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Once a week, you should account for your weekly income and expenses. Typically a good day of the week to do this is right after payday. By keeping a weekly tally of your financial situation you can avoid money shortcomings or other issues until the next payday.


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How much money can I borrow - Input the amount you can afford to repay, whether bi-weekly or monthly installments, and the calculator will review the maximum loan amount you can afford to payback.

Card interest rates - Get current credit card interest rates from major issuers.

Card & Loan calculators - Calculate credit card interest, mortgage payments, home refinancing, and to manage and track expenses budgets, plus create a household budget.

Checkbook Register - Free CheckBook Register Software to Manage Expenses

Christmas credit card - Apply for a Christmas credit card to make gift purchases.

Christmas credit card debt - Options on how to get help with too much Christmas credit card debt.

Christmas credit card shopping - Tips for safe shopping with your credit card.

Christmas gift cards - buying, selling and trading retail store gift cards. Buy discounted cards or sell gift cards for cash.

Christmas personal loan - short or long term personal loan with monthly installments to purchase Christmas gifts.

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Counterfeit money - Spot counterfeit money and report fake money to the govt.

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Credit card statement - How to read a credit card billing statement.

Credit and divorce - How divorce affects your credit score and bill payments.

Credit and loan prequalification - Prequalify for credit cards and loans based upon your credit score.

Espanol credito - Obtenga el crédito y los préstamos financieros. Algunos abastecedores del crédito no tienen traducción española. Tarjeta de crédito.

File bankruptcy - How to file bankruptcy, chapter 7, 11, 13.

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Free bank checking account - Apply for a no fee, online bank checking account.

Free bankruptcy forms - Free online chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcy forms.

Free calculator downloads - Free financial calculators and software for budgets, interest, payments, and more.

Free checking account - Free internet checking accounts.

Free credit check - Rate your credit based upon your personal history.

Free credit offers - Financial newsletter membership for free credit offers by email.

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Auto Loan: Good or bad credit auto loan quote. Apply for a new or used auto loan, or for car refinancing.

Credit Card: Search for a gold rewards or a bad credit card. To rebuild credit, get an instant approval credit card. Browse unsecured platinum and guaranteed credit card offers.


Credit Report: Free credit report help to fix credit report errors and improve credit score ratings.


Debt Counseling: Nonprofit credit counseling, unsecured debt consolidation or free debt settlement.


Free Credit Offers: Get no obligation credit offers and receive alerts and tips to manage personal finances.


Home Loan: Stop paying rent and live the American dream.


Mortgage Refinancing: 2nd mortgage loan for remodeling, equity cash out or a debt consolidation loan.


Payday Loan: Get a good or bad credit unsecured loan with no credit check and no collateral.


Personal Loan: Short or long term personal loan.


Personal Finance: Create a personal budget, balance a checkbook, file bankruptcy and more.


Free Help: Personal finance newsletter, credit advice and tips.


Interest rates: National averages of credit card, mortgage, refinancing and auto loan interest rates.



Credit Information Search


Does Credit Monitoring Affect My Score? No. Credit monitoring has absolutely no affect on your credit score. It's merely a service that keeps tabs on your credit activity.

Research all information relating to:


Auto Loans, New, Used and Refinancing


Credit Cards, Secured, Unsecured, Debit and Rewards


Credit Repair, Do-It-Yourself Credit Improvement


Credit Reports, Experian, Transunion and Equifax


Debt, Counseling, Settlement, Bankruptcy and Consolidation


Mortgage Loans, New Home Purchase, Reverse and Refinancing


Personal Loans, Short and Long Term Installments



U.S. Consumer Credit Applications - Click Choice to Preview Financial Offer


Personal Loan  Short and Long Term, Secured and Unsecured (as available)

Credit Card Match  Secured, Unsecured, Rebuild Credit and Rewards

Debt Relief  Credit Counseling, Debt Settlement and Consolidation

Credit Report  Fix Credit Report Errors and Improve Credit Score

Mortgage Loan  New Home, Equity and Refinance

Auto loan  New, Used and Refinancing (as available)



Can I get approved for a credit card or loan? Look at your credit approval worthiness from a creditor's point of view to help you figure out if you qualify before you apply.

  1. Do you clearly have the ability to repay the loan. Do you have adequate income and steady employment.

  2. Do you have assets, such as savings and checking accounts, CDs, personal property, real estate, etc. If so, this shows creditors that you have financial stability.

  3. Do you have too many; or too much, liabilities like credit cards, installment loans, child support or alimony to pay.

  4. Do you meet obligations, such as making all payments on time, have a good credit report, etc.


Comparing various credit offers can not only be confusing, yet also quite time consuming. Referring to forums and advice boards are not much use either, as you cannot verify the truth of any statements as they could have been submitted by a representative of a credit company.


When considering credit cards, the pros and cons of each one can make your head spin. There are secured, unsecured, pre-paid and debit cards. Among those there are different issuers all with differing terms, fees, rates and rewards. Some cards are reserved for excellent credit applicants and some are designed to rebuild credit. Many people dedicate vast amounts of time comparing cards only to discover after they apply that they are not qualified and their application is rejected.


Auto loans may not have as many variables, yet there's a huge advantage of networking to find the absolute lowest interest rate as well as a great deal. Requesting multiple free quotes with no obligation can make the lender choice easier.


Personal loans are not all alike, as they can be secured or unsecured, with either short or long term repayment periods with monthly installments. Even the simpler payday advances. are comprised of lenders with varying interest rates and fees to be compared, in addition to finding one with a good customer service record. There are also some payday lenders who offer longer repayment periods than the typical two weeks. As for large personal loans, based upon the lender there are both secured and unsecured types.  High amount personal loans with long term repayments have their own interest rates and fees to consider.


Best lenderpreviews consumer credit offers in an effort to make comparing, choosing and getting an approved application easier for the consumer. In some instances, it can be highly beneficial to use a free matching service to find the credit you need and qualify for without unwanted hard credit pulls. In some instances, you can get pre-approved with only soft pulls, or with no credit report reviews whatsoever.



Gppd lender makes it easier for underserved consumers to locate and obtain the financial assistance they need.


Secured and Unsecured Credit Card Offers

There are credit cards for all credit types, for first time card holders to those who need to rebuild credit, as well as rewards cards for people who already have excellent scores. Use a card matching service to find pre-qualified card offers that may best fit you.



Good or Bad Credit Personal Loan Application

There are two main types of unsecured personal loans 1) A short term bad credit personal loan with no credit check typically limited to $1,000 and, 2) A long term personal loan with monthly installments and a large fund of up to $10,000 or even $25,000. The reasons for these differences is to enable lenders to offer loans to people of most all credit types. High risk personal loans offer lower amounts and higher interest rates to offset the lender's liability. Applicants who pose a very low risk of loan default can obtain larger loan amounts and lower interest rates.

(Offers as available depending upon lender participation; subject to change)


Apply for a Credit Card to Rebuild Credit - It can be a challenging process to rebuild credit after bankruptcy, as it can stay on a credit report for ten years. This can make it difficult to qualify for an auto loan or mortgage loan and the cost of borrowing money can be much higher. It is possible to rebuild credit by following a few simple tips, that requires the use of a credit card. There exists many lenders who are willing to offer a card to  people who need to repair their credit.


Often, Americans just need to opt for a secured card. With this card, money is put into an account to get a credit limit equal to that sum of money. The money in the account acts as collateral. In the event the bill is not paid, the company can seize the “security” posted. Before applying for a secured card, make sure the lender reports to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If they do not, the card will do nothing to help improve scores, because lenders will not have a record.  A word of caution, make sure the card does not charge a huge fee, and make sure it is a card that can convert to an unsecured card after a period of time. Of course, for it to convert, the person using the card should have demonstrated responsible behavior.


For those who can qualify for an unsecured card, it could have a high interest rate, but getting the best card offers may not be possible. Carry a small balance where the high interest rate won’t be a detriment to you, and pay it off every month. By doing this, it will help to rebuild credit. When applying for new cards, refrain from applying for too at one time. Ten percent of credit scores are determined by the number of inquiries on reports. Each time there is an application for new credit or a credit line increase, the company makes an inquiry. This can lower scores and the average age of credit history.


Use all cards wisely, whether secured or unsecured. Review your budget for a small expense that could be charged each month, and pay it off immediately. A history of making payments on time is essential to rebuilding credit. Payment history accounts for 35 percent of a credit score. By making a small monthly charge and paying it off religiously, will start you on your way to better credit. By keeping a low balance, it can have a positive affect on debt-to-credit ratio. The amount of available credit used, accounts for about 30% of a score. Having a low debt-to-credit ratio, will reflect favorably on a credit report.


It could help to become an authorized signer, if there is a willing friend or relative with good credit, who will help you build a better score. As an authorized signer on an account, that account displays on your credit report as if it were your own. Therefore, the card’s history of any on time payments can make your payment history look good. If the card has a high limit and low balance, this is favorable as far as your debt to credit ratio. If it is an older card, it extends the average age of accounts. To be an authorized signer, the cardholder does not even have to give access to the actual card or account, but only to list the signer. There is no need to apply or to provide a social security number or personal information.


Check credit reports often to make sure everything is correct. Any debts discharged in bankruptcy should not be showing as open or overdue. If they are, contact the lender and the credit bureau to correct the mistakes. Keep all papers associated with any bankruptcy to send to lenders or collectors who may try to collect on a discharged debt. By using credit wisely when borrowing, it is easy to improve credit, even though it will take time and effort.

With certain lenders, you can apply for a $100 to a $5000 dollar payday loan. Repayment plans; as well as loan amounts, have also increased. At one time, the longest term went from 2 weeks to 30 day payday loans. Those 1 month payday loans eventually expanded to 60 day payday loans. The max term didn't end there. They've gone further, from 6 month payday loans all the way up to 1 year or longer to give borrowers more time to repay. As for the extra funds payday loan, applicants can receive up to $5000 or more (typically reserved for repeat borrowers and may consist of part cash, part credit line).

iAdvance payday loan - IMPORTANT NOTICE TO IADVANCE LINE OF CREDIT CUSTOMERS: The Office of Thrift Supervision, MetaBank's bank regulator, has directed MetaBank to discontinue its iAdvance Line of Credit program effective Wednesday, October 13th, 2010. You are still legally obligated to repay the outstanding balance on your iAdvance account in accordance with your iAdvance Terms and Conditions. While you will no longer be able to use the iAdvance Line of Credit, you can continue to use your prepaid card for direct deposits, purchases and ATM withdrawals. Your business is important to us and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this action has caused you.


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