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Auto Loan: Good or bad credit auto loan quote. Apply for a new or used auto loan, or for car refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for a gold rewards or a bad credit card. To rebuild credit, get an instant approval credit card. Browse unsecured platinum and guaranteed credit card offers.


Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.


Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive alerts and tips to manage personal finances.


Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream.


Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan for remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan.


Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check and no collateral.


Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan.


Personal Finance: Create a personal budget, balance a checkbook, file bankruptcy and more.


Free Help: Personal finance newsletter, credit advice and tips.


Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.


Payday Personal Loan Interest - Why are there no low interest payday personal loans? The answer is because these are unsecured, high risk loans with no credit check. As such, the lenders have no idea about borrower credit reports and scores, and must assume that all have bad or no credit.

But what does a bad credit report and score have to do with the interest rate - - do lenders charge a higher rate merely to punish bad credit people or do they charge high rates simply because they can get away with it since bad credit people have no alternative? Since some borrowers won't repay the loan, or won't fully repay, lenders will suffer a percentage of financial losses. As mentioned before, since there are no credit checks the lenders cannot judge which borrowers are the highest risks. That's why they charge a high interest rate (fee) across the board, to make up for default losses. Just like any business, payday personal lenders have staff and overhead expenses to cover as well as their profit margins.

What will happen if the interest rates (fees) of payday personal loans are regulated? Chances are, they won't be as accessible as they currently are. In all likelihood, there will either be credit checks or collateral requirements. It's not likely consumers would be able to continue being approved for unsecured loans of $1000 or more with a mere signature application. It's important to remember that; although these loans charge high interest/fees, they are nonetheless the only fast cash option for many bad credit people.


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All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant agencies can be found, plus you don't have to register with to find grant opportunities. However, once you are ready to apply for a grant, you will need to register. This registration approval process takes 3-5 business days.

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Air Force Aid Society
Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents
Provides a comprehensive summary of federal government benefits available to veterans and their dependents, including information on alcoholism treatment programs, aid for the blind, burial assistance, clothing allowances, compensation for service-connected disabilities, death payments, dental treatment, dependents' education, education and training loans, etc. Searchable. Web page maintained by the Consumer Information Center at Pueblo, Colorado.
Federal Benefits Manual for Veterans and Dependents
The Department of Veterans Affairs maintains a copy of the latest edition at this site plus other information about veteran benefits programs.
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation exists to provide financial assistance to the children of Marines and of former Marines pursuing higher education at accredited universities and colleges, or vocational schools. America's most precious resource is its children, and their development as responsible citizens and civic leaders requires education. The foundation is dedicated to youth, education, and the enduring values and standards that have made our Corps and our country great. For further information call: 609-921-3534.
U.S. Army ROTC Scholarships
Ok, you don't have to be a veteran to get a ROTC scholarship. But check out this site anyway if you are interested.
Veterans Online Application Web Page
The Veterans Affairs Department has launched a new Web site that enables veterans to file online for pension and health care benefits. Unveiled last Friday, the Veterans Online Applications site lets veterans apply for disability compensation, pension and vocational rehabilitation benefits electronically. The site is designed to cut down on the time it takes for vets to receive their compensation and pension checks.


Search for free grants for veterans.


Getting Extra Money for Vacations, Christmas or other Events

Set up a separate savings account for the money you set aside. If you are saving for different purposes and are having difficulty keeping it all straight, consider setting up separate savings accounts for each purpose.

Write a household budget that lists all of your expenses and shows how much money is left after everything is paid. Figure in the amount you want to go into savings based on the available money. If money allocated to other expenses goes unused during the month, deposit it into your savings account to build it up even faster.

Cut back in areas of the budget when possible without completely cutting out things you enjoy. Apply the difference to your savings account. For example, if you cut out $50 by getting rid of your land line phone in favor of your cell phones, deposit an extra $50 to your savings account each month.

Set up a weekly automatic deposit into the savings account that coincides with your paycheck deposit. Automatic transfers mean the money won't hang out in your checking account, tempting you to use it for that cute pair of heels or a new video game.

Sign up for a debit card that rounds up your purchases to the next dollar amount and deposits the difference in your savings account. Since it's a small amount each time, you won't probably notice it, but the change builds up over time. Not all bank cards have this feature, but it's worth asking if your bank offers it.

Save your loose change in a jar or piggy bank, just like you did as a kid. When the jar is filled to the brim with shiny coins, haul it to the bank for deposit. The change-counting machine at the bank takes care of all the work and you get a boost to your savings account.

Sell those old CDs that are collecting dust in the corner. Schedule a garage sale or sell off bits and pieces of your clutter collection on online sales sites. You clear out the clutter, reclaim space in your nest, and get a wad of cash to take to the bank.

Cut back on indulgences and habits that cost money. Sure your daily gourmet latte jolts you awake each morning, but that money could help you build your savings. Quit or cut back on expensive coffee, cigarettes, alcohol or indulging your shoe obsession and put that money in your savings account instead.

Work an extra job temporarily to increase your savings. Make sure you leave openings in your schedule to spend quality time together as a couple.

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability. Review - How to Appeal for First Time Home Buyers Grants

Knowing how to appeal for first time home buyers grants can be important to those prospective homeowners out there who have the desire and the ability to own and maintain a home may not have quite the amount needed for an upfront down payment. This shouldn’t be a bar to someone who needs a first time home buyer grant, though, because there are certain programs which exist that can help.

Anything to do with first time home buyers grants can get a little complicated if one doesn’t take the time to research the subject thoroughly before trying to obtain one. And always keep in mind that an initial turn down for such a grant doesn’t mean that it’ll be impossible to still get that grant. It just means that a bit more work will be needed, is all.

The first thing to do would be to identify grant programs. Fortunately, the federal government has its own “” website where anything that’s available about first time home buyers grants can be found. Just head to the site, start at the beginning and follow the prompts. Keep in mind, as well, that no money down home loans are also still out there just in case a grant does not pan out.

However, given that the federal government is acutely aware of the need to keep housing markets stabilized in the current challenging economic environment, first time home buyers grants are relatively open and reasonable in terms of qualifying for them. It’s always a good idea, no matter the kind of home loan being contemplated, first of all gather information on credit history, by the way.

This is because even a program that helps bring prospective buyers together with various first time home buyers grants programs will run a credit check. Obtaining a credit report and score and going over them before hand to look for errors that can trip up the application process is an excellent idea. It won’t lower credit score, either.

First time home buyers grants also come with a number of stipulations that have to be satisfied before any such grant can be awarded. First, these grants are never awarded directly to the potential buyer. Rather, first time home buyers grants usually are coordinated with the lender and the state agency that has responsibility for administering the program.

In the end, prospective homeowners need to arm themselves with as much information as possible when it comes to obtaining first time home buyers grants. It not only helps ease the stress and anxiety that comes around the home buying process in general but it also can help to greatly ensure the likelihood of getting the grant.

Basically, a first time home buyers loan usually always comes with first time home buyer assistance counseling and advice, not only by the lender but also by the government, in the form of pamphlets and “how to” instruction. There are a set of federal laws that speak to the regulation and administration of several different first time home buyers loan programs that currently exist, as a matter of fact.

Home loans for first time buyers, even in the current tight and credit market environment are possible, make no mistake about that. But, the work needed to qualify for a first time home buyers loan has increased greatly. What this means is that lining up a good credit history, references, stated or documented income and a host of other paperwork is just going to be a fact of life. Nobody, though, who’s looking for a first time home buyers loan program should become discouraged, because the government has a deep interest in encouraging home ownership in this country. There are grant programs as well as lender programs to help those looking for first time home buyers loan programs find them.

The first thing to do is make use of the Internet and a search engine. Enter in any phrase related to first time home buyers loan programs and websites and there’ll be literally hundreds of sites offering assistance. Be careful, though, to investigate thoroughly any site promising “no strings attached” grants and aid, because there are no real programs related to first time home buyers loan assistance that come with “no strings attached.”

Many lenders also have special programs set up for prospective home buyers out there on the market searching for their first home. These buyers usually have good credit and good jobs, but might not be able to swing a 20% down payment to keep LTV (“loan-to-value”) within traditional guidelines. Always check with any lender to see if it offers first time home buyers loan programs, in other words.

Chase offers $300 off the closing costs of mortgage loans for the military, veterans, their parents and children.
Compare Programs which Offer Debt Help for People on Benefits, such as Veterans, Seniors and Disabled Persons.
What Grant programs if any can a veteran apply to for student loan debt. I owe over $90,000 in student loan debt. I have under $30,000 in past Credit Card debt. We've already consolidated everything as much as possible.

Tip of the Day: Avoid internet fraud by ignoring unsolicited emails, especially those asking for your account information, social security numbers or any other sensitive data. Do not click on any links in unsolicited email as it could download software that steals personal information stored on your computer. To verify the validity of an email, contact your bank, credit card company, etc, directly using phone numbers you already have... don't assume the phone numbers provided in the emails are legitimate.

Daily Credit Tip/Advice: - People have an active financial life once they begin establishing checking and saving accounts, taking out loans, or just by renting a place to live. These issues; and others, contribute to your credit score which is gauged according to how you manage your money.

Don't be a victim of free government money scams, such as grants and loans that you never pay back.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) provides a full listing of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories (and possessions) of the United States; domestic public, quasi- public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals.
You have the same free right to Government Auction, Grant, Unclaimed Money and Seizure information as any other American or business, with no fee payment and no credit card required.
The IRS is seeking applications for the new Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) matching grant program. Also search our resources for other free money such as unclaimed funds and property.
There are now new ways for American Express card members submit project ideas for the Members Project. American Express will donate $2.5 million to fund the project. Also browse our website for government grant programs.
Free money search. How to claim abandoned property, and how to find unclaimed money. Also government grant application resources.
US Federal Government tackles Private Grant Scams. Get free access to legitimate grants and unclaimed money.
What Grant programs if any can a veteran apply to for student loan debt. I owe over $90,000 in student loan debt. I have under $30,000 in past Credit Card debt. We've already consolidated everything as much as possible.
The federal CFDA website is where to find Government Grants, but as of the date of this article the government is still overhauling it.

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