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An ATM Debit Card has many advantages and benefits, including: the security of not carrying cash, cashback feature, makes it easy to track expenses, some help rebuild credit, as well as more flexibility by being accepted online and by phone.

Daily Credit Tip - When consumers with less than perfect credit get approved for unsecured cards, fees could be high and credit limits low as lenders view poor credit people as high risks. Once payments have been on time or balances paid in full over several months, lenders may be more trusting and raise credit limits or extend loans with reasonable terms. When someone constantly gets rejected for unsecured card, secured cards may be the only way to get credit to get some good credit history reported. A pre-paid credit card can help rebuild credit and there is no credit limit. Some report to major credit bureaus which is a valuable feature. The card is loaded with your money and can be used most places a credit card is used, online and off. This is a good way to manage a budget and not over spend. You can't spend what is not loaded onto the card. There could be a monthly fee or a small fee when you load the card.


Free IRS tax calculator to estimate taxes per taxable income. File taxes online for a fast rebate check.

Free Expenses Software - A $6,000 Value!

* Log and Track Expenses

* Itemize IRS Deductions

* Track Bill Payments and History

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FREE 2009 Federal IRS Tax Calculator: Input your taxable income and our tax calculator will automatically calculate your total IRS tax for 2009


How to use the free tax calculator:
1) Choose the tax year above which you want to calculate taxes.

2) Select your column with your filing type; either,

Schedule X: Single

Schedule Y-1: Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er)

Schedule Y-2: Married Filing Separately

Schedule Z: Head of Household

3) Select the row which reflects your taxable (net) income.

4) Type your taxable income into the box and click "Calculate".

Tax rate schedules are provided to show how the tax calculator computes your total IRS tax. Refer to the appropriate 2006 Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ for the tax equations.


Previous Year Tax Calculators

2006 Federal IRS Tax Calculator

2007 Federal IRS Tax Calculator


For more information about IRS tax return preparation and rapid refund, visit for free tax return preparation and e-file forms.


Read our latest tax news, and search for other articles related to the IRS and tax filing.

Receive a notice letter from your creditor or from a lender you had applied to? If you have been denied or declined credit: If the lender used your credit score in any way in making its decision to grant credit, you will receive an Adverse Action Notice. This notice must provide your credit score and any related information. Check the credit score they have provided and the credit bureau that issued the score. If you feel there are any inaccuracies, contact the credit bureau to dispute that information. For instructions on how to dispute credit report and score errors, visit the Federal Reserve's Guide to Credit Reports and Credit Scores. If you are offered credit on less favorable terms: You will receive a Risk-Based Pricing Notice (10 MB PDF) from your lender. This is a new required notice that is issued by a lender when a consumer has applied for credit, the lender uses the consumerís credit score, and the consumer is offered credit on terms that are less favorable than the terms offered to other consumers. For instance, you may receive this type of notice if you are offered a loan with an annual percentage rate (APR) that is higher than the APR offered to other consumers who apply for that loan, and your credit score is used in any way in the underwriting process. If the APR on an existing credit account is increased because the lender has reviewed your credit report or score: An Account Review Risk-Based Pricing Notice (10 MB PDF) with credit score information will be sent to you if your APR on an existing credit account is increased based on a review of your consumer report and your credit score is used in the process. Some credit card issuers conduct periodic reviews of customers' credit reports. If there has been a change in your report since you initially applied for the card, the issuer may increase your APR. If the issuer used your credit score in any way in the account review process, you would receive this notice providing you with the credit report information that resulted in the APR increase. What to do after you receive a notice: 1. Review the notice. If you receive any of these notices, read it carefully to make sure you understand how your credit report or credit score may affect the price you pay for credit. Ask the lender to explain anything in the notice that you do not understand. 2. Obtain and examine your credit report. If you receive a notice, and you are surprised by how your credit score compares to the scores of other consumers, you may want to get your free annual credit report Leaving the Board from the credit bureau identified in the notice and review it for accuracy. 3. Dispute any errors. If you find errors in your credit report, you may dispute the information and request that the information be deleted or corrected. To do so, you should contact the credit bureau that provided the report.

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Opening a checking account with bad credit does not mean you will have difficulty getting approved if you failed to pay an emergency room bill or have been late with your credit card payments. Your credit bureau history is seldom checked. Banks rely on agencies that report on banking history instead. The two largest such agencies are ChexSystems and TeleCheck. If your last checking account was fraught with overdrafts or if the bank chose to close the account, you can assume that it was reported to one or both of these services. When you apply for a new account, the bank will obtain the report; while each bank has its own policy regarding approval, few will open a new checking account if there is a consistent history of problems. However, some banks offer what they call second chance banking, and if your report shows only one bad account, they will often approve opening a checking account.

Types of Bad Credit Checking Accounts

Most prepaid credit cards are actually checking accounts without the checks. You can have your payroll checks or government payments deposited into your account each pay day. You can also have your tax refunds applied with direct deposit, and most will allow you to deposit funds you have withdrawn from your Paypal account. To access your funds, you receive a debit card you can use to withdraw cash from an ATM or make purchases at the store. Fees are usually quite low for these accounts, and it is extremely rare for anyone to be denied.

Some bad credit checking accounts are more lenient in that they allow you to actually write checks as well as have a debit card. These can be a little more difficult to find, but they are definitely an option. Many will even provide your personalized checks at no cost to you.

Business bad checking accounts are available as well as personal ones. Not every institution offers every type of account, and you will have to evaluate the features and your needs. It may be preferable to have both accounts with the same firm, but you may also find that in some cases you will do better to use two different institutions.

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