance: Create a personal budget, balance a checkbook, file bankruptcy and more.


Free Help: Personal finance newsletter, credit advice and tips.


Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.


Personal Loan Tip: Before you submit a personal loan application, first find out what types of payments the lender accepts (whether online, by credit card, check, or in-store payment only).

It's also important to know how; and how long, payments are processed so you'll never be late. If; for example, a lender takes three business days to process a monthly installment check payment, you'll want to remit payment at least three business days before the due date. Another option is to setup auto draft monthly payments 10 days in advance of the final date.


Personal Loans for
All Credit Types

Short Term Loans
up to $1,000
Long Term Loans
up to $5,000



Compare an easy approval short term loan versus a good credit long term loan. Short terms offer faster cash with lower requirements, but long term loans offer lower interest an monthly payments. If your bank won't approve you for a long term unsecured loan for bad credit, consider a high risk, short term loan or a secured long term loan using collateral. 

(Short and long term loans as available)



Read more about loans.


Long term loans for bad credit

free debt relief. lower monthly bills and unsecured bill payments.

Non-HomeOwner unsecured debt help

You don't need a long term unsecured loan to pay off bills or other debt.

debt consolidation or debt settlement



Short & long term loans, secured & unsecured:

In order to understand qualifications for loan approval, let's examine the types of loans; secured and unsecured, and the two types of re-payment plans: short term and long term.


Secured loans have both short and long term repayment plans. These types of loans are secured by a form of collateral, such as the equity in a home or auto. Some lenders will also accept stocks and bonds as security against the loan.


Because these types of loans are secured, the risk to lenders is minimized and allows borrowers to enjoy lower interest rates than unsecured loans. And; even if there are still payments due on an existing auto or home loan, it's possible to get a lower rate than the original loan terms, particularly if the borrower's credit had improved.


Unsecured loans generally have only a short term repayment plan. The most common type of unsecured loan is a payday cash advance, or a signature (personal loan) from a bank. The payday cash advance is a much shorter term loan, most commonly to extend only until the recipient's following payday. A bank signature loan; however, generally has a one year repayment plan. Another main difference between these two types of loans is how the interest rate is calculated. A payday cash advance charges a fee instead of an interest rate, but Federal regulations require lenders to provide an "interest computation" so borrowers can compare rates amongst various loan products and lenders. When a payday cash advance fee is transformed to an interest rate, the sum is much higher than a bank signature loan, which is an actual percentage rate charged over the duration of the loan. But there's yet one more difference between these two loans which makes payday cash advances more accessible. Whereas a bank signature loan requires favorable credit, a payday cash advance does not, making this an attractive loan for bad credit people.


Your credit rating, assets, and the eagerness of a lender to issue a loan, all determine which types of loans you are qualified for. If you have favorable credit, consult your local bank loan officer or; if you desire a business loan, your local SBA. If you have troubled credit, instead of seeking a long term unsecured loan, consider alternatives such as using your home or auto as collateral for a secured long term loan, or consider a payday cash advance for a short term unsecured loan.


Submit an online application for a secured long term loan or for a short term unsecured loan through our lender network.



TD Bank Long Term Personal Loan - Having the money you need to do the things you want is a great feeling. Whether buying a car, taking a vacation in a new RV, cruising in a new boat or making home improvements, we have a variety of personal loans that can make it possible.

We can help you with a range of car loans, unsecured loans and other personal loan products, whatever your need: 

Please choose the TD Bank location that's closest to where you live (or bank) so we are able to give you the most accurate product, rate and fee information in your area.

Benefits/Features of Personal Unsecured Loans - Need a fixed rate, term and payment? Don't have collateral to secure? Then a Personal Unsecured Loan is for you. 

* Borrow what you need 
* No annual fee 
* Low fixed rate 
* Understanding your personal credit score. Your credit score is a key factor that is used when you apply for a mortgage, loan or credit card. So how is it calculated, and how can you improve it? 

Did You Know? With our Savings Accounts and Checking Accounts you can make automatic loan payments and receive a discount on your unsecured loan. Source: TDBank

Long Term Personal Loans from OneMain Financial - Complete our one-page application today, and you could have your check as soon as tomorrow.

OneMain Financialģ provides a simple and straightforward application, fixed rates and payments, and multiple payment options.

The maximum amount you may apply for online is $9,999.00 for a personal loan. Minimum and maximum loan amounts vary by state and OneMain Financial may offer personal loans in larger amounts through its branch locations. If you are interested in borrowing more than $9,999 or have questions about loan amounts available in your state, please ask a loan specialist for details or additional options.

OneMain Financial loan proceeds cannot be used for college, university, or vocational expenses, including tuition, fees, and required equipment and supplies; for any business or commercial purpose; to purchase securities; or for gambling or illegal activities. source OneMain Financial

Avant Credit Long Term Unsecured Loan - You deserve a better loan. Rebuild Your Credit With On-time Payments

Check Your Rates - Provide us with your information. Checking your rates won't impact your FICO credit score. 

Sign Your Contract Online - E-sign your contract if approved. Trust & security is our #1 priority at AvantCredit 

Funds As Soon As Tomorrow - Money can be directly deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day. source Avant Credit

Example rates and terms and payment schedule for a $3,000 Loan Amount.
*36.00% APR 
*24 Number of Payments 
*$177.14 Monthly Payment Funds Direct Deposited 
*Rates depend up credit score, amount and state of residence. See lender for details and updates.


Good credit? Application for a $10,000 long term unsecured loan


Big loan with installments: For long term financing a personal loan with monthly payments may be the best choice for you. If you have equity you may qualify for a cheap personal loan rate, otherwise you may want to examine person to person personal loans from friends or family members. The low rate secured personal loans generally also require at least fair credit. When you have no equity and bad credit, a short term installment loan may be your best and only option other than a credit card cash advance. Not everyone may qualify for a personal loan from finance company.

Another long term unsecured loan option is to use a credit card cash advance. Many card issuers allow advance loans of up to $10,000 with no credit check other than the initial application, and allow you to make monthly repayments. This type of unsecured loan; however, has a higher interest rate computation than a standard signature loan or card charge.


Banks and Credit Unions provide a wide variety of loans to fit a borrower's financial needs. Most loan approval decisions are made in one day, and many do not charge application fees, service charges, or prepayment penalties.

Examples of long term unsecured loans:

Joint Personal Loans - Getting a a large, long term unsecured loan without a cosigner can be difficult. Always start by asking friends and family first. Explain what the reasoning for your loan is and what your goals are in terms of establishing or rebuilding credit. You want to make the person that is going to cosign for you comfortable that you fully intend re-pay the loan timely.

If you have cosigner to apply for a loan, not only will approval chances improve, but also you may get a much lower rate.


Need more information? Read our financial and credit articles related to long term loan, and join our online financial newsletter.

Lending Club Loans: * Low, fixed interest rates. Unlike credit cards, your interest rate will never change. * No hidden fees. Period. * 36 equal monthly payments. Payments automatically deducted from your bank account. * No pre-payment penalties. You can pay off the loan at any time with no penalty. * Private & Confidential. Your personal information and identity is kept completely private and confidential. Check out these additional Personal Loan Offers for more deals from lenders. Sign up for a Lending Club loan today to get a $150 Gift Certificate for free from Amazon.com through the Lending Club peer lending network.

Pay Pal Payday Loan without Bank Account - paydayloansonlinedott.com: You may be looking into the possibility of receiving a payday loan but aren't sure what the requirements are in terms of holding a bank account and having a steady income. A no checking account cash advance may be possible so long as you can provide a way to repay the loan in a manner that is agreeable to the lender. To obtain a payday loan no checking account does not automatically bar you or make you ineligible. Many lenders will offer a cash advance with no checking account because they can work with you to find an electronic means of transferring funds. Receiving payday loans without a bank account may be accomplished if a temporary account is set up by you, often with the assistance of the lender. There are many financial companies that offer short-term accounts that act as a depository. Also, companies like PayPal can set up an immediate account and they have their own methods of furnishing an account number and routing number for money transfers. Special Loans For Retirees, Military Personnel And Unemployed Individuals: If you have a monthly income source that is delivered by a means other than automatic or direct deposit, you may be eligible for a cash advance. Circumstances may exist where you may need extra cash and with this type of payday loan no bank account may be needed. Persons in the military often are able to not only set up a loan agreement that carries a lower interest rate, their branch of service may be able to provide a means for transferring emergency funds. Pay Pal payday advance: Easy Cash Advance Without Bank Account. To get cash advance loans no bank account may be required but your borrowing amount may be lowered until you have a proven repayment history. However this can be a good thing, because each time you borrow you may be eligible for a higher amount of funding. Also your interest rate will not increase even if you have no checking account, therefore the lender is actually offering you a way to establish a good history with them while enjoying the same low fees as other borrowers. Also remember that when you take out a cash advance no bank account transaction fees are included, only the fees you may be required to pay when you use the services of a temporary depository.

AAA Payday Advance - Apply Now for Fast Cash Payday Loans Online! * Up to $1,000 Overnight * No Credit Check * No Hassles * It's Fast, Easy, and Convenient. Apply in less than 2 minutes! 866-606-LOAN. Get an Affordable Payday Loan Today! Welcome to AAA Payday Cash, your fast cash online source for affordable Payday Loans. We understand that sometimes in life things happen and you need a little extra cash. If you're short on cash and need help making it to the next payday, we're here to provide you with a fast, convenient, and affordable Payday Loan. AAAPaydayCash.com offers you totally secure payday loans online and instant results. While providing confidential service, we give you access to fast cash with no credit checks. Our simple application gets you the Payday Loan you need deposited electronically into your bank account within 24 hours. AAA Payday Cash is a specialty finance company providing consumers with small, short-term cash advances until payday, with professional discrete service. While focused on being the best payday loan company. To realize our mission and vision, we follow our legitimate payday loan Core Values of: * Customer Service * Building Relationships * Achieving Excellence * Obeying the Law. We help thousands of customers each month with their short-term quick cash needs. A market not serviced by traditional financial institutions. Customers in need of quick cash can obtain a fast and easy payday loan in as little as 24 hours through the technology of the Internet and the Operational Excellence of AAA Payday Cash.

United Payday Advance (American Indian Payday Loan): Tribal Financial Services, doing business as UnitedCashLoansr, is a tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, a Sovereign Nation recognized by the United States government under the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act of 1936. Mission - The mission of the Miami Nation is to continue to exercise our sovereignty, to preserve and promote our cultural identity and our social and governmental integrity in order to strengthen our self-determination and economic independence. By filling out our 2-minute form you will qualify for a cash advance for up to $1500.00 by a participating lender! Once you have filled out your online request, on the final page of the form, you will be given directions that you must follow to complete the process. Once approved, your cash is deposited in your bank account that evening by a participating lender. When your loan is due, we automatically deduct your scheduled payment from your bank account along with any applicable fees. Getting The Cash You Need Is That Easy!

Is a disposable credit card safer than a regular credit card? Disposable credit card accounts are favored by some cardholders who enjoy extra security. Credit card companies began issuing virtual or disposable credit cards to help people become more comfortable with online shopping. Instead of online merchants receiving your actual account number, they would receive a substitute number generated by the card company. But don't forget that with a regular unsecured credit card, cardholders are usually only responsible to pay up to $50 on fraudulent charges.

I applied for a credit card but got rejected because I refused to submit income verification information. Can a credit card company ask me for income info? Yes. A bank that offers you a credit card account is required to consider your ability to pay the minimum payments required. A bank must consider your income or assets and debts in deciding whether you are able to make these payments. Additionally, if you are not yet 21 years old, and cannot show an ability to make payments, the bank may also request financial information about a cosigner.

Your credit card is just like cash, so you should: Never lend it to anyone. Never sign a blank charge slip. Draw lines through blank spaces on charge slips above the total so the amount canít be changed. Never put your account number on the outside of an envelope or on a postcard. Always be cautious about disclosing your account number on the telephone unless you know the person youíre dealing with represents a reputable company. Always carry only the cards you anticipate using to prevent the possible loss or theft of all your cards or identification. Always report lost or stolen ATM and credit cards to the card issuers as soon as possible. Follow up with a letter that includes your account number, when you noticed the card was missing, and when you first reported the loss.

Commerce Bank personal loan - Personal Unsecured Loans: Borrow for whatever you need, and get competitive rates and fixed monthly payments. * Flexible - use your loan for whatever you want * Available with or without collateral * Competitive interest rates * Easy, online application and fast approval process * Rate discounts of up to 0.75% for CommerceOptionsSM checking customers * Or, get a discount of 0.25% just for having your payment automatically deducted from your Commerce checking account * Minimum loan amount is $7,000. Personal Unsecured Line of Credit: The new Commerce Bank ReadyLine of Credit is a great source of funds for just about any need. Use it to help purchase a car, camper or trailer or just to improve your cash flow. With the ReadyLine of Credit, you will have equal monthly payments on any draw of $2,000 or greater for 48 months1, making it easier to budget each month. * Speedy access to funds when unexpected expenses hit * Provides a source of reusable funds * As payments are made, the amount available increases * No out-of-pocket costs to open and no transaction fees.

Compass Bank personal loan - Monthly installment loan for money to buy a car, boat, or RV. * Rates as competitive as we are. Lower interest means you can afford more car, or save more by refinancing your current loan with BBVA Compass. * Applying is fast and easy. You don't need to get behind the wheel to get things in motion. We make the process go quickly. * Same day decision, even when you're still making yours. You'll have our credit decision within hours. Because your loan can be pre-approved before you shop, you'll have more time to decide on the important things. Loans for the road less taken. BBVA Compass has boat, RV and motorcycle loans with all the great features and competitive rates of our auto loans. You can go off the beaten path, with a loan thatís hard to beat.

HDFC Bank personal loan - Fast and Easy Personal Loans: Whatever the occasion, our range of Personal Loans can help. The procedure is simple, documentation is minimal and approval is quick.Personal Loan Features & Benefits: Borrow up to Rs 15,00,000 for any purpose depending on your requirements. Flexible Repayment options, ranging from 12 to 60 months. Repay with easy EMIs. One of the lowest interest rates. Hassle free loans - No guarantor/security/collateral required. Speedy loan approval. Convenience of service at your doorstep. Customer privileges: * If you are an HDFC Bank salary account holder, we have a special offer for you * If you are an existing Auto Loan or Home Loan customer with a clear repayment of 6 months or more from any of our approved financiers or us, you can get a hassle free personal loan (without income documentation). * If you are an existing HDFC Bank Personal Loan customer with a clear repayment of 9 months or more, we can Top-Up your personal loan. Credit Shield: In case of death or total permanent disability of the loanee,the loanee/nominee can avail of the Payment Protection Insurance (Credit Shield) which insures the principle outstandings on the loan upto a maximum of the loan amount.Principle outstanding is defined as the amount of loan outstanding (not including any arrears in payment or interest thereon) at the Date of Loss,having accounted for payments made and interest accruing as determined in the Policy. Hence,the amount covered does not include any principal added because of non - payment of EMI and also will not include interest/ accrued charges. Personal Accident Cover: In order to ensure that your family is taken care of we also offer a Personal Accident cover of Rs. 4,00,000 at a nominal premium.

Often unsecured bad credit loans receive negative press, but there's no disputing the fact that they have helped millions of Americans by providing the financing they need to avoid late payments, fund car repairs, pay an emergency medical expense and to meet other urgent needs. These unsecured loans for bad credit people are more available than most any other type of consumer financing. Such lenders are among the waning few who openly accept troubled credit and even no credit history applicants. The are certainly the number 1 resource of unsecured guaranteed loans since their easy approval standards make it possible for almost anyone to receive cash with no lengthy paperwork and with no cosigner regardless of very bad credit.

Who do you turn to when you need to borrow money, and you need it quick and hassle-free? The number one choice for many Americans are unsecured money lenders. What they offer are unsecured consumer loans to all credit types, from very bad credit to excellent credit. These are typically short term since the funding is often less than that of traditional unsecured signature loans banks and credit unions offer to their customers. Those loans are often out of reach of everyday consumers, since unsecured installment loans require either good credit and/or collateral.

Copyright CreditFederal.Com long term bad credit personal loan with monthly payments and no credit check, pre-approved credit cards and free debt settlement.