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Tip of the Day: Would it be foolish to get another unsecured credit card when you already have several cards maxed out? Perhaps not. Your FICO score takes into account how much of your total credit line is already obligated on credit cards and other revolving credit accounts. If you are close to maxing out your credit cards, this can lower your score. So getting yet another unsecured credit card may not harm your score, but could help it (considering there are no other problems with your score) by increasing your available credit limit. But don't max out the additional credit card, too.

Tip of the Day: To curb credit card charges, wrap your credit card in a sheet of paper and keep a log of purchases written on the paper, with a grand total of charges in view each time you reach for your card. Before swiping your card, figure out how many hours you'll have to work in order to payoff the charge and jot on the paper: "IOU #Hours of Work". Perhaps seeing how long you'll need to work to payoff the charge will help curb spending.


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If you have income, you can get instant cash loan approval. Use the loan to pay bills, go on vacation, cover emergency expenses or for any reason.



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Want to improve your credit and your chances of getting secured or unsecured loan instant approval? No doubt you've learned by now that your credit score is a huge factor in not only determining whether you get rejected or approved, but also affects the interest rate you'll pay.


Whether you're just beginning to establish a credit history or if you are trying to rebuild damaged credit, the journey towards good credit can be challenging. Here are some free tips to get you started:


No credit people: start by opening a checking account at your local bank. If your bank won't issue you a checking account, open a savings account instead. Make use of pre-paid debit cards to establish credit. Make sure the issuer reports your timely payments to the major credit bureaus. Get a few unsecured loans, such as payday loans, and repay them when due.


Bad credit people: Your first step is to get your personal finances in order. Most likely, your bad credit is because you have over limit credit card charges or you're behind on bill payments. If you can't create a budget, work with a credit counselor to lower your payments. But remember, paying off your bills won't necessarily improve your credit score. You'll need to prove to creditors that you are once again financially sound. So pay your bills on time, and take small steps toward rebuilding credit such as using a debit card which can also help you avoid getting back into debt.


Through sound financial management, you can improve credit so in the future you can obtain a secured or unsecured loan instant approval with low interest rates.


A solution for people rejected for loan approval, is to borrow money from family or friends using our free personal loan agreement, and our loan calculator to affix interest and establish monthly repayments.



Payday Personal


Short-term, unsecured loans can be a life saver when there are expenses that require money in a hurry. These small loans have helped many people who have different credit types get the funds they needed when a paycheck was not available. These loans tend to help financially when people are in between paydays. Many consumers who have bad credit or no credit may be able to get approved with lenders who service their credit type.


Interest rates are different among lenders, as are the terms of the loan. These loans are very quick to apply and quick to give the applicant an answer within hours or less than 24 hours. Usually once approved, the money can be made available within a couple of hours or in less than a day. There are several methods to get the money, one is by direct wire transfer into a bank account or through the mail.


Repaying can be easy, as the borrower can have the lender withdraw the funds from their bank account on the due date, or the borrower can give them a post dated check. Interest fees will be included on what is due. These fast cash loans can have great low rates, and can be worth applying for when someone needs to prevent checks from bouncing. No one likes to pay about a $37.00 fee on one bounced check. 


One of the most important things a borrower can do is repay the loan on or by the due date. If the borrower has bad credit, doing this can help get some positive information on reports, if the lender reports to a major credit agency. Just like some people do not manage their finances or manage a budget, some people abuse these loans and never repay the lender. 


Some examples of when a payday loan may be used, is when the rent is due or the utilities are about to be cut off, these circumstances create the need to get money as fast as possible. People have problems every day that may require immediate action. Lenders are providing funds to many people who are unable to get a small loan through a bank. They are often willing to take a risk on those who even have blemished credit. 


Bad credit is costly when getting any type of credit, for example for credit cards and loans. People who don't have excellent credit pay higher fees and that is a known fact. That is why it is important to keep credit scores in the average to great range, just to be able to get credit at a cheaper rate. Some people monitor their reports regularly, while others do not worry about scores until they need a credit card, auto loan, or home loan.


Payday loan companies have been growing in response to people needing money, that other financial institutions are not providing. It is the responsibility of the borrower to repay the loan and do not borrow any more than they can repay. Even when a lender offers more money, only borrow what is needed. For each hundred dollars there will be a fee charged, and if a loan is late, more fees are usually added.


Compare fees of several lenders, it is easy to do online, usually quicker to apply and quicker to get the funds. Be sure to try to pay the loan off early if possible, it may save money on the interest fees. If the loan can not be repaid on the due date, make arrangements before the repayment date. When money is needed, the only options are to borrow money from someone you know or get money through some type of financial company. Another option is to apply for a secured loan which would require collateral like a home, auto, or other item. If the loan is not repaid, the borrower risks loosing their collateral.

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They have extra cash and want to invest it and get a good rate of return. 

They want their money to grow, not just sit there in the bank earning puny interest rates. 

There is hardly anywhere for them to go to get a decent rate of interest or growth on their money. 

Even a Certificate of Deposit (CD) only offers about 2% and savings accounts only about 1%! 

Every day these individual investors can review the "Loan Requests" looking for a person who needs a loan for some reason, any reason actually, where they can earn a much higher rate of return on their investment.

There are wealthy individuals would like to help, perhaps not even having a family of their own, but how would they go about it? 

Would they run an advertisement in the local paper? They would be besieged with letters and phone calls. 

This is the perfect situation for anyone with money which they would like to invest, to reach out and really touch another human being.

Personal loans, debt consolidation loans, venture capital, business loans, education loans, home loans or "loans for any reason!".

You get to explain your situation to the individual who is interested in lending to you, not just have some office worker looking at your credit report. This gives you a real chance to get the funds you need!

"It's all private deals between the lender and the borrower." 
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Your Credit Record is not that important: It's who knows you need money and why. Your chances increase if you could have the chance to explain to someone with money, about your situation. An actual person, with a profit motive, but also a caring person who would take satisfaction in helping.

By taking advantage of the latest technology and designed for today's needs, it is the lending wave of the future, here today.

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