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Annuity - Learn about annuity investments.

Balance checkbook - How to balance a checkbook and download our free checkbook register software.

Bank checking account - How to read a bank checking account statement.

Business loan - Get funding to start a small business or to finance a corporation.

How much money can I borrow - Input the amount you can afford to repay, whether bi-weekly or monthly installments, and the calculator will review the maximum loan amount you can afford to payback.

Card interest rates - Get current credit card interest rates from major issuers.

Card & Loan calculators - Calculate credit card interest, mortgage payments, home refinancing, and to manage and track expenses budgets, plus create a household budget.

Checkbook Register - Free CheckBook Register Software to Manage Expenses

Christmas credit card - Apply for a Christmas credit card to make gift purchases.

Christmas credit card debt - Options on how to get help with too much Christmas credit card debt.

Christmas credit card shopping - Tips for safe shopping with your credit card.

Consolidate student loan - Apply to refinance student loan debt for a lower interest rate and payments.

Counterfeit money - Spot counterfeit money and report fake money to the govt.

Create a will - How to create a will yourself and prepare a living will.

Credit card statement - How to read a credit card billing statement.

Credit and divorce - How divorce affects your credit score and bill payments.

Credit and loan prequalification - Prequalify for credit cards and loans based upon your credit score.

Espanol credito - Obtenga el crédito y los préstamos financieros. Algunos abastecedores del crédito no tienen traducción española. Tarjeta de crédito.

File bankruptcy - How to file bankruptcy, chapter 7, 11, 13.

Financial calculators

Free bank checking account - Apply for a no fee, online bank checking account.

Free bankruptcy forms - Free online chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcy forms.

Free calculator downloads - Free financial calculators and software for budgets, interest, payments, and more.

Free checking account - Free internet checking accounts.

Free credit check - Rate your credit based upon your personal history.

Free credit offers - Financial newsletter membership for free credit offers by email.

Free IRS tax calculator - Quickly and easily calculate your estimated taxes and withholding.

Free money and gov grants - Instant access (no registration and no credit card) to government grant programs and applications.

Free online tax return filing - Qualify for free tax return filing.

Government debt consolidation loans - Truth about government loans to pay bills.

Government grant - Instant access to Government grant applications with no registration required.

Government assistance - Apply for government assistance programs.

Government grants for disabled - Apply for disability grants.

Government grant federal unclaimed money - Locate and claim unclaimed money.

Government grant foundations - Check to see if you qualify for a grant.

Government nontraditional grants - Review other types of grants.

Government pensions - Information about government retirement plans.

Government private grant foundations - Search for a grant from other foundations.

Government unclaimed funds - See if you are entitled to free money.

Government unclaimed money - See if someone owes you a refund.

Government veteran grant - Veteran grant programs.

Government women education grant - Educational grants for women.

Insurance - Get online quotes for life, home and auto insurance.

Interest Rates - Get current interest rates for loans and credit cards.

No collateral business loan - Quick cash for small businesses.

Personal budget - Download our personal budget software.

Personal budget software - How to use our personal budget software.

Personal finance - Keep track of personal finances with our services and resources.

Personal finance newsletter - Free personal finance management tips and special credit offers.

Plan retirement - Prepare for retirement with our tips.

Question and advice - Free online help, just submit your question and get an answer.

Reminders to pay bills - Free reminders so you pay bills on time.

Track expenses - Free software to track where you spend your money most.



Auto Loan: Good or bad credit auto loan quote. Apply for a new or used auto loan, or for car refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for a gold rewards or a bad credit card. To rebuild credit, get an instant approval credit card. Browse unsecured platinum and guaranteed credit card offers.

Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.

Debt Counseling: Personal budget out of control? Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive tips and alerts to help manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream.

Mortgage Refinancing: Fast 2nd mortgage loan quote for remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan.

Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check and no collateral.

Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan.

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy and get free bankruptcy forms. Create a household personal budget and balance a checkbook. Get our free personal budget software.

Financial Help: Get the latest financial news. Search Credit Federal for credit card, debt help, auto loan, home loan, mortgage refinancing, payday and personal loan applications and information.

Interest rates: view national averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.


Credit Advice - To help maintain and increase your motivation to save money, give yourself a reminder of what you've accomplished thus far, such as by carrying around a quarter for every $100 saved. That way, each time you feel the weight you are reminded of how much you've saved thus far and you get an extra boost of encouragement.

Credit Advice - Debt Recovery Involves: *Stop charging new debt; *Create a budget that includes saving money in an emergency fund; *Decide on a strategy (consolidation, counseling or settlement) and then the actual *Debt payoff process.


Free CheckBook Register Software to Manage Expenses. You can categorize and itemize your bills to see where you spend money most. Our software is valued at over $6,000 but it's yours, 100% FREE!


 Free CheckBook Register Software to Manage Expenses

Free CheckBook Register Software

100% Safe & Virus Free - View Reports    View Manual



2nd Chance Bank Account


To Qualify:

*Your employer must offer direct deposit.

*You cannot have any existing checking or savings account with any bank.



Credit Federal's Free Personal Finance Center:

Manage your checkbook register and more easily balance your account using our free software. It's simple to use, operates on Windows computers and requires 16MB of disk space. Download to your home or mobile computer.

Download Instructions: Click on the download link, select 'Open'. Follow download instructions (accept cookies, agree to Terms, etc). The CreditFederal software will download first, then the Sun J2SE software. Both programs are necessary for the Personal Finance Center to function. After both downloads are complete, an Icon will appear on your main Windows display. To launch, double-click the Icon on your main Windows screen.

Click for instructions on how to use the free software.

CheckBook Register
- Easily manage your checkbook and balance your checking account. Our checkbook calculator automatically adds all of your deposits and subtracts all debits, and gives you details about where you spend your money most. Quickly sort and view expenses by categories such as medical, credit card bills, personal expenses, etc. You can easily edit, add and delete checkbook expense entries.


Our software is more powerful than regular, paper checkbook registers. In addition to making it easier to manage your checking account expenses, the software also offers you other free functions.

Credit Tips
- our software will help you analyze your expenses and will offer you tips on how you may be able to improve your credit score.

No AdWare
- our software does not contain any AdWare, and there are absolutely no popups. If you desire to apply for a credit card or loan, our software will offer you links to the Credit Federal web site.

Easy Install and Un-Install
- The software is easy to download, and contains a quick uninstall function should you desire to remove it from your computer.

No credit card required
- Our checkbook register software is absolutely 100% free and without any obligations. Our software does not require you to enter sensitive personal information such as back account or credit card information.


Get your free checkbook register software.  It's like an electronic checkbook register template, because instead of using a pencil and eraser, you use your computer number-pad and delete key. Our software will automatically calculate your total checkbook entries; including deposits (credits) and debits, plus it will total categories of expenses. A regular, paper checkbook ledger won't automatically do that for you! Credit Federal's free personal budget software will itemize how much you spend in each category for any date range. For example, you can view how much you spent on rent for the past year, or how much you've spent on utilities for the past six months. You can view all of your income (deposits) for the past year, or for just the last several weeks. Our software is 100% free and operates directly from your personal computer (Windows Required). Download our free software.



If you are a freeware site, include our checkbook software via our PAD file.


Read our latest information about personal finance.

Tips to Payoff Bills: To get started on paying off bills, figure how much extra can be spared every month toward paying off a debt with the highest interest first. However, some consumers like to start with the smaller, high interest accounts. This can give more positive reinforcement as at least one small debt may get paid off faster. The benefit either way it to eliminate high interest debts and save money by eliminating added fees. The money that is saved, can then be used toward other debts.


It can be best to stay with one bill until it is paid off, rather than trying to spread around any extra money to several bills at the same time. Once a targeted account is paid in full, begin on the next account on the payoff list. This can help keep a consumer focused and living within a budget. Do not let up until all debts are paid off. Below are a few helpful steps for paying off bills:


*Create a budget

*Work on building an emergency fund

*Decide which accounts to payoff first

*Track all spending to determine wastefulness

*Review and adjust the budget frequently

*Cut out wasteful spending to have more money for bills


One important factor in becoming successful with paying down debt, is to have a budget and control spending, along with knowing where the money goes. By tracking expenses, it is easy to determine wasteful spending. If this does not work over time, consider the help of a professional. Some consumers are able to get their finances back on track, while others must hire a professional to help them set goals. Waiting until debts are out of control, only makes getting out of debt harder and can take longer to accomplish.


Here are some possible warning signs that debts are getting out of control:


*Charge card balances are getting higher

*Only the minimum or less is paid on account balances

*Debts are being shuffled from paycheck to paycheck

*Constantly applying for more charge cards

*Credit card balances are at or over the credit limits

*Constantly charging more on cards than is paid on them each month

*Having problems keeping up with bill payments

*Don't know how much is owed and don't want to know

*Getting phone calls or letters about delinquent bill payments

*Using credit cards for basic purchases like food

*Using credit cards because there is no money

*Using a savings or an IRA to pay monthly bills

*Hiding financial problems from a spouse or partner

*Constantly applying for credit card offers sent through the mail


The signs above can be a warning that financial trouble is real. The worst thing to do, is to do nothing. There are ways to get out of or manage debts, but getting out of debt certainly must not be put off or brushed aside. For many consumers it takes a professional to help point out problem areas or possible solutions for getting a hold on debts. Many companies offer a free consultation and a quote. Why let bills stack up with added high late fees or interest rates when it is easy to get quotes online, in a matter of hours. It could make life less stressful once debts are tackled.

How do I stop a company from placing charges on my closed credit card account with my bank? I was making monthly payments via credit card to a company but didn't want to keep paying the monthly fee, so I closed the credit card account but my bank is still allowing charges to be made. Why?

Generally, your account agreement requires you to cancel all agreements for pre-authorized charges by merchants prior to closing an account. In many cases, the bank does not cancel these for a simple reason: the pre-authorized withdrawal agreement was made between you and the merchant making the charges. Since the bank is not a party to that particular agreement, it cannot cancel it. Therefore, the withdrawals can be charged to the account even after you have closed it.

You can stop the bank from paying a single pre-authorized charge by contacting it in writing or orally at least three business days before the pre-authorized charge will be made. However, this may not cancel your agreement for ongoing pre-authorized charges with the merchant. The bank can require you to submit written confirmation that you have cancelled the agreement with the merchant within 14 days of your contact with the bank telling it not to pay the pre-authorized charge. If you do not provide the bank with written confirmation, it may honor any following pre-authorized charges by the merchant.

Before you Freeze Your Credit Report with Bureaus, Review these Pros and Cons.
Really free credit scores from credit card company.
Review these free tips which offer debt help for unemployed people.
You can remove a credit freeze permanently, amd you may also request a temporary lift of a freeze.
Bank Free Credit Score - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is imploring banks to offer free credit scores to their members.
How rich people get free credit card money
It's important to properly balance checking accounts with your bank so you don't overdraft or bounce a check. Free guide how to balance a checkbook.
Financial education should begin early to avoid bad credit habits. Free tips and advice to teach kids about credit, plus our free electronic checkbook register software.
Consumers Pay the Price for Check Fraud Scams. Read our tips on how to avoid credit scams and download our free checkbook register software.
Put debt tools to work for you. Create a budget and learn about your debt relief solutions including debt management, debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit counseling and bankruptcy. Download our free budget software and our free electronic checkbook register to track expenses.
Wondering if the money in your bank checking account or savings account is safe? Information on how much money is insured against loss, plus a listing of failed banks. Open a bank checking or savings account. Download our free our checkbook register software to track expenses, and our savings calculator to encourage you to save money.
Our proprietary Personal Finance Center software has received multiple awards, and yet we still give it away 100% free. Download your electronic checkbook register copy.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued its newest list of state nonmember banks. Apply for a bank checking account and use our free checkbook register software.
Take control of your personal budget to cut expenses immediately. Download our free checkbook manager to track expenses.
Banks report more suspicious and potentially fraudulent account activities to the federal government. Read about scams and download our free checkbook register software.
Banks flaunt free checking accounts with no monthly service fees, yet increase other charges. Download our free checkbook register software.

Review Disclaimer: Review information was gleaned from the website, and is neither an endorsement by us nor an confirmation of content nor a warranty of any promises made by the website. Use the review information at your sole discretion and sole liability.

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