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Credit Card Offers: Free credit card search makes choosing a credit card easy. Browse the most popular, best credit cards. For added security against fraud, get a virtual credit card number.


Credit troubles? Apply for a pre-approved credit card offer based upon your credit history. If you don't know what cards you qualify for, a credit card prequalification service may be best for you before you subject yourself to credit report reviews. Poor and bad credit people can apply for a credit card to rebuild credit or to establish credit. If you have very bad credit, consider bad credit card offers such as a secured credit card like a prepaid Visa, no credit check cards or other types of a guaranteed card. To take advantage of special card discounts, purchase a store gift card.


For very high risk people there are options other than a standard unsecured credit card, such as an online guaranteed platinum card for online store purchases, or possibly even qualify for a charge card or a discount card from retail stores like the WalMart card or the Sears card.


Prepay credit card offers: Apply for a debit card or a bank ATM card.


Rewards credit cards: In addition to perks such as a 0 intro balance transfer, major cards offer other benefits like a travel credit card that rewards free airline miles, a gas card, or family entertainment offers like the Disney credit card, apply for an unsecured platinum credit card.


Credit card interest rates: Some cards offer no interest and a 0 introductory period on purchases. There are also some with a special 0% balance transfer period so you can transfer balances from other cards to your new credit card.


Special credit card offers: Almost every credit card company will offer a spouse joint credit card account. Other special offers include no deposit credit card, business credit card, student credit card and shopping cards like a Christmas credit card. Read the fine print, compare the card benefits, rewards and ratings before you submit an online application.


Credit card company offers, including gold credit card and platinum credit card offers:

Visa credit card, such as the gold Visa card or the platinum Visa credit card.

MasterCard credit card, such as the gold MasterCard or the platinum MasterCard.

American Express card, such as the gold American Express card or the platinum American Express card.

Chase card, such as the platinum Chase card or a rewards Capital One card.

Discover card such as the gold Discover card or the platinum Discover card.


Before you apply, review all the credit card facts. Once you get the card right for you, read every credit card statement carefully and request credit card companies to stop credit card mail offers. Browse more credit card resources.



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Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings. You are entitled to one free credit report annually.

Debt Counseling: Get your expenses under control with credit counseling, an unsecured debt consolidation loan, debt management or negotiate debt settlement.

Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation, free credit offers plus financial tips to help effectively manage your personal finances.

Home Loan: Free multiple quotes from mortgage lenders. Apply for a new home loan and start building your financial security.

Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan and other types of mortgage refinancing for home remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan and more.

Payday Loan: Easy approval bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check, no deposit and no security.

Personal Loan: Submit a short or long term personal loan application (if available), or apply for other secured or unsecured loan offers.

Personal Finance: How to file bankruptcy plus free bankruptcy forms. Create a household personal budget, balance a checkbook register, track expenses and more.


Earn 10 Base Points per eligible U.S. dollar spent.1 Base points earned can qualify you for Silver, Gold or Diamond status.

BONUS POINTS: You can earn both HHonors Bonus Points and/or airline miles for the same stay with over 50 airline partners at all of our participating properties worldwide. Choose any of the following Earning Style options in your HHonors Account Planner after enrolling:

* HHonors Points and HHonors Points: The fastest way to earn free nights. Earn 10 HHonors Base Points + 5 HHonors Bonus Points per eligible U.S. dollar spent.2
* HHonors Points and Variable Miles: Earn 10 HHonors Base Points + 1 airline mile per eligible U.S. dollar spent.3
* HHonors Points and Fixed Miles: Earn 10 HHonors Base Points per eligible U.S. dollar spent + 500 miles per stay at participating brands.4


As a Diamond HHonors member, earn a 50% bonus on all Base Points.

Choose Bonus Points as your My Way benefit when staying at our hotels to earn even more points. See Diamond Member My Way Benefits below for more details at each specific brand. 


* Quick Reservations & Check-In based on room preferences
* Late Checkout5
* Express Checkout
* Spouse Stays Free6
* Complimentary In-Room, High-Speed Internet Access during stays
* Complimentary Access to Fitness Centers/Health Clubs7
* 2 Complimentary Bottles of Water per stay (Waldorf Astoria® Hotels & Resorts, Conrad® Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton™, Embassy Suites™, Hilton Garden Inn®, Hilton Grand Vacations®)
* eCheck-in: Select your room and check in 24 hours in advance at participating properties
* Reservations guarantee at a sold out hotel when made at least 48 hours prior to arrival*


Chase card offers.  Browse for the perks and rewards you desire and apply online for your Chase credit card, or one from another major issuer such as American Express or a gold Visa or MasterCard.

FREE Credit Card Match Service

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Secure & Safe

FREE Service

NO Obligation


Credit Card Offers

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Select a Credit Card Issuer or a Type of Card





Chase® Card Offers:


  Chase Freedom® Credit Card

  Slate Visa® From Chase®

  Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Plus Visa® Card

  United MileagePlus® Explorer Visa® Card

  Continental Airlines Presidential PlusSM Card

  Marriott Rewards® Visa Signature® Card

  The Ritz-Carlton® Rewards Visa® Credit Card

  Priority Club® Select Visa®

  Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard®

  J.P. Morgan Select Visa® Card

  Chase Sapphire PreferredSM Card

  Chase SapphireSM Card

  Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier Visa® Card

  Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus Card MasterCard®

  Marriott Rewards® Premier Visa® Signature Card

  Disney Rewards® Visa® Card

  The Hyatt Credit Card


  J.P. Morgan Palladium Card



More Chase credit card offers. Search our financial content for current Chase credit card news, or for all information related to JP Morgan Chase.

Personalize with a customized gift card. Some stores allow you to make your own gift card, including design selection. And when the balance is low, some issuers will alos provide the steps detailing how to take money off a gift card. For example, when there's less than $1, you may be able to redeem gift card balance or perhaps transfer to another gift card of the same kind from the same store. A prepaid gift card can be an excellent solution whenever you cannot determine the best gift to give. If you are buying for someone with health problems and low income, an RX gift card may be appreciated. One particular feature you may want to look for is a card that offers cash. If the terms do not specify, contact the store and ask: "can I take money out of a gift card?"


April 15, 2014

- No Annual Fee†

- Balance Transfer APR 15.99%, which the APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.†

- Purchase APR 15.99%, this APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.†

- Earn 10,000 bonus points after you spend $500 in the first 3 months

- Earn 2,500 bonus points*

- Points for dining at restaurants

- Talk to a customer specialist anytime without pressing "#" or "0". 

- No limits to the number of points you can earn and points do not expire.

- No black out dates or restrictions - as long as there is a seat.

- Balance Transfers - either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, which ever is greater.

- Cash Advances - either $10 or 5% of the amount of each transaction, which ever is greater.

Additional Information:
- 10,000 bonus points after spending $500 in the first 3 months from account opening.

- Earn bonus points - after spending $500 in the first 3 months from account opening*. $100 in rewards that you can redeem travel, merchandise, gift cards, cash back & unique experiences.

- 2,500 bonus points after adding the first authorized user and make a purchase the first 3 months from account opening.*

- Points for dinning at restaurants, 1 point on all other purchases.*

- Earn an additional point per dollar spent when you book airfare & hotel accommodations through Chase Ultimate RewardsSM.

- No black out dates, if there is a seat on the flight, you can book it through Chase Ultimate RewardsSM.

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Common questions turned into credit card facts. Apply for a good or bad credit card. Choosing between the best credit card offers can be hard. Consider a no interest 0 intro balance balance transfer, a pre-pay ATM or a pre-paid debit secured credit card, or unsecured credit card benefits that offer travel, miles, discount and vacation rewards. Pick between American Express, Chase, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, even if you need a joint consumer or business credit card.
Chase Freedom (SM) Card Statement has a new feature to give customers the ability to spend rewards points like cash. Browse and submit your Chase credit card application or other rewards credit card such as a 0 introductory balance transfer, airline sky miles, gas or travel credit card.
Mortgage loan modifications: President Obama's housing plan is moving along and Chase has modified more than fifteen thousand home loans.
Considered by many to have offered one of the best credit card deals for people carrying a large balance, Chase reneged on an agreement and upset card members.

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