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Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers plus tips and alerts to help manage your personal finances.

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Tip of the Day: Before buying a house, instead of only calculating a monthly payment you can afford, you should also figure out how much of a down payment you can make. The more you borrow (the principal), the higher risk the bank assumes and this may not only affect approval, but also your interest rate.

On a $200,000 home loan at 6% for 30 years, how much would be saved with a $25,000 downpayment versus a $20,000 downpayment? Would the extra $5,000 make a significant difference? With a $25,000 downpayment, the monthly note would be $1,049.21, for a total of $377,715.60. With only a $20,000 downpayment, the monthly note would be $1,079.19, for a total cost of $388,508.40. So a $25,000 downpayment would save a total of $10,792.80. The extra $5,000 downpayment results in a double savings.

Daily Credit Tip: How much interest money can be earned by placing $100 a month into a 2.1% savings account over 10 years? You would earn a total of $13,349.56, of which $1,349.56 is interest.


Pre-qualify for a loan or a credit card. Our form for credit card and loan prequalification can help you choose offers based on your credit history. Get pre-approved credit now.

Credit card and loan prequalification

Number of times you were late paying
credit card bills in the past year?->

Number of times you were late paying
mortgage/rent in the past year?->

Number of times you were late paying
OTHER bills in the past year?->

Your annual income?->

Do you have an active credit card?->

Number of GOOD credit references
you have on your credit report?->

Have you been denied credit
in the past year?->

What percent of your income is
spent to pay monthly bills?->

Is bankruptcy on your credit report?->

The data you enter above is not stored on our server, nor is it shared with any entity. This form provides an estimated prequalification (pre-approval) for loans and credit cards based upon your input, and is not a guarantee of acceptance.


Perfect credit? Fair Credit? Bad Credit?
Aren't sure what types of credit cards and loan you are qualified to receive? Use our fast credit card and loan prequalification form. Upon submission, Credit Federal will provide you with details about which types of loans and credit cards may fit your credit history*.

Our prequalification form will rate your input and score you according to one of these four categories:

Bad credit
Poor credit
Fair credit
Excellent credit

*This form is not an application, nor is it part of any application process. Our credit card and loan prequalification form uses an abbreviated history of your credit; as you know it to exist, and provides you with "suggested" offers. There may be other items on your credit report which you are not aware. Credit Federal does not guarantee that this prequalification form will result in approval for any credit card or loan offer. The final approval authority rests solely with the card issuer and loan lender, and may be based upon an actual review of your credit report. Before applying for any credit, refer to the Terms and Conditions of each offer.

Submit our credit card and loan prequalification above.


Credit Card Offers By Credit Score: Receiving credit card offers for your credit score makes the best sense. If you have really bad credit, you're wasting your time by applying for high limit rewards cards from major issuers because it's most likely your application will be rejected.

Want to know where you can get free credit card offers by credit score? Use our credit prequalification tool for assistance. We'll also provide no-obligation application links.

Credit card matching services can help you pinpoint the types of cards that you may most likely qualify for, thus saving you time and effort as well as limiting the number of inquiries for your credit report. They can also provide you with high risk credit card applications that have no credit check and offer instant, guaranteed approval.

By inputting some basic information (typically non-sensitive data), a credit card matching service can get a good picture of your credit rating without having to look at your credit report and without needing your Social Security Number.

Take a moment to signup so a matching service can help you find credit card offers by credit score. Simply by submitting your email address, you can receive information about a card matching service as well as a link to their free no-obligation service. Within a minute you can browse offers which match your credit profile. If you like an offer(s), submit a preapproved credit card application with more confidence of being accepted.

Typically, if you have very bad credit or absolutely no credit history whatsoever, you may only qualify for either a pre-paid card or perhaps an unsecured high risk credit card that has a low credit limit. If you have some credit problems but also have two or more good credit references, you may get approved for an unsecured credit card to rebuild credit. Unlike very high risk cards, these cards may have a lower fee and interest rate.

A card matching service can eliminate a lot of the guesswork for you, thus saving you time, aggravation, and limiting credit score checks.



Personal Credit


It is a matter of rating that often gives a picture about how a borrower may behave when it relates to paying bills. The three major credit bureaus which are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion have different information on consumers and a FICO score indicates how good or bad credit is. To top it off, credit behavior is predicted based on the data. Lenders use a FICO score to decide if they will approve or reject an applicant that desires credit.


Low scores do not necessarily mean there is not a chance to borrow money, and even borrowers who have problem credit history have been able to get more credit. However, lenders may charge people who have poor credit higher interest rates. FICO scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850, the higher the score, the better credit is. To have good lending terms like low interest rates, it may take a higher score than 700. 


Lenders like to see good payment history, and this can account for about 35% of a credit score. This is information about payments on credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, or other loans. It can include late or missing payments, which can have a negative affect on scores, as will bankruptcy or other financial judgments. How much money is owed, and how much available credit there is, will affect scores too. It is best to use less than thirty percent of the available credit.


Low scores require work, and repairing them requires getting more credit and repaying on time. Lenders will view credit reports, which gives details about credit behavior. When recent payment history is good, they may give the applicant credit. Each lender will usually have their own rules for granting credit, and it can be a positive thing to get to know lenders. Do not despair when rejected, there are many lenders who will take a chance on some borrowers who have low scores, but a good paying history. The most important tip for repairing bad credit is to always pay bills on time. One way to get new credit is to apply for a small payday loan and repay it early or by the due date. If the lender reports to a major credit agency, this can be the start of good payment history.

nov 1 personal credit below

Personal Credit


Daily events can have an affect on credit throughout the year, life is constantly changing in positive and negative ways. Events like divorce, marriage, loosing a job, being in debt, and other big events have a way of affecting the finances and the budget. Those people who share their income may have an easier time, but they still may need credit from time to time to get the things in life they want or need, whether jointly or separately.


Marriage can impact credit history when couples share credit card accounts or other accounts. If someone is not monitoring joint accounts, it could cause some problems to credit scores. For example, if two people have a joint credit card account which ends up being way over the credit limit, it can affect scores in a negative way. If both account holders are charging and not making payments, the account can end up being delinquent which further damages scores. People who share accounts should outline some goals and set some boundaries for charging, paying bills, and living on a budget to avoid financial woes like finding themselves deep in debt.


For people who change their name, it is a good idea to let credit bureaus, know to prevent having credit history affected. It is always important to not just establish credit history by means of joint accounts, but to also have individual accounts that establishes credit in each person's name, independent of each other. This is like protection in the event that one partner dies. One will already have established their individual credit history. Credit can be hard to get for someone, when there has not been any history established.


Accounts that are held jointly means both partners are responsible, and a credit card company will go after all partners on the account for bill repayment, no matter if a court rules that one person is to pay the bill. This happens everyday, one account holder gets revenge by charging up to the credit limit but they never plan on repaying the bill. They don't care. Bad credit happens when debts are not paid. The sad thing is that the account can not be closed until the bill is paid in full. There may be an option to put a freeze on the account until the account is paid off, and then it could be closed to prevent further problems.


When credit is ruined, there are some ways to rebuild it. One way is if there is a mortgage owed, the homeowner can set a goal to pay a bit more each month and to make payments before the due date. This helps prove you can be financially responsible to lenders. Credit can also be repaired by making credit card payments on time each month or paying the bill off in full. Lenders don't care about divorces and other personal problems, they only care about getting paid and who is on an account that is responsible for making payments. Account holders are the ones who will be pursued or sued for repayment no matter what a judge rules.


One of the best things to do when faced with a divorce is trying to payoff and close any joint accounts. This can put an end to more complicated financial problems before and after a divorce. Closing accounts helps to close the financial aspects of being married and getting divorced. Sometimes it is necessary for couples to sell a home to really be able to get rid of all financial loose ends when divorcing. Some people attempt to open new, individual accounts in just their name even before a divorce is final, this can be helpful.


When people apply for credit, lenders will check credit reports, to help them decide if they want to give credit and just how much they will extend. When credit history is good, there can be better interest rates offered. Good history means bills are paid on time, loans are paid in full or on time, the credit limit is not abused, and there are no negative comments on the reports. If there are only a couple of late payments, it may not affect scores much, but when this is constant and bills are constantly over 30 days or more late, it lowers scores dramatically.

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