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Pre-qualify for a loan or a credit card. Our form for credit card and loan prequalification can help you choose offers based on your credit history. Get pre-approved credit now.

Credit card and loan prequalification

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Do you have an active credit card?->

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The data you enter above is not stored on our server, nor is it shared with any entity. This form provides an estimated prequalification (pre-approval) for loans and credit cards based upon your input, and is not a guarantee of acceptance.


Perfect credit? Fair Credit? Bad Credit?
Aren't sure what types of credit cards and loan you are qualified to receive? Use our fast credit card and loan prequalification form. Upon submission, Credit Federal will provide you with details about which types of loans and credit cards may fit your credit history*.

Our prequalification form will rate your input and score you according to one of these four categories:

Bad credit
Poor credit
Fair credit
Excellent credit

*This form is not an application, nor is it part of any application process. Our credit card and loan prequalification form uses an abbreviated history of your credit; as you know it to exist, and provides you with "suggested" offers. There may be other items on your credit report which you are not aware. Credit Federal does not guarantee that this prequalification form will result in approval for any credit card or loan offer. The final approval authority rests solely with the card issuer and loan lender, and may be based upon an actual review of your credit report. Before applying for any credit, refer to the Terms and Conditions of each offer.

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Credit Card Offers By Credit Score: Receiving credit card offers for your credit score makes the best sense. If you have really bad credit, you're wasting your time by applying for high limit rewards cards from major issuers because it's most likely your application will be rejected.

Want to know where you can get free credit card offers by credit score? Use our credit prequalification tool for assistance. We'll also provide no-obligation application links.

Credit card matching services can help you pinpoint the types of cards that you may most likely qualify for, thus saving you time and effort as well as limiting the number of inquiries for your credit report. They can also provide you with high risk credit card applications that have no credit check and offer instant, guaranteed approval.

By inputting some basic information (typically non-sensitive data), a credit card matching service can get a good picture of your credit rating without having to look at your credit report and without needing your Social Security Number.

Take a moment to signup so a matching service can help you find credit card offers by credit score. Simply by submitting your email address, you can receive information about a card matching service as well as a link to their free no-obligation service. Within a minute you can browse offers which match your credit profile. If you like an offer(s), submit a preapproved credit card application with more confidence of being accepted.

Typically, if you have very bad credit or absolutely no credit history whatsoever, you may only qualify for either a pre-paid card or perhaps an unsecured high risk credit card that has a low credit limit. If you have some credit problems but also have two or more good credit references, you may get approved for an unsecured credit card to rebuild credit. Unlike very high risk cards, these cards may have a lower fee and interest rate.

A card matching service can eliminate a lot of the guesswork for you, thus saving you time, aggravation, and limiting credit score checks.



What is Credit Insurance and should I get it? Payment protection," also known as credit protection, is designed to pay, suspend or cancel a consumer's outstanding debt on an account in the event of a specific hardship, such as unemployment, disability, hospitalization or death. These products may provide security and peace of mind, but understand the costs (which could be hundreds of dollars each year) and the limitations. You should also consider other alternatives, such as traditional life or disability insurance. Chances are your credit card issuer or lender has offered to sell you a product that would postpone or make your loan payments if you die or become ill or unemployed. These products may provide security and peace of mind, but how can you tell if the offer is a good deal and one that's right for you? First, understand that these programs can vary greatly. In general, the main types are: * "Debt cancellation" programs, which will eliminate all or part of an outstanding balance if the borrower dies, or reduces or eliminates the monthly payments due if the borrower becomes disabled or experiences a major life event (such as a job loss or the birth of a child) by making the payment on the borrower's behalf. * "Debt suspension" programs, which will temporarily postpone all or part of the monthly payment while the borrower is facing a specified hardship. However, the borrower will still be expected to make the suspended payments in the future, although a late charge will not be assessed for the suspended payment(s). Some programs may even allow a borrower to postpone a payment once a year, such as during the holiday season. * "Credit insurance," which will pay the outstanding loan balance to the creditor if the borrower dies or will make monthly payments if the borrower becomes ill, injured or unemployed. Debt cancellation and suspension programs are in many ways the same as credit insurance, but they are offered directly by an individual bank or credit card issuer, not through an insurance company.

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Chexsystems and Telecheck: You may be wondering “how does my bank know that I have bad credit?” Well, if you have had trouble with bad checks, bounced checks, or worse check fraud with that bank in particular then they will have their own file, but most banks use one of two systems to monitor prospective clients… Chexsystems and Telecheck, usually Chexsystems.

Chexsystems and Telecheck work a lot like the major credit reporting agencies in that you have a record of your financial transactions, but they work primarily with banks to let them know whether a checking or savings account applicant has a bad track record with money. If you bounce checks often, overdraw accounts, have a negative outstanding balance somewhere or worse, have committed check fraud, then you will end up in Chexsystems and will have a lot of trouble finding a bank that will let you open a checking account. There are some banks that do not use Chexsystems out there, but they are few and far between, so it will be tricky to open up a checking account with bad credit. 

Second Chance Checking Accounts: Fortunately, there is an answer. Since there are a lot of people who are either stuck in Chexsystems, or just have bad credit and are having trouble finding a bank that will work with them, you can open what is called a second chance checking account, also known as a bad credit checking account at some banks.

Second chance checking accounts are appropriately named because they give people with really bad credit a second chance at rebuilding their credit in a positive way. Obviously you can’t repair your credit if no one will allow you to work with them or lend to you, so second chance accounts were invented. Basically the way that they work is that they allow you to have the benefits of a checking account, like direct deposit, debit cards etc, but there are restrictions on the account that prevent you from doing something that you shouldn’t, and thereby protect the bank from a significant loss.

Can You get a Checking Account after Bankruptcy? With the instability that the US economy has been undergoing since latter 2008, this has caused many Americans to file bankruptcy due to losing their jobs as well as having their homes foreclosed on as a result of the economic downturn. Once the bankruptcy has been filed and a person’s debts have been charged off, many consider immediately starting to rebuild their credit. This can be a difficult process if there is no longer a bank account from which to get started.

The question that is oftentimes asked is “can you get a checking account after bankruptcy?” Despite the difficulties involved, it is not a hopeless situation. With a little bit of due diligence and some research, you can open a checking account once you have filed bankruptcy and want to get started re-building your credit again. Here are some steps to take in order to open a checking account once your debts have been discharged.

Start by searching online as well as at banks in your local community to find out what financial institutions will permit you to open a checking account. Try to contact banks that do not use ChexSystems for verification purposes. In most cases, you will find that credit unions and smaller banks are your best bet.

If you have negative entries on your credit history, due to ChexSystems issues, but you have paid those debts off, contact those banks in order to have those entries removed. If you can’t get them removed, have a note attached to the ChexSystems entry to show that the debt has been paid in full.

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Credit Tip: When you are offered a lower interest loan or credit card than what you currently have, should you change your creditor? First, call your creditor and let them know you've been offered a lower rate, and see if they will match it. If so, in addition to getting a lower rate you'll also avoid any refinance or balance transfer fees.

Credit Tip: Bank officers frequently tell their friends and family not to keep accounts at the same bank that issues their credit card. That's because the bank might withdraw cash from your account without your permission to pay off overdue credit card payments.

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