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Financial Tip: If you are a credit card user who continually carries a month to month balance, don't be side tracked by flashy into periods or rewards. Carrying balances with rewards cards could cost you more in interest than the rewards credited.


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Now is a good time to submit good or bad credit home loan applications for multiple home loan lender quotes. Before you apply for a mortgage loan, view national average home loan interest rates and use our mortgage calculator to calculate monthly payments and interest. Learn about a government guaranteed no deposit home loan with no down payment and how spouse credit can affect a joint mortgage loan. Consider all your home loan options before you decide and submit an online application. Browse more home loan resources. Bad credit home loan - Apply for a home loan and stop paying rent. No deposit home loan - Apply for a no deposit, no down payment home loan. Get a new Home loan to purchase the American dream. Home loan lenders multiple quotes with just one application. Mortgage calculator for monthly payments and interest. Mortgage loan for new home purchases, equity, refinancing, 2nd mortgages and more. Joint mortgage loan - How spouse credit affects joint mortgages, and the impact of divorce.

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Auto Loan: Good or bad credit auto loan quote. Apply for a new or used auto loan, or for car refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for a gold rewards or a bad credit card. To rebuild credit, get an instant approval credit card. Browse unsecured platinum and guaranteed credit card offers.


Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.


Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive alerts and tips to manage personal finances.


Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan for remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan.


Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check and no collateral.


Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan.


Personal Finance: Create a personal budget, balance a checkbook, file bankruptcy and more.


Free Help: Personal finance newsletter, credit advice and tips.


Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.


Mortgage Law - concerns the regulation of mortgage loans, loans with real estate as collateral, or security instruments or liens on real property including mortgage liens, deeds of trust and mortgage assignments or conveyances. Legal issues include notice and full disclosure requirements, the nature and type of mortgage loans and interest rates, deficiencies or problems in executing or processing the application or mortgage instrument, insurance requirements, foreclosure or termination procedures, and redemption (payment after default).


Apply for a home loan for bad credit, no credit or any credit (based on lender availability and requirements). Let multiple lenders compete to offer you a new home loan or home refinancing loan.



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Compare Free Mortgage Quotes - Purchase home loans, refinance, home equity loans, debt consolidation.


Whether you are a first time home buyer, selling a home to buy a new home or want to refinance an existing mortgage to pay off bills, give us the opportunity to match you with a home loan lender resource in our network.


The online, home loan quote request is secure, safe and easy. We will review your information, including your state of residence, and will try to match you with a potential lender resource.


Submit your new home loan or mortgage refinance quote request today.


First Time Home Buying - Buying a home is a huge step for anyone and there is much to learn. You can either learn smartly, or learn the hard way by making costly and regrettable mistakes.

Consider the type of area you want to live in, and the amount you can afford. You may also want to consider if the homes in that area will be more likely to increase or decrease in value, due to issues such as new businesses or poor road maintance.

Get mortgage education. Learn the industry jargon, know the different types of home loans, and learn about related issues such as home insurance.

To help you determine how much house you can afford, consider getting a Mortgage Pre-Approval. Lenders offer borrowers a pre-qualification letter or a pre-approval letter. A pre-qualification letter states the amount a lender thinks you’ll be able to borrow; but isn't guaranteed.

First Time Home Buyer Programs - There are numerous opportunities for mortgage financing for first time home buyers. Most states have programs tailored for first timers, many of which involve little or no money down, limited credit reference requirements, and free mortgage information to help new buyers navigate the process with success. So called “government loans” can also be a perfect choice. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veterans' Administration (VA) offer mortgage programs that have helped millions of people own their first home. FHA programs allow down payments as low as 3% and also allow many buyers to include most of their closing costs in their new loan. For many first timers, having sufficient cash is a major problem, but FHA loans can eliminate this issue. If you are an active or retired military person, you can obtain a certificate of eligibility for a VA loan, which may qualify people for a no money down loan. The VA also provides pre-purchase counseling to give a new buyer valuable information to help simplify the mortgage process.

A government mortgage may be an excellent choice for a first time home buyer. The big advantage is the ability to get a mortgage loan with very little or no money down, as lack of a sufficient down payment is the most common problem for many first time buyers. There are two primary categories of loans commonly referred to as government mortgages:

* Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, usually known as HUD.
* U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), offering mortgage loans to active and retired members of the armed forces. 

A major feature of an FHA loan, your down payment can be as low as 3% which helps buyers short of cash. In addition, FHA allows you to include your closing costs into your new loan.

The VA, like the FHA, does not actually make loans directly, but guarantees part of the loan to the lender who makes the actual loan. Veterans of military service can obtain an eligibility certificate which is their passport to be able to get a VA loan. Most VA loans require no money down.

The only disadvantage of either of these two programs is a mortgage insurance fee (FHA) and a funding fee (VA). The VA funding fee is two per cent of the mortgage amount (two and three-quarters per cent for reservists), but may be included in the loan at closing. The FHA mortgage insurance costs about one per cent of the mortgage amount. For a first time home buyer, these government mortgage loan programs can be a lifesaver.

Home Purchase Loan Fees - Fees include home loan origination fees, broker fees and fees for your transaction, settlement and closing.

Home Buying In Brief:

  1. Figure out how much you can afford: What you can afford depends on your income, credit rating, current monthly expenses, downpayment and the interest rate.

  2. Know your rights - Fair Housing: Equal Opportunity for All - Borrower's rights - Predatory lending

  3. Shop for a loan - Compare, negotiate - brochure

  4. Learn about homebuying programs - those in your state - FHA loan programs - HUD's special homebuying programs Good Neighbor Next Door - Homeownership for public housing residents - Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

  5. Shop for a home - features you want - ;location - access to schools, etc

  6. Make an offer on the home

  7. Get a home inspection


free debt relief. lower monthly bills and unsecured bill payments.

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Easily reduce bill payments

Stop harassing creditor calls and collection agencies

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Guaranteed loan for Veterans: Are you a US veteran? Get a VA guaranteed loan. VA guaranteed loans are made by private lenders, such as banks, savings & loans, or mortgage companies to eligible veterans for the purchase of a home which must be for their own personal occupancy. To get a loan, a veteran must apply to a lender. If the loan is approved, VA will guarantee a portion of it to the lender. This guaranty protects the lender against loss up to the amount guaranteed and allows a veteran to obtain favorable financing terms. There is no maximum VA loan but lenders will generally limit VA loans to $240,000. This is because lenders sell VA loans in the secondary market, which currently places a $240,000 limit on the loans. For loans up to this amount, it is usually possible for qualified veterans to obtain no down payment financing. A veteran's basic entitlement is $36,000 (or up to $60,000 for certain loans over $144,000). Lenders will generally loan up to 4 times a veteran's available entitlement without a down payment, provided the veteran is income and credit qualified and the property appraises for the asking price.


Why should you apply for a new home loan: Do you pay rent? Invest your rent money into the ownership of your own home. Not only can you have a place to call your own, being a home owner can also open more financial doors for you. As the equity in your home increases, you can refinance and use the money to pay off bills, send a child to college, go on vacation or use the money for any reason. Owning your own home is a wise investment. Also, you won't have to worry any longer about rent increases. A home can bring stability to a family.


Owning your own home is easier than you think. Before you start browsing real estate listings, apply for a new home loan quote to see how much money your credit rating will allow you to borrow. This can help you narrow down the choices.


Our home loan lenders are ready to offer free interest rate quotes. Apply for a new home loan or for a mortgage refinance loan, regardless of bad credit or no credit.


Get the latest home loan news, and read our home loan articles.

Credit Card Tips: Credit cards are a great way to get credit, and you get to decide how much credit to use and how much you want to repay each month. Searching for new card offers can be hard with the various terminology and procedures, yet taking the time to do so can be well worth it. Getting rewards or cash back is like earning money while spending money. Sometimes credit card users are just looking for a better card that has lower rates. They may do this to get their finances in order and to save more money. Young adults may be searching for a card offer to start establishing a credit history, and many companies may offer more incentives to new applicants who apply and get approved.


When credit is less than perfect, a secured card may be the only option to get credit back on target. Getting one without any fees may be more difficult that you expect, as fees are a common facet of secured cards. Charges can vary among companies, but there are some who charge reasonable rates. Review the terms and conditions for all the details of any card before applying. Even unsecured cards for good credit can have fees. The important thing is to rebuild or maintain a positive credit history. Secured cards are usually not totally free of fees and it is best to compare them side by side to get all the information.


Types of fees to compare on secured card offers:


*Yearly fee

*Interest fees

*Application fees

*Monthly maintenance fees


Some fees may occur when the cardholder does something contrary to an agreement, like making a late payment or making purchases that go over the available credit limit. Perpetually paying late or exceeding a credit limit can cause big fees or even an account being closed. It may be possible to avoid some fees that may be charged for balance transfers, cash advances, or when making purchases overseas, but these fees can vary among issuers. Looking for the lowest charges can save hundreds of dollars a year. Another option to try to avoid fees, is to pay balances in full.


Credit history and scores will have an affect on what fees are charged, the lower scores are, the more credit can cost. Higher scores can equal better credit terms and lower interest rates. There are issuers who advertise to consumers who have bad credit, and offer cards to rebuild credit. Guaranteed cards may be the only choice for those who can't get approved for regular cards.

Payday Loan Yes: Payday-Loan-Yes is here to help customers solve immediate financial issues. We understand that our customers may have had financial difficulty in the past. We also understand that these difficulties preclude customers from obtaining loans at other financial institutions, which rely on consumer credit scores as a key determining lending factor. Instead of using credit scores to determine creditworthiness, we rely on a consumer's bank account history, his or her committment to continued employment, and his or her promise to pay back any monies we have loaned to him or her. While our rates are significantly higher than many lending institutions' finance charges, if the loan is paid off within a short time, the finance charges can actually be lower then many alternatives. We provide an immediate option for the consumer who has been told "no" by most--and needs monies today to solve an immediate, pressing need. Loan Repayment Options: TO PAY THE FINANCE CHARGE ONLY: You do not need to do anything further. We will only debit the finance charge due on your up-coming payday. Remember you will still owe your original loan amount along with another finance charge on your following payday. IMPORTANT - you may only use this option four times. On the fifth time you must make a minimum payment of fifty dollars towards your loan balance plus your finance charge. TO PAY THE FINANCE CHARGE AND A PAYMENT TOWARDS YOUR LOAN AMOUNT: You must contact us either via our website at existing customers or through our automated telephone system at 1-800-550-6051 at least THREE (3) Full Business Days prior to the Loan due date to inform us of the amount you want to pay. Please remember you must get a confirmation number when using this option. We will only debit the finance charge due plus a payment towards the principle amount on your up-coming payday. (for example: $50.00, $100.00, $150.00, etc.). Remember you will still owe your new principle amount along with another finance charge on your following payday. TO PAY YOUR LOAN IN FULL: Please contact us either via our website at existing customers or through our automated telephone system at 1-800-550-6051 at least THREE (3) Full Business Days prior to the Loan due date to inform us of your intention to pay in full. Please remember you must get a confirmation number when using this option.

Should an emergency situation arise and you seek payday loan weekend funding, don't assume that a 24 7 payday loan site will transfer funds on Saturday or Sunday. Even should a website claim it offers 7 day payday loans, that may refer only to the application and approval process, not the actual funding. Those that do offer weekend funding; including Sunday payday loan transfers, may not be able to transfer the funds to a bank account but will need you to have some other form of receiving funds, perhaps a debit card. If weekend funding is important to you, first check with the lender to see if they indeed perform weekend transfers and; if so, what type of account would you need to receive the money.

Dollar Flash payday loan: A quick, easy and secure way to obtain cash advances online. Dollar Flash is one of the leading online resources that strives to cater to needs of people who wish to apply for instant cash advance loans. Online cash advance loans are fast becoming the number 1 choice for many. With immediate payday loans, you can now get instant cash advances when it is needed the most. What adds to your convenience when opting for a cash advance loan at Dollarflash.com, is the easy online application. Our Simple, online application makes it easy for an individual to apply for payday loans from the comfort of their office or home. An encrypted, secure online process is provided, so you can be assured of confidentiality. Having a hard time getting approvals for your cash advance loan applications? Our professional lenders are always ready to assist you. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit at all.

4 seasons payday loan - An American Indian payday loan lender: Four Seasons Cash is owned wholly by an individual Tribal Member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and is not owned or operated by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe or any of its political subdivisions. Four Seasons Cash is a privately owned Native American business operating within the exterior boundaries of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, a sovereign nation located within the United States of America. Four Seasons Cash's PREFERRED MEMBER REWARDS PROGRAM: We want to show you how much we appreciate our Four Seasons Cash customers! The Four Seasons Preferred Member Rewards Program was created to offer you the chance to receive additional discounts on our already low interest rates. With each loan you take out from Four Seasons, you earn discounts of up to 30% off your current interest rate. Here's how the Preferred Member Rewards Program works - Silver Member: Once you have taken out 5 loans with Four Seasons Cash, you'll qualify as a Silver member and be eligible to receive a 10% discount starting with your 6th loan! Gold Member: Once you have taken out 10 loans with Four Seasons Cash, you'll qualify as a Gold member and be eligible to receive a 20% discount starting with your 11th loan! Platinum Member: Once you have taken out 15 loans with Four Seasons Cash, you'll qualify as a Platinum member and be eligible to receive a 30% discount starting with your 16th loan!

Equity 2ndmortgage


Not everyone needs an 2ndmortgage equity loan, some people are looking to buy previously owned homes that are for sale by the U.S. Federal Government. This is done through a public auction or another method depending on the property. People do have the option to try to buy one of these homes from the Government. It would be necessary to contact a real estate agent, broker or servicing representative and make an offer or bid. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or rather (HUD), along with the Veterans Affairs (VA) have homes that can be listed for buyers who may be interested. A first-time home buyer can get some counseling assistance from a housing counseling agency approved by HUD, who have counseling services across the nation. There is also a HUD toll free number and a hud.gov website for information. 


When people find a HUD home they are interested in, they need to find a real estate broker who can submit a bid on their behalf. It can even be done online. HUD homes are sold during an offer period, and at the end of that time, offers are opened and the highest reasonable bid is accepted. Bids can be given until the home is sold. When a bid accepted, the real estate agent will be contacted. There is information about the home and an depending on a person's circumstances their way of bidding and trying to purchase the property could vary. It is important for any interested person to have a real estate agent or the selling agent who can prepare any needed documentation. Most agent are trained to help with these matters, and they can give valuable information about home loans as well as homes for sale by the government. It is unavoidable in some cases, do to many circumstances, that the government may have to foreclose on a home.

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