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Auto Loan: Apply online for a good or even a very bad credit auto loan quote, including a new or used auto loan or refinancing.

Credit Card: Browse good and bad credit card applications including instant approval credit cards, gold, platinum, and guaranteed card offers.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.

Debt Counseling: Personal finances out of control? Unsecured credit counseling, debt management, debt negotiation or free debt settlement.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers plus tips and alerts to help manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream with home ownership.

Mortgage Refinancing: Fast 2nd mortgage loan quote for remodeling, equity cash out, debt consolidation or other reasons.

Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check, no security (collateral) and no cosigner.

Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan up to $10,000 (as available, or view alternative loan options).

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy and get free bankruptcy forms, create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook and more. Get our free personal budget software.

Financial Help: Get the latest financial news. Search Credit Federal for credit card, debt assistance, auto loan, home loan, mortgage refinancing, payday and personal loan applications and information.
Get free online IRS tax filing, or settle IRS tax debt

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Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.



Free IRS tax calculator to estimate taxes per taxable income. File taxes online for a fast rebate check.


Free Expenses Software - A $6,000 Value!

* Log and Track Expenses

* Itemize IRS Deductions

* Track Bill Payments and History

Certified! No Viruses, No AdWare, No SpyWare



FREE 2009 Federal IRS Tax Calculator: Input your taxable income and our tax calculator will automatically calculate your total IRS tax for 2009


How to use the free tax calculator:
1) Choose the tax year above which you want to calculate taxes.

2) Select your column with your filing type; either,

Schedule X: Single

Schedule Y-1: Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er)

Schedule Y-2: Married Filing Separately

Schedule Z: Head of Household

3) Select the row which reflects your taxable (net) income.

4) Type your taxable income into the box and click "Calculate".

Tax rate schedules are provided to show how the tax calculator computes your total IRS tax. Refer to the appropriate 2006 Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ for the tax equations.


Previous Year Tax Calculators

2006 Federal IRS Tax Calculator

2007 Federal IRS Tax Calculator


For more information about IRS tax return preparation and rapid refund, visit for free tax return preparation and e-file forms.


Read our latest tax news, and search for other articles related to the IRS and tax filing.

Government Money


The government is not just handing out money without a good reason, and when they do, it is usually in the form of providing services. For example, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is involved in education. It helps to provide a better education for all children which is important for America’s economic future. It gives children an education so they can be successful in a global economy, and this involves early education. The government may give money, but it is not by just freely giving it to individuals, it may be in the form of grants.


Examples of ways the government provides money:


* For early learning programs like Head Start and programs for special needs children.

* For elementary and secondary education.

* To help stabilize state education budgets.

* To improvement teacher effectiveness.

* To improve achievement in low-performing schools.

* To collect information to improve student learning, and teacher performance.

* To improve access to higher education.

* To invest in new ways to help teachers improve student outcomes.

* To invest in a national effort to prepare and reward outstanding teachers.

* To restructure college financial aid.

* To invest in community colleges for high-demand skills and education.


Just like the government may provide money toward education programs, it also provides money for other programs. Review the government's official website for more information. When there is not a grant option or program to qualify for, a payday loan may be one choice to get money.

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Military Interest Checking pays higher interest than our Free Interest Checking account. As with the Military Checking Account, you get unlimited check writing, free personalized checks and better rates on a variety of savings accounts. You also get discounts on most consumer loans. It has no monthly fee (if you keep a minimum balance of $500).

Account Features:
* Minimum Daily Account Balance Required to Avoid Monthly Service Fees: $500 in checking
* Monthly Service Fee: $10
* Minimum Opening Deposit: $0

Bonus Rates: Opening a Military Checking account also makes you eligible for our exclusive Gold accounts. These are our best accounts, typically reserved for Gold Account customers, and they pay higher interest than our already great rates for our regular accounts.
* Gold Statement Savings
* Gold Money Market Account
* Gold Certificate of Deposit

The Military Interest Checking Difference: Choosing this premier checking plan pays time and time again, in many, many ways. Enjoy the special benefits available with your Military Checking Account.
* Free Checks. Free personalized checks from a select group of check styles (up to $19 per box). $5.95 processing and handling fee.
* Lower Loan Rates. Take advantage of a rate reduction of 0.5% on eligible installment loans with automatic payment from a Zions checking account.
* Free Safe Deposit Box. No fee on a small-size safe deposit box or a $10 discount toward any larger box (where available).
* No Issuing Fees on Travelers Cheques, Money Orders, and Official Checks. The normal issuing fee is waived in full.
* Free Accidental Death Insurance. $2,500 of coverage provided at no cost. Additional coverage is available at a low cost.
* No-Fee Notary Service. There is no charge to use our notary services.
* Discount Mortgage Origination Fees. Save 10% off mortgage origination fees from Zions Mortgage.
* Discount Brokerage Fees. Receive a 20% discount on assisted brokerage transactions.
* Free Online Bill Pay. Free for all non-business accounts.
* Higher Deposit Rates. Earn bonus rates on selected deposit products.

Minimum Daily Account Balance Required to Avoid Monthly Service Fees: $500 in checking
Monthly Service Fee: $10
Minimum Opening Deposit: $0
Outstanding Features
* Unlimited check-writing
* Checks returned via reddiCHECK
* Free imprinted checks up to $19 plus a processing and handling fee of $5.95
* Free debit card
* ATM deposits & withdrawal access
* ATM Fees waived while deployed or TDY
* Eligible for Gold Statement Savings, Gold Money Market Account and Gold CD, which pay higher interest than regular accounts
* 0.50% rate reduction on eligible installment loans with automatic payment
* Free safe deposit box (not available in all locations)
* Overdraft protection*
* $2,500 accidental death insurance
*No issuing fee on:
- Travelers cheques
- Money orders
- Official checks
*No-fee notary service
*10% off mortgage origination fees
*20% discount on assisted brokerage transactions
*Free Online Banking
*Free Online Bill Pay Service


Before you Freeze Your Credit Report with Bureaus, Review these Pros and Cons.
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Bank Free Credit Score - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is imploring banks to offer free credit scores to their members.
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Before you splurge all that money, check out these smart way to spend your IRS tax refund.
Investing for First Time Beginners
The IRS has released the 2013 tax deductions and credits, taxable amounts and percentages. Using these figures you can caculate your total tax payment due and/or your refund for overpayment.
Finally ready to make your first time budget ever, or to create an actual working budget? Review these key points.
Keeping More of Your IRS Tax Money
IRS Audit of Tax Return
How first time credit applicants get approved for credit cards and loans.
Should I pay off my credit cards or my car loan first? Which option would save me the most money?
Credit Question: I cut-up and burned my credit cards, but I forgot to close the accounts first. How can I close a credit card account without the credit card number?

Daily Credit Fact: In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a trustee is selected who collects non-exempt property, sells the assets, and distributes profits to the creditors. It is different from other bankruptcy filings because the debtor doesn’t need to make payments to the trustee. With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the debtors are allowed to keep all of their property while the court approves a new interest-free plan for repayment.

Daily Credit Advice: Establishing a good credit history; or rebuilding damaged credit, should be your first step before applying for a loan or credit card. The next step is to decide which type you need, whether a secured or an unsecured credit card, an auto or a personal loan, etc. Only then should you compare offers and finally submit an online application.

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