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Need help repaying Christmas credit card charges or other debt? Consider and compare DIY free debt settlement, obtaining professional debt help, getting a consolidation loan or a long term personal loan to payoff bills.





Mortgage Refinancing and Equity Options: Use your home as your personal loan resource. Apply for a low interest 2nd mortgage loan. A home equity loan can be used to pay for home remodeling to improve your home's value, or as a debt consolidation loan to payoff bills and get rid of high interest fees or to buy a boat or RV or to go on vacation.

Before you apply for 2nd mortgage refinancing, use our mortgage refinancing calculator to calculate the new long term monthly payments. In addition to providing money that can be used as an unsecured debt consolidation loan to payoff bills, a mortgage refinance loan can be used for any reason.

Learn about a joint mortgage loan, the benefits of a reverse mortgage and the options for a nonhomeowner debt consolidation loan. Get all the facts and carefully review the terms and conditions before you submit your mortgage refinancing application. Browse for more mortgage refinance resources.


Reverse mortgage - Information about the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

Home equity loan - Refinance your first mortgage and take cash out at closing.

Home remodeling loan - Use your home's equity to finance a remodeling project and increase home value.

Mortgage refinance loan - For a home equity line of credit, you may want to think about a traditional second mortgage loan.

Mortgage refinancing - Read the benefits of mortgage refinancing.

Mortgage refinancing calculator - Calculate your new mortgage payments.

2nd mortgage loan - Equity cash loan, debt consolidation, remodeling and other uses.

2nd mortgage refinancing - Apply for a lower interest rate and/or lower payments.

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Apply online for a home remodeling loan. Get a free equity loan quote from multiple lenders and see if you qualify for the lowest home improvement loan rate.



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free debt relief. lower monthly bills and unsecured bill payments.

Don't qualify for a home remodeling loan?

Easily reduce bill payments

Stop harassing creditor calls and collection agencies

Unsecured debt consolidation or debt settlement quote.

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A government home remodeling loan is limited to a maximum loan amount of $12,000 per family unit. But with the Credit Federal network, you can get a home improvement loan for up to $100,000 or more.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) makes it easier for consumers to obtain affordable home improvement loans by insuring loans made by private lenders to improve properties that meet certain requirements. "Lending institutions make loans from their own funds to eligible borrowers to finance these improvements."

The Title I program insures loans to finance light or moderate home remodeling, as well as the construction of nonresidential buildings on the property. This program may be used to insure such loans for up to 20 years on either single- or multifamily properties. The maximum loan amount is $25,000 for improving a single-family home or for improving or building a nonresidential structure.

For remodeling or improving a multifamily structure, the maximum loan amount is $12,000 per family unit, not to exceed a total of $60,000 for the structure. These are fixed-rate loans, for which lenders charge interest at market rates. The interest rates are not subsidized by HUD, although some communities participate in local housing rehabilitation programs that provide reduced-rate property improvement loans through Title I lenders.

FHA insures private lenders against the risk of default for up to 90 percent of any single home remodeling loan. The annual premium for this insurance is $1 per $100 of the amount advanced; although this fee may be charged to the borrower separately, it is sometimes covered by a higher interest charge.


With a home remodeling loan you can get cash to fund your house's improvement plans.

There are two primary types of home improvement loans; 1) those that use the equity in your home and 2) those that require a down payment.

Home loans using home equity as collateral are the most common and offer the biggest loan amounts, but lenders are looking for homeowners to retain a 15% equity stake after the loan. This means you'd need a fairly large amount of equity in your home to qualify.

Your other option is to pay a down payment rather than use the equity in your home as collateral, but if you don’t want to tie up equity in the home, you’re looking at a much smaller loan with a higher interest rate.

When looking for equity financing, your current mortgage lender may not be the best choice. To get the best deal, comparison shop with several lenders including your mortgage company.

Typically to qualify for a home improvement loan you'll need a good credit score and enough monthly income to comfortably pay for all of your debts, including the additional loan payment.

If you choose to use your home's equity as collateral, the lender may require an appraisal of your home. The lender will use the appraisal amount and your mortgage terms to determine how much equity you have in your home and what the home is worth to the lender.


Regardless of bad credit or no credit, our multiple lenders want to offer you a home remodeling loan at the lowest interest rate possible. Applications accepted from all credit types.


Learn more about home mortgages, and read our articles related to a home remodeling loan.

Personal Loan


Low cost payday loans are available online, yet it may take a couple of comparisons to be sure to find the one that offers the lowest rates. These loans abound and their popularity keeps rising. During holidays people with and without bad credit find them helpful when extra cash is needed quick.


There is so much online competition between lenders, people have the chance to find the best possible deal. Many lenders offer flexible terms and fees, but they vary among lenders. Review a few loans before applying. The length of the loan is one of the first details to check. For example, if the loan is only for fourteen days, that may not give some people enough paychecks to be able to repay the loan. Fees are charged for the payday loan and they are generally a specific percentage of the amount borrowed, and it should be outlined in an agreement. If it is unclear about the fees and terms, look for another lender.


If a lender refuses to disclose the amount that you would need to pay, or does not clearly spell out the terms and the conditions, this may be questionable. Also, before you finalize the loan, make it a point to ask some questions. Find out if the loan is repaid early, is there a rebate, or if the loan is extended would there be any extra fees.


Figure exactly what is needed to avoid borrowing to much money. Just because a lender may approve up to $1,500 it can be tempting to want that amount. If the loan is due in several weeks, try to put back money each week from the paycheck toward the payment date. If for any reason the loan must be extended, discuss it with the lender as soon as possible to find out the financial consequences.


Paychecks should not be left to chance spending, learning to budget each check can help reduce the stresses of paying bills from week to week. Getting into a financial bind can have ill effects on people where debts are concerned. Learning to live on a monthly income may take some work, but there are many tips and tools online to help learn some techniques for saving money.


When it is time to repay a payday loan, some lenders withdraw the money from your bank account or you may have given a post dated check, and either way is common. Check with the lender before applying for the loan. Using a bank account can make getting a loan faster as the money can be wired into a checking or savings account, and that is usually why the lender withdraws the money on the due date. It is fast and easy for the lender and the borrower.


Getting a loan even with bad credit is possible with certain lenders. The reason they can approve some people with poor credit is that they do not require a credit check. They may require proof of a steady job or income instead. This kind of loan can be used for anything, it could be debts, fun, medical, college, it does not matter, the lender does not care. They do care about getting repaid. Find the lender who has the best terms and repayment for you and check out all the details before applying for the loan.

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Credit Card Deals for Bad Credit: If you have bad credit history and want to rebuild it, take your time to review credit card deals that require your type of credit. Check through secured and unsecured credit card offers for bad credit to choose the card that suits your financial needs most! Compare bank offers and apply online!

* HSBC Bank - Orchard Bank® Classic MasterCards and Orchard Bank® Visa® Cards
* Capital One® Secured MasterCard®
* FlexCard Ultimate Credit Building Prepaid Card

Credit card deals for bad credit are designed for those people whose FICO scores range between 350 and 619 score points. These scores are considered to be rather low, that's why borrowers with bad credit history may have troubles when searching for credit card applications that fit their FICO score level.

Most banks and companies offer financial products to people with average or high scores. So, if you have good or excellent credit history, you are likely to find the best deals with favorable terms. Card applications for bad credit are not that wide-spread in comparison with bank offers for good or excellent credit and thus they're more sought-after.

The best thing about bad credit card deals is that they come with valuable options and services that may help you rebuild your credit history and boost your FICO score. Take for example email or text message reminders of the upcoming due date or monthly reports to major credit bureaus. Plus, most credit companies enable their customers to manage their accounts online, so that card holders can track and analyze their payment activity. It's a very good option for people who try to rebuild their credit history.

Review Disclaimer: Review information was collected from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor a confirmation of content nor a warrnty of any claims made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Individual Personal Loan up to a maximum $15K and max long term monthly repayment up to 72 months

NODA Federal Credit Union provides a wide variety of loans to fit your financial needs at affordable rates. Your financial condition is our number one priority. Most loan approvals are made within one day. Plus there are no application fees, service charges, or prepayment penalties. Apply today by clicking on our LOAN APPLICATION or contact us at 504-426-6632.

Some loan types available:

Why not check out our Great Rates, Calculate your payment and Apply Today! You can expect all of our lending services to come with the prompt and friendly service you deserve as a member of NODA FCU. We think our combination of outstanding service, great rates and convenience just can't be beat!! Check out our Great Loan Rates, try different loan scenarios on the Loan Calculator, then complete the Online Loan Application and apply today.

Please feel free to contact us online if you have any questions.


Can I simply walk away from home loan debt? Of course you can; or at least you can try. But no, you cannot legally just walk away from debt, not even if you were a cosigner and not the primary borrower (that's one of the risks of cosigning a loan). If you cannot make the payments because the monthly installments are too large, consider a loan modification program. You can use our refinancing mortgage loan payment calculator to see how much lower your payments could be. Get a quote from an official lender, such as an American General loan (Springleaf) or an Abacus loan quote.

What is a Conventional Loan: any mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by the federal government. A conventional loan is generally referring to a mortgage loan that follows the guidelines of government sponsored enterprises (GSE's) like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Conventional loans may be either conforming and non-conforming. Conforming loans follow the terms and conditions set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Nonconforming loans don't meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines, but they are also considered coventional.

Where can I get a long term loan? Use home as collateral for a loan: With a 2nd mortgage equity loan you can use the value of your home to secure a low interest long term loan. A home is a great asset. It's the cheapest bank loans for mobile homes, because the collateral is more appealing to lenders. If a family member owns a home and another wants to purchase a mobile home, the best route would be to refinance the home and use those funds to buy a manufactured house. Then instead of making mobile home payments, you repay the home refinance loan.

What credit score is needed to buy a house? A score below 600 is considered a bad credit rating. If you expect to have trouble getting mortgage pre approval, consider a cosigner mortgage loan. If this will be a newlywed mortgage loan, first work hard to improve at least one spouse's credit rating and have that spouse be the primary borrower. A mortgage loan for new constructions may require better scores than a regular mortgage prequalification or perhaps even for mortgage modification programs. Inquire before you apply to see which bank offers the best mortgage rates as well as credit score requirements.

Options for no collateral home improvement loans - If you're not interested in refinancing your home for a 2nd mortgage equity line of credit, there are other options for getting the funds you need for home remodeling and repairs: *Put the charges on your credit card, then after the repairs/remodeling, your home's equity value should increase making it easier to sell; or to refinance at a lower rate. If you absolutely don't want to borrow from refinancing mortgage companies, you could take a loan against your vehicle yet that would still be a collateral loan. For a non-collateral loan, you could acquire short term personal loans and repay them as you progress.

Can you afford the new, higher payments of a refinance home equity loan? Use our free refinance mortgage calculator to determine what your new payments would be and the amount of extra interest (or interest savings if you refinanced at a lower rate). You can use home equity for down payment on investment property, a 2nd home or even to buy a mobile home. The main reason why people use home equity to buy investment property is to generate retirement revenue by renting. Additionally, they can take a mortgage interest deduction on their taxes while repaying the loan.

Mortgage help for homeowners - Sometimes your home may feel like a huge burden, but it's generally an enormous asset, like a huge ATM machine. As you build equity, you can avail yourself to mortgage debt consolidation loans to save money on higher interest debts like credit cards. And let's not forget that you can use home mortgage interest as a tax deduction. If you're having trouble making your payments, consider mortgage modification programs. Contact your current lender and ask for their recommendations, and research the Mortgage Modification FAQs at the government website.

Veterans are entitled to a mortgage no down payment. Visit the Government Loan Guaranty Home Loan Program website at regarding a mortgage no deposit required. Benefits of a VA Home loan include: Mortgage with no down payment (You can obtain mortgage zero down payment approval as long as the sales price doesn’t exceed the appraised value - of course you have to qualify for mortgage zero percent down in terms of income and credit); Negotiable interest rate; No mortgage insurance premiums; An assumable mortgage; VA assistance to veteran borrowers in default due to temporary financial difficulty.

Cosigner Mortgages: Before applying for a cosigner home loan, first ensure both parties would be able to repay without assistance from the other should one person default. Use our online mortgage monthly payment calculator to see if the loan payment would be affordable with your current budget. For a joint refinancing home equity loan, use our refinance calculator to estimate the new monthly installments. Can I use a cosigner for a mortgage for newly divorced person? Yes. In fact, your approval liklihood will improve if the cosigner has good credit. The larger your down payment percentage the greater chances of getting approved.

2nd mortgage vs home equity loan: A second mortgage is any loan that involves a second lien on the property. Some second mortgages are for a fixed dollar amount paid out at one time, in the same way as a first mortgage. As with firsts, such seconds may be fixed-rate or adjustable-rate. A home equity loan is a line of credit rather than for a fixed dollar amount. Borrowers may draw up to a certain amount of money whenever they desire. These "home equity loans" or "home equity lines of credit" are commonly named "HELOC", and they always have an adjustable rate. People often use a 2nd mortgage to consolidate debt or to fund a home remodeling loan.

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Bridge Mortgages provides low rate home purchase loans, with 100% home loan financing, 80-20 combo mortgages with options for adjustable rates, interest only, or fixed interest rate terms of 30 and 40 years. Bridge Mortgages is an experienced lender from California, who offers loans in 44 states. Our experience has led us to innovative mortgage products for 1st time homebuyers.

Purchasing home is stressful enough, without having to worry about financing this investment. We deliver affordable purchase loans that will meet your expectations. When you are ready to become a homeowner, let Bridge Mortgages help you with 100% of the financing.

Bridge Mortgages provides the following purchase loan products with fixed or adjustable rate payment options:

Home Purchase Loans to 103% - Preserve your cash-flow. You can finance the cost of buying the house and keep your money in the bank.

Jumbo Home Loans - You can finance homes with jumbo mortgages from $417,000 up to $2,000,000 and still qualify for a competitive low rate that works within your budget.

Poor Credit Financing - Available from 500 credit scores and up, Bridge Mortgages offers people loans 1-Day out of Bankruptcy. If you are a homeowner with credit card debt, or an adjustable rate mortgage, look no further.

80-20 Combo Loan - You can avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance)& keep your savings in your bank. These 1st & 2nd combo loans offer an 80% first and 20% second mortgage that close concurrently for your home purchase.

FHA Home Mortgages - Take advantage of little or no money deposit requirements with these popular government loans. FHA guarantees their loans and the credit requirements are much easier than the conforming loans of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Bad Credit Lender - 100% Mortgages - Refinance Home Mortgage Loans: Bridge is a bad credit lender that provides home mortgage loans, 100% mortgages and refinancing countrywide with, VA loan, FHA purchase and no cost home loans. With over ten years of experience as a mortgage lender, we are able to offer the lowest 30-year fixed mortgage rates online. Choose from FHA, VA, conventional home mortgages and debt consolidation for good people with a questionable credit scores. Apply Now! We offer prime and sub-prime home loans, but our mission is to find a home loan for everyone regardless of their good or bad credit history.

Debt consolidation loans have helped thousands of our clients reduce their monthly expenses with lower fixed rates that bring their payments and obligations down to an affordable level. Bridge Mortgages provides homeowners a complete solution with debt consolidation loans for first or second mortgages. Our consolidation loan options were created to help you lower your monthly payments and pay off high interest debts like credit cards and consumer loans.

Lower Payments with Consolidation Loans with Fixed Interest Rates: Bridge Mortgages now offers consolidation loan products that require almost no equity in your home. Consolidate debts and borrow up 80 to 100% now! Homeowners can consolidate debt and wrap all of your bills into a loan with fixed, simple interest rates that may offer additional tax incentives. Tax deductions should not be taken lightly, because they can save you money and debt consolidation loan opportunities are not available to all consumers any more. 

Choose between refinancing and home equity loans to get cash out for multiple purposes. Bridge Mortgage is a countrywide lender who provides online home equity loans for debt consolidation and 100% home equity loan refinancing. Borrowers can get cash out of their home for consolidating bills and financing business ventures or home improvements. Home equity loans provide new opportunities for homeowners to get a loan without having to go through the home refinancing step of revising their first mortgage.

* Closed End 2nd's
* Open End Lines of Credit
* Interest Only Home Equity Credit
* FHA - 95% CLTV's to w/580 Score
* Loan amounts up to $500,000 w/ 700 Score
* Fixed Home Equity Loans
* Reduced Documentation Available
* 2-4 Units & Condo's Available
* 2nd Home and Non-Owner Occupied Available
* No Equity Loan Refinancing
* Home Improvements Loans


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Before buying a house, instead of only calculating a monthly payment you can afford, you should also figure out how much of a down payment you can make. The more you borrow (the principal), the higher risk the bank assumes and this may not only affect approval, but also your interest rate.

On a $200,000 home loan at 6% for 30 years, how much would be saved with a $25,000 downpayment versus a $20,000 downpayment? Would the extra $5,000 make a significant difference? With a $25,000 downpayment, the monthly note would be $1,049.21, for a total of $377,715.60. With only a $20,000 downpayment, the monthly note would be $1,079.19, for a total cost of $388,508.40. So a $25,000 downpayment would save a total of $10,792.80. The extra $5,000 downpayment results in a double savings.

Daily Credit Tip: How much interest money can be earned by placing $100 a month into a 2.1% savings account over 10 years? You would earn a total of $13,349.56, of which $1,349.56 is interest.

Where to get a high risk mortgage loan with collateral - Certain types of loans, such as option ARM products, junior lien mortgages, high loan-to-value ratio mortgages, interest only loans, subprime loans, and loans with initial teaser rates, can have a greater risk of non-collection than other loans. ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage; a mortgage loan subject to changes in interest rates; when rates change, ARM monthly payments increase or decrease at intervals determined by the lender; the change in monthly payment amount, however, is usually subject to a cap. Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio: a percentage calculated by dividing the amount borrowed by the price or appraised value of the home to be purchased; the higher the LTV, the less cash a borrower is required to pay as down payment. Sub-Prime Loan: "B" Loan or "B" paper with FICO scores from 620 - 659. "C" Loan or "C" Paper with FICO scores typically from 580 to 619. An industry term to used to describe loans with less stringent lending and underwriting terms and conditions. Due to the higher risk, sub-prime loans charge higher interest rates and fees.

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